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Status: Alive

Klaussen, whos last name was lost in the war he came from was a warrior from birth. At a very young age a conflict that killed his parents left him to wander. He grew up and taught himself how to survive, and eventually made his way to Aridell. At Aridell, he became a serf and spent years in a mine working for his freedom. At 21, he finally bought his freedom. After buying his freedom, things went uphill very fast for Klaussen. He found himself a lord of Aridell and bought an estate of his own. Even after buying his freedom, Klaussen still enjoys mining. "It is a good verkaut for ze back!" - Klaussen.  He recently got his face burnt off by the Dragon for no reason at all, and maintains a dislike, but not a hate, against the dragon. He is open for trade and maintains a small group of private soldiers for his personal protection. Most times, you can find him at his estate, or in the Aridell mines.

Will keep updating this as things go on.
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