Alexander Fornet, The Refined Viking Noble.

Started by shadowheart, 23-04-2014

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Character Sheet

Name: Alexander Fornet

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Viking/Warrior

Basic Literacy: Read+Write
Magic Literacy: Read+Write but cannot use it.
Runic- Read+Write

Weapons: Swords and Axes
Armor: Heavy-Medium
Items: N/A

Weapons: Firearms
Armor: None, but dislikes light armour
Items: N/A

Special Equipment

Backwards- Being a Viking, Alexander is not capable of using some more modern weaponry such as firearms.
Blood Lust- While being more refined and calmer than normal vikings, he still falls prey to a basic warriors instinct. Some battles HAVE to be finished, especially when the foe is challenging.
Impulsive Drinker- Alexanders homeland is one of heavy drinking, even from an early age. Thus, he has a habit of drinking alcohol whenever he can.
Exile- Alex has been exiled from his homeland for speaking out against the King. He is prohibited from returning until he manages to gather enough people to return home and confirm that his intentions are pure. He constantly finds himself thinking of home and will constantly be checking for news of his home.

Green Thumb- Growing up, Alexander Fornet cared for a garden of his own. He is familiar with many flowers and enjoys gardening.
Aspiring Alchemist- Experience with plants led to the studying of potions. Alexander recently began dabbling in potions and desires to become a potion master one day.
Nobility- Alexanders family is high class in society, therefore he feels comfortable around nobles.
Man of the people- Despite being something of royalty, Alexander spent much time in the villages around the common folk. He feels comfortable around the every day citizens.

+Since I clearly forgot last time, Alexander if from Skagafjoror.

Returning Caphori member. Some of you may remember me as Alexander Fornet, or Kilin Goldbeard.