Alise Forli; The Soul Paladin

Started by Sorohn, 20-08-2014

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Character Sheet

Name: Alise Forli

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Soul Templar (Mid-tier)

[Soul Paladin: A light armored paladin that uses magic, a weapon type of their choice and souls to make a living. They hunt in the wilds to collect souls in their free time so that they can bring them home and craft goods with them. They occasionally do mercenary work to earn some money to support themselves if their hunts don't produce results.]

Basic Literacy: (Y) or N
Magic Literacy: (Y)  or N

Weapons: Katanas, Spears, Spell Books, Summoning Weapons
Armor: Clothes, Light Armor
Items: Shields, Boots, Emblems, Gloves, [Angel Wings (Final Promotion-Requires Confirmation)]

Weapons: Swords, Magic Wands/Staves, Guns, Explosives
Armor: Heavy Armor

Special Equipment

Fox Ears: Her animal hearing allows her to locate nearby things by sound, if they make any. (Detection rolls normal in darkness)
Soul Eyes: Her eyes turn silver when she uses this ability, making her blind to the real world, but allows her to see souls. (+5 to Soul Sweep if using Soul Eyes)
Soul Learning: She can learn things from the souls of the living and impart some knowledge through the same method.


Easily Flustered: Being called cute, adorable or similar words and situations makes her clumsy

Average Strength: While she can lift certain objects, very heavy objects and anything requiring strength is out of her capabilities. This doesn't affect her use of spears (-10 to strength rolls)

Overly Kind: She is very kind to everyone she doesn't have a reason to dislike. However, this allows her to be tricked by the malicious if they never show her their dark side. (Note: If they try to get her to do an obvious crime, she will realize this and stop being tricked by the individual)


Soul Crafter: Can create items that require souls to make

Naginata Expertise: Out of all spears, she prefers the naginata. She is well trained with the weapon. Even so, she's mastered the use of many spear-type weapons (+10 to spear-type weapons)

Soft Tail and Ears: She takes particular care of her fox tail and ears, allowing her fur to be quite soft to the touch

Researcher: If something she's working on puzzles her, she'll go around to find any information she can on the subject (+10 to research)


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