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[spoiler]so you thought you can just leave the forums, uninstall the games you've played, remove the "friends" you had
and not meet HGN members ever again?
think agen mother fukier, you're here forever

Scrapyard / Re: STALKER Update
« on: 01-08-2014 »
Yeah thats what its called now, Clockwork. It used to be kuroscript and cloudscript and other names in previous builds. kuromeku has always excelled at making a mostly bug free, smooth flowing and easy to use RP script. Easy to set up, many features like floating text that can be placed to mark an area, enhanced if not flawless inventory system, character saving and loading system, and permakill/ban/kick systems that worked well after a potential minge disconnects (like after punching somene afk to death). CloudSixteens scripts also feature a log system, one that tracks every thing players do from picking items up to dropping them to taking damage or dealing damage, including all text or voice communications or equipping of weapons or armor. The log system is an immensely powerful tool for server operators and admins, superadmins and even owners. The script has a great flagging system for giving players tool and prop trust as well as making players trusted, vip, operator, admin, super or more. The most fun I have had with serious RP was with kuromekus scripts, almost all of them are better than Tacoscript, Lemonade and the like. They work the best and he even has a site where you can purchase the script and have him or his team customize it (like make a stalker rp script) which is awesome. If this communitys leaders cant see the awesome potential of running a clockwork script and increasing their playerbase by 200%, and insist on using an unfinished, broken, buggy script that has never really worked well as long as it has existed, then this is probably why HGN is so vacant and the servers remain empty. Please at least consider going to and getting their script for the SRP server. The serious RPers would flood HGNs server within minutes. There are dozens of serious HL2 and SST RP servers running this same script, and they are guaranteed to take notive if a stalker RP pops up on the server list with the other clockwork serious rp servers. A lot of these other clockwork servers are constantly pushing 64 players guys, come on!
So you're saying that the "serious roleplayers" will come with different script ei? Tell me more..

Video Games / Re: Van Buren
« on: 28-07-2014 »

Can I get a voice coder with that
If I understood what you mean, then surely you could!

Video Games / Re: Van Buren
« on: 27-07-2014 »
Hotlinking 4chan never works out Knife_cz.
oh fuck me, I see it now

Also just look at those sexy ass new NPCs

Video Games / Van Buren
« on: 26-07-2014 »

What's the current status of the project and why did you decide to actually make this game?
At the moment we are working hard to bring all the locations to life with new art and maps. The amount of new art is staggering as some locations require art pieces never before seen in a Fallout game. In these 6 months we have finished about 40% of the game. I predict that we will mainly be busy with maps and art this entire year (2014) but we are steadily pushing forward on other areas (writing, music, and gameplay).

My personal reason for deciding to make this game is that today's CRPGs can't hold my attention the way older ones did.
I was losing interest in CRPGs and became frustrated with the fact that I might never play a game like Fallout 1 or 2 again in my life. So I decided to do something about it and canceled Van Buren was the closest thing to what I wanted to play. And here I am today, developing it with other 40 people.
Read the full interview here:,29599.html
Original post, idea, link to Moddb and stuff:,29525.0.html

Their own soundtrack :

Facebook :

xray physics(tm)
I really hope we'll see more games under Xray


guess you want the forums dead then

I just want to see GVC alive, with quality posts like those of mine.

Knife your posts keep proving my point of why we don't use these forums, so thank you. Tom message SK if you want access.
Pray do explain, pretty please.

old but wow that water is full of crowbars and stuff
only in africa

Music / I could use a beer
« on: 23-07-2014 »
I need a drink

Bloody hell how do I create a normal youtube link

A well formatted post will have to be edited several times by one person after several people tell them of issues. Trello anyone can post the issues they find and sort them easily so its not hard to go through it.
On here if people posted all of their issues; idiots will be posting in this thread with useless clutter about bugs people find which will make the sorting a pain. Because for some reason people in HGN love to whine and bitch like above.
Or maybe we could, I don't know, use some formate for submitting the bug reports?
But mnah you're tottaly right, forums obviously aren't used for such things, it's much fucking simplier to have bug reports on completly another website.

The Gay Vampire Castle / It's raw
« on: 22-07-2014 »

Wouldn't a forum section suffice?
Gee is it such a problem to:

1. Visit another website
2. Register, create a new account
3. Visit email for confirmation about new account
4. Get used to new website
5. Report the stuff

I mean GEE it's obviously so much simplier rather than creating a thread on this forum! Sheez, Kieck really.

Can't we all just play some FOnline, you can dance there too.



although the game looks interesting maybe we shoul-



Film & TV / Gravity Falls
« on: 12-07-2014 »

It's a pretty cool cartoon, one of my favorites along with Regular Show. Family stuff. Info I guess. You can watch it here. Along with many other Animes/Cartoons. I mean, give it a shot. It's a really good show, Season 2 is coming out 1.8.2014.

I mean I don't mean to say that this is pretty much one of the best cartoons of 2012/13, but yeah it is. Everyone who seen it/been shown it up by me, liked it.

...seeing as it's really not something people are used to in daily life.

If we think like that we might aswell forbid any kind of a torture, murder or even attacking somebody else. "As it's not really something people are used to in daily life".

I want my LGBT

Introductions / Re: Wow. You're alive?
« on: 24-06-2014 »
I'm scared, who' summoning the dead players??

I cant actually remember the maps name but it's the one with the big crack in the center and tunnels that go left and right. I remember that map being quite small, which is good because we're only going to have a small number of people actually playing. Unless it gets popular again, then we can move to a bigger map like the one with the CNPP.
You're talking about Redemption and Sector 42

I like it, doesn't lag at all.

Sooo, DUTY and Freedom will be given small squads, max. 6 people.
Military is going to be minor faction.
Monolith will be Event faction, since they do not add any real roleplay, besides shooting stalkers and passive RP in their own base.

The main focus is going to be around stalkers, and the player-based-factions.

We can all agree on that, right?

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