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Started by Paintcheck, 12-10-2011

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Question, if someone that has a small sensitivity to magic and finds an artifact can that artifact multiply that sensitivity?


That is a good question as that shit about wells and artifacts and whatnot was added by SilverKnight without any explanation to me about what any of that looks like in world. Judging from what Silver wrote and from Aria's backstory that Zombiehunta wrote for me I would say that is about right however you are not going to become an expert mage by just finding a magic crystal somewhere. It'll help but it won't take you from 0 to Master Mage; you need enough magical ability already within yourself.

Artifacts are pretty rare in Crussaria since it's a fairly anti-magic society (or rather it is supposed to be anti-magic, sometimes players are not very good at that) so it's unlikely you will find one. In Ma'Rhan however...

Silver Knight

Artifacts are far and few with many different abilities, most of which are lost and never understood. Even if you found a artifact the possibility of using it to some use is very small as some have preset requirements such as a user with a huge amount of mana capacity.

The point i am getting at is they exist but the likelyhood of getting one, let alone using one is borderline impossible. There are 4 tiers of magical artifacts. These are from the first age of the world. Wells for the most part are water which has a natural magical affinity, most of them are gone, corrupted or destroyed. Most noted for this were the Karastar Order which removed 70% of the wells during the age of madness due to corruption and possible misuse.

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