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Stalker Dump / Re: knife_cz unban request.
« on: 26-07-2010 »
last.exile banned me.i remember that.

wooo? 15.89?

Stalker Dump / Re: knife_cz unban request.
« on: 25-07-2010 »
Both sides of story?i thought i wrote everything here.

Stalker Dump / Re: knife_cz unban request.
« on: 25-07-2010 »
what is ESP?and yes..i maybe sometime meta game too,but who doesnt when he start with srp?idk i just want to get second chance and return.

Team Fortress 2 / Re: Spy tactics
« on: 25-07-2010 »
most of em are true,i agree because im playing spy every day.but in that video with that heavy "look away and not straight at him" you was lucky,he was stupid i think.

Stalker Dump / knife_cz unban request.
« on: 24-07-2010 »
Name:{PIG} knife_cz

Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:12097745

Reason for Ban/Unban:I got banned because i found glitch..dupying weps,and how to get under map,i did dupy some weapons,thats true but i didnt sold em or giving em free.When i got banned i told admin how to dupy that weapon,and how to get under map,they fixed it,and thats good.Im not minge and i never mingebaging,i just found this bug randomly.i did roleplay on many servers..hl2 rp,tacobanana,but none of them were good like srp,i played here only around 2 weeks,but i totaly enjoyed it.its awesome,and i wish to return to this awesome please let me play,i dont care if you never let me into some faction for this ban,i like to be stalker.Thanks for reading,hope its for something.

PS:sorry for my grammar,its not best i know it.

PSS:i think ban like this changes everyone,and who doesnt change,he is robot.


Rifle fix ?

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