Prince Schrei of Azmura

Started by meldin, 25-05-2016

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Full Name: Tobias Rohengaard Von Gutenbrau

Other Aliases:
Prince Schrei of Azmura/Prinz Schrei Von Azmura
Schrei of the Western Isles/Schrei Von Den Westen Inseln.

Appearance: Quite young looking, camparable to a a human 23 year old. He has long, blond hair and teal eyes. Fair skin. Well built.
When holding throne or on royal duties, he wears a light blue military dress with white trousers and black Jack boots.
While managing the brewery, he can be seen wearing peasants' clothing: simple white shirt and canvas pants with a black apron.

Tobias come from a line of Royal elves, which started from brewers. The Gutenbraus brought "bier" the humans of the Western Isles. The popularity of the drink among men was so great, that the family quickly became a powerful faction amongst the kingdoms of the western isles. Fearing the mens of the Isles may try to take their craft by force, the Gutenbraus settled a small uninhabited island in the southeastern corner of the Western Isles. Here, with many of the elves of the Isles, they created their own state with themselves as heads. As generations past, the Gutenbraus focus shifted from their craft to their riyal duties, but even still, all members of the royal family are taught to mast the art of Biermaking and many still oversee the production of it throughout the land.

Tobias is the eldest son of King Johannes Von Gutenbrau, King of the Baylands. From a young age, Tobias took heart the glorious past of his family. From the age of 8, he apprenticed under the Senior Braumeister of the Gutenbrau brewery of the Hauptstadt. By 26, he succeeded his master and took control of the brewery. For nearly a decade, he brewed the finest Bier the lands had since time of his great great great grandfather. But by the age of 50, the family began to worry. Johannes fell ill and Tobias, as the crowned prince of the family, was to take his place in line. However, he was reluctant to do, pleading for his brother Karl to take on the role.

By a year's time. King Johannes passed, bringing forth a dark era. The Meisters (lesser lords) of the baylands were sick of the monarchy and wished to create a council instead. During the crowning, the soon-to-be King Karl Von Gutenbrau was assassinated along with his mother. The castle was then captured by several Meisters and their militias. Fearing the loss of his line, Tobias rounded the royal military and in only a week's time, began a siege of the castle. This starts the First Bayrisch Civil War. The name "Schrei" came to Tobias from his knights, as before a fight, the prince would drink himself ragged and charge head on into the enemy, screaming.
After nearly 6 months of battle, The newly named King "Schrei" Von Bayland took the throne. [Will continue later]