A Short History of Safehaven - A Useful Guide

Started by Syndraell, 07-08-2016

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A Short History of Safehaven
A useful guide to survive all that may befall you in your travels
Welcome, travelers! And hopefully new and longtime residents of this great, but currently small town.
No doubt you have many questions, and this guide -should- keep you alive longer than the people who think that they can survive without it.

The Town of Safehaven
The town itself was founded about 20 years ago by a man known only as Graham. Despite having lost his wife and caring for his newborn son, he was able to build a lasting foundation for the town. During the years that followed, people begin to join the town... both good and bad. Within the first decade of the town's prosperous growth, Crime began to gradually rise within the town's walls. Eventually, Graham's son was kidnapped and held for ransom.

After his rescue, Graham assembled a loose crew of hardened fighters, warriors, and assassins... and thus the Enforcers were born. After a few large fights between the Enforcers and the criminal elements of Safehaven, the town became much safer. Any criminal who stayed in town was either incarcerated, driven out of town, or was executed on the spot. Not long afterwards, Graham became fairly reclusive and his son disappeared completely. But the town continued to grow...

The Good
The Enforcers differ from person to person. Some are born from high society, and value justice. Others are from slums or have traveled the countryside, finding themselves robbed at the tip of a blade, and join on the grounds of vengeance. And although rare, sometimes a former criminal will have a change of heart and wish to repent for his misdeeds, eventually gaining employ within the Enforcers. So be mindful of the law.

Sometimes, those with coin or good could always use a helping hand... the foolish adventurer will hire anyone to protect them during their travels, only to either be robbed blind, stabbed in the back, or sold into servitude. The smarter traveler, however; will seek to hire a Mercenary from the guild. The town's mercenaries also serve as the town's militia, as well as back up the Enforcers should things go wrong.

The Bad
Master Criminals
Every now and then, you will hear rumors of a Criminal who got lucky... Evading capture and getting so big, their bounties get ridiculously high. Those who get a high enough bounty (Or in the rare case, killing an Enforcer) are known as Master Criminals... If you value your life, run like hell if you think you see one. If you can't run, give them anything they want... and pray you survive the encounter.

Cutthroats, Bandits, and Thieves
Despite the Enforcers keeping law and order within the town, the former criminal elements of the town turned to such tactics such as robbery, murder, and slavery... among many other distasteful ideals. While the Enforcers will sometimes go out and hunt for those who think they can escape the harsh justice of Safehaven's Laws, sometimes Mercenaries will go and bring back these villains for rewards; whether they're dead or alive when they haul them in.

The Ugly
Those lucky enough to survive an encounter with any criminal elements and are able to walk away with their lives are lucky indeed... But sometimes, there are those that aren't so lucky. Those unlucky souls are usually kept in captivity... or sold off to others as "Indentured Servants". Pretty much a more polite term than Slave, but it's still the same thing no matter how nice you try to make it sound.

If I really have to explain this, even this guide won't save you. But it is what it is, and if you're not reading this; you're either skipping this part, dead, or didn't feel like grabbing this guide off the shelf in the local store. Despite having some decent medical care, chances are you will die. But don't worry... maybe you're only bleeding out and unconscious. If you wake up wrapped in bandages, consider yourself lucky. You've earned it.

An Afterword
We truly do hope that you find all that you've read in this handy, dandy guide to have helped you in your travels, and that you're not rotting in some ditch alongside the road being picked apart by vultures. Or with chains around your wrists and about to be sold into a long, grueling life of hardship. Or in a medical bed with several fractures, multiple lacerations, and a missing limb. Or bound, gagged, blindfolded, stripped of all your gear and waiting for  ...Erm, never mind that last bit.

Enjoy your time in Safehaven. Or die trying!*

*Please do not die trying to enjoy yourself.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.