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🤝 Introductions / Re: Hello again.
Last post by CalebBrown - 04-07-2023
Quote from: Bucky on 11-06-2015Hey all,

I'm Buck, not new to the forums, some of you may remember me. I participated in STALKER Roleplay for a very long time as well as a few of the other servers HGN offered. I left a while back to pursue roleplay on some different servers just for a change of scenery and then took a long break from RP in general and now I'm making my return. I figured the place where I started it all was the best place to make my return. I'll be seeing all of you around the forums as well as on the server at a later date.

Hi Buck! Welcome back to the forums! It's great to see familiar faces returning and reconnecting with the community. It sounds like you've had some exciting adventures in the world of roleplay, exploring different servers and taking a break to recharge. Coming back to where it all started is a wonderful idea. The familiarity and nostalgia of the place can bring back cherished memories and make the return even more special. We're glad to have you back and look forward to seeing you around the forums and on the server when you're ready.
🤝 Introductions / Re: Hi
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Hello all
There is a surprising side story to this forum thread. I stumbled upon this post while googling an incredibly long search string with 2037 characters. It's almost like a world record for the longest searchable word on Google. Currently, no more than 2048 characters are allowed in Google searches, so it's very close to the maximum. However, searching for the exact search word itself is not enough, you must also search for an additional letter or word on the page for it to appear in the search results.

The following Phrase is the attempt to push the limit.

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Good luck :)

You can see one of my posts in the 2011 link!
Yeah this is the first time checking in like 4 years. I use to play heavily in this community in the early 2010's. I donated alot then got banned for hacking. Lmao needless to say it holds a special place in my heart.
Dating can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking ordeal, extraordinarily when you join someone who you can make out a future with. This was the patient as a service to me when I met my girlfriend, and our relationship has been a pilgrimage of liking, wart, and self-discovery. In this article, I last will and testament due my broad story dating and how our relationship has impacted my life.
Caucus My Girlfriend
I met my girlfriend at a coffee shop while I was studying in behalf of an exam. She was sitting across from me, and we both kept glancing at each other. After a while, she came done with to my itemization and introduced herself. We started chatting, and I was closely pinched to her discernment of humor and intelligence. We exchanged numbers, and the repose is history.
The at daybreak stages of our relationship were filled with freneticness and getting to be acquainted with each other. We went on dates, had sage conversations, and laughed a lot. I knew initially on that I wanted to pay court to a serious relationship with her because of how much she aligned with my values and goals in life.
The Challenges of Long-Distance
After a occasional months of dating, my girlfriend had to touch to another position as a replacement for a job opportunity. This was a difficult outdated for us because we had grown so wind up in a short-lived amount of time, and now we would have to sail a long-distance relationship. We made the purpose to continue our relationship and mark where it would go.
The long-distance exposure of our relationship was challenging, but it also allowed us to breed apart and as a couple. We had to learn how to communicate effectively, custody each other, and create everything on each other despite the distance. We also мейд unflinching to by each other regularly and formula fun activities to look promote to.
The Wend one's way of Self-Discovery
Being in a dour relationship has taught me a lot with myself and what I deficiency in life. I be struck by well-trained to spread well-advised, be more acquiescent, and compromise when necessary. My girlfriend has also been a fountain-head of stick up for and encouragement as I chevy my dreams.
Whole of the biggest lessons I give birth to highbrow is the significance of self-care and taking anxiety of my mad health. It's light to become caught up in the bounce and bustle of life, but having someone who cares against me has мейд me effectuate the consequence of irresistible breaks, seeking therapy when needed, and prioritizing my well-being.
Looking Shortly before the Subsequent
Any longer, my girlfriend and I own been together for over two years, and our relationship continues to yield fruit stronger every day. We prepare talked prevalent our later together, including our shared goals and plans. It's exhilarating to obtain someone who supports me and who I can advocate in return.
In conclusion, my chick account dating has been a journey of angel, growth, and self-discovery. Assembly my girlfriend was a turning spike in my pungency, and our relationship has taught me so much there myself and what I want in life. While the challenges of long-distance were difficult, it allowed us to burgeon stronger as a couple. I am discomfited as a service to our future together and look forward to what it holds.
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QuoteCounter-Strike  also known as CS has long been a staple of the first-person shooter genre, captivating gamers around the world with its intense gameplay and tactical mechanics. With the release of the original game back on Windows in 1999 the series has since gone on to become a household name in the gaming community, spawning the sequels Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter Strike: Source and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Rumours have been circulating for the last 3 years about the possibility of a new instalment in the franchise, with much speculation of it being a new game or a mod or update to the existing game of CSGO but it wasn't until recently that gamers received the first glimpse of the next chapter in the Counter-Strike story which is Counter-Strike 2.

Counter Strike 2 will be running on the latest version of the Source Engine aka Source Engine 2 ( Ironic that the name lines up with the counter strike 2 name ) Of which many of Valves titles have been ported or developed on since as early as 2015 ( Dota 2 ) and one third party title have ran on since 2015. This table shows the latest Source 2 engine game data that is available.

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