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Stalker Dump / Re: Bandit Problem
« on: 31-08-2009 »

Note to self : get on your Master merc next time a goon swarm arises and kill them while they're unaware.


Vital Information

Why do I want to become a Trader : For THESE reasons :

-Allow stalkers to buy guns
-Allow stalkers to sell guns they don't want
-Give stalkers missions to gain roubles
-Add a slight element of fear. How, may you wonder ? Simple : if someone fucks with my trader (as in, mugging or robbing me, or threatening my life, or what have you), as long as I get out alive, I'll put a bounty on their head, and they'll be in deep crap. It actually is more forced respect, but it's a bit the same.

Why do you think I should pick you, to become a trader: Because I do believe I'll be good in doing what I have written in the previous question, and because I'm an all-around very decent roleplayer.

What are you motives to become a trader: Help the stalkers in getting guns and roubles, as well as adding some passive roleplay to the server.

What is your experience as a trader: Little to none, just some very light trading experience as a citizen trader on an HL2RP server.

Have you had past experience in trading: Yes, but it didn't last long, and was slight. Explained in above question.

How determined are you to become a trader, what is your feeling for the Traders Union as well:  I'm very determined, and I believe the Trader's Union is VITAL to RP in the Zone, both because it allows stalkers to gain roubles, adds passive RP, and most of all, allows stalkers without flags to get guns, an essential element in active RP.

Out-of-Character Information

Do you have over 50 forum posts: Yep.

Age: 14

Timezone: GMT +1 (France)

How long total have you been roleplaying on Garry's Mod: If we include GMod 9, maybe... two years ?

What is your estimated total time being with HGN: I should be nearing the month or month and a week by now, but I got no precise idea whatsoever.

Do you have any alternative characters: A lot. Claw my bandit, Bird my Merc, Fedka Pumpkins my zombie, Rock my stalker and Dreugh my bloodsucker, for now.

Are you currently in any other faction: My bandit is in the Underground Raiders, faction he created, but I'm not in any official factions.

Have you played the STALKER games: SoC and CS, finished them in their entirety, a couple of times each.

Have you ever been kicked from the server: Yes, once, by Nitro, for killing Doomburger because he crashed, in case he'd lose stuff, when Nitro was about to kick him himself.

Have you ever been kicked out of HGN: Nope.

Do you have Tool-Trust: Not yet, but since it's simply NEEDED to be a trader, I'm working on getting it.

In-Character Information

Full name: Pierre Soko

Gender: I'm a man.

Ethnic Background: Well you see, my father was Kenyan, and my mother French.

Age: I was born fourty-four years ago.

Character Description: I'm about one meter eighty-eight tall and weigh around eighty kilograms. Even though my mother was -God bless her soul- french, I'm really black (OOC note : not Obama black, black as in Kenyan black).
I'm bald and wave my Garibaldi fashionned brown beard around. (OOC note : Garibaldi beards are named from one man who wore that kind of beards, and here's his Wikipedia entry : Apart from my relative tallness, the fact that I'm black, and my unique facial hair style -well, in the Zone- I am more or less common in matters of physical traits.

Weight/Height: Already written, but.. one meter eighty-eight, around eighty kilograms.

Have you used drugs: Never. These are devilcraft.

Have you used alcohol based substances: Yes, occasionally, some wine or beer during boring rainy days.

Backstory : Well, my name is Pierre Soko, and I was born fourty-four years ago in Auch, a moderately big city in South-Eastern France. I grew up there, went to school, did a full course, went to college... et cetera. I speak perfect French, flawless Kenyan, good English and decent Russian. When I was young, I thought France lacked black politicians, so I tried to get up into politics. In the end, I managed to get a seat at the Parliament as a French "deput?". That didn't help me getting good trading skills, but it helped me become more of a silver-tongued devil. After I got more or less bored of the job, I quit. Since being a "d?put?" pays well, and continues paying after you quit the job, I got quite decently rich out of that, living a rich life in the French countryside, until I heard of the Zone. Being the somewhat adventure-seeking and greedy guy I am, I thought going there as a general fight-related trader could help me much richer. So... here I am. Took a flight to Kiev, a train to the Cordon, bribed my way in.. and then I saw the desolation. People came to the stupid Zone even without a single gun! I mean, what would you expect ? Friendly warm welcome ? No! Bandits, mutants.. YOU NEED WEAPONS to survive in here! So when I arrived, about three hours ago, I took my Makarov out of it's holster, tried to get a bit closer to the Bar -because I heard that DUTY protects stalkers from bandits and mutants there- and now.. well, here I am. Writing this.

You are accepted. Enjoy your time in the Traders Union. Ask an admin for your flag. You will be put on the Trader Rank like all beginning traders.


