RP Idea : Red Faction

Started by Moss, 12-06-2009

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I was thinking of what I personally think a good Rp would be.
It's based off of Red faction
You have the 2 main factions:
The rebels
And the EDF ( Earth Defense Force ).
It's placed on Mars But i haven't thought of what year it's going to be ( Either the first Revolution or Second )
If it's placed on the First Revolution we'll have Mutants in it also.
If its the Second Revolution well put in just Civilians that aren't in either the EDF or the Rebellion
Id prefer The Second revolution because it has more tings to do as in being able to be outside.
We'd have the main flag which would me just a Miner ( All civilian's are )
The Rebel Flags:
Rebel Recruit , Rebel Rook , Rebel Miner , Rebel Grunt , Rebel Scout , Rebel Squad Member , Rebel Squad Leader , Rebel Sargent , Rebel Elite , Rebel Destruction Team , And Rebel Leader. All are in rank from  Rebel Recruit to lowest to Rebel Leader highest.
Any Positions after Rebel Squad Leader will have a limited amount of players with this flag.

The EDF Flags:
EDF Recruit , EDF Grunt , EDF Miner , EDF Soldier , EDF Scout , EDF Squad Leader , EDF Sargent , EDF Elite , EDF Tech , EDF Heavy Armor , EDF Sector Leader , EDF Leader
Any Positions after EDF Squad Leader are limited to a certain amount of players.

There Will be a Resource system limiting the amount of Supplies the EDF and Rebels have , forcing them to have to mine process and make more usable resources for the Faction. Note: Props cost resources! Prop spawning is only given to responsible players , The lower the rank is the lower amount of Resources they can use , For Example: The Rebel Grunt can only use 30 Resources per prop , this makes it so there is no ridiculous large base by a lower ranked Character.

The mining system will work by having 1 random mining node placed someone on the map every 5 Minutes.
The Miners of each team will have the following equipment: 2 Explosives , a pick axe ,and a Node detector.

I still can't decide if there will be vehicles.
If I do put them in the vehicles will only be spawned by different ranks from how Powerfull they are. Example: EDF Grunt wont be able to spawn a tank.
This makes it so A low ranked Character won't have a really powerful vehicle , if they are to get one they need permission from a higher ranked Character , The Higher ranked character will make a setting in the Menu allowing the Lower Character able to drive a certain vehicle. There will have to be a system for every vehicle having a Serial Number.

Ill Update more late when I've thought it more thoroughly
Comment's would be usefull

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You forgot a main faction. THE MARAUDERS.


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