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Title: Project Zomboid Mods
Post by: Blake.H on 12-04-2016
The server is sitting around and in a playable state, does anyone have any recommendations of any workshop mods to add it?

I'll release it to HGNers who want to play and password applications for anyone else.
Also any other recommendations for the server; config, difficulty, zombie size, loot rarity, xp gain, stat decrease, etc..?

We still need someone to run it fully as I'll only be keeping the server up and there are no plans to make this an RP server, just something for a bit of fun.
Title: Project Zomboid Mods
Post by: Syndraell on 12-04-2016
Played it once...
SS13 is more fun IMHO.
Title: Project Zomboid Mods
Post by: Silver Knight on 12-04-2016
Current mods on the server: Mods=BedfordFalls;Mod_Phoenix;Mcdonalds;Hydrocraft;ORGM;PumpPower;QuickBags;Spoons Male skin;Spoons Female Skin;QG;QS;QuickSwag

Subject to change