Stalker Dump / Re: Underground Raiders
« on: 31-08-2009 »
Well, my opinion of faction relations isn't what BOTH sides perceive, but what ONE side (Raiders, in this case) perceive of the other, so that you could end up with Friendly from us and Hostile from you. Of course, that kind of stuff will get changed as soon as you guys start shooting us.

Scrapyard / Re: The New Trader Leader
« on: 30-08-2009 »

Lamp Oils and Ropes !

Stalker Dump / Re: Underground Raiders
« on: 30-08-2009 »
Actually, That was Judas, who just recruited a bunch of randomass people to go around mugging and killing, Nothing to do with UR
Also, you never support anything >=P


Judas has NOTHING to do with the Underground Raiders, and he was the creep rambling around in his SEVA and his Abakan and his bandit swarm. True some of the swarm were my men, but that's because they had nothing to do at the time being, I guess.. and since I despised this idea of "rob everything that moves" I even devised a plan with every UR member in the thug swarm to catch him by surprise and kill him, but I crashed before I could get it in effect. ThY, OjL0C and Doomburger can attest that.

That's all.

Stalker Dump / Underground Raiders
« on: 30-08-2009 »
We are the Underground Raiders. We rob to get our daily penny.
Rank Structure

The Boss

Claw (Snurf Snurf [CAKE])

His Bodyguards

Alek Harvey (|HGN-NT| ThY)

Abdul Rasheed (Doomburger)

The Raiders

Fully vacant.

The Henchmen

Serily Miller (OjL0C)

The Militia


Note : leave me a PM saying I forgot you if I have, I'll add you.

How do we work ?

Simple. We stay in either of our hideouts, building up supplies, and robbing people who come by. We somewhat have a sense of honor and guarantee that once you've dropped your weapon and cash, you'll be free to go. We supply militiamen with pistols, henchmen with automatics and our raiders with suits and decently good weapons.

How to get in ?

Simply put a post here stating why should I accept you and what character have you been applying for.
Faction Relations








Credits to Tunddruff for his lovely faction relations code.

Steam Friends Name: Snurf Snurf [CAKE]

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:6711246

Time with HGN: About a month.

Requested Digits (If not specified, will be made for you) 5 Digits: 35751

How/What do you expect the CCA experience to effect your character? 4 Sentence: This is what I expect the integration into the CCA will do on my character : First off, he'll be a bit more respected by the citizens. Second, working under a superior's orders will teach him respect. Third, being in the CCA will obviously make him stricter, something needed to rise up in the ranks. And fourth, it might get him to exercise the small medical skills he has.

Tell your characters' back story, Before, During, and After the 7-Hour war, and how they got to their current state:

Pierre Soko was born thirty eight years ago, from a Kenyan father and a French mother, in France. Nothing extremely interesting happened with him before the 7-hours war, he just did his complete schooling course up to College, and then the 7-hours war came. When it started, Pierre was busy thinking about what to do next, sitted on a bench in his hometown, Toulouse. When the war started, Pierre quickly understood this was a bad place to be. He ran as fast as he could to his house, entered his basement, and hid under one of the desks stored around in the basement. That's the only thing he did during the war. About an hour after it ended, noticing nothing was really going on anymore, he went out of his basement and saw his city, ruined, the streets littered with wounded or dead people. He then decided that he had sufficient knowledge to be a decent medic, and more or less help the victims survive or recover from the shock. That's what he did for a bunch of years, until he get deported from City 74 (assuming Toulouse becomes that) to City 18. He's now resumed that : being a decent medic trying to help people. Though, he thinks there's not enough jobs simply healing citizens, and wants to get into the CCA, both to help wounded officers and just be a little more important.

What are your characters' traits? ((Physical, Mental, Personality)):
In Character
Citizen General Information
Citizen's Name: Pierre Soko
Citizen's Age: 38
Citizen's ID #: 48761
Citizen's Gender: Male

Height: 1m84
Weight: 89 kilograms
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Race: Caucasian

Citizen History
Have you received any education, or experience in the following fields (Mark with an X):
   _General Technology
   _3D Graphical Design
   _General Engineering
   _Manufacturing/Assembly Line
   X Complete (Elementary, Middle, High Schools, College)
   X High-School (Elementary, Middle, High Schools)
   X  Healing people (<-- this line has been scribbled in)
Have you operated on a Combine Task Force or Work Force at any time?: No I have not.
Have you acquired a Combine approved loan? State the amount: Yes, of about twenty tokens, I needed to buy some paper. It has been paid back now though.
Have you been part of/operated in a pre-war peace keeping force, or military organization?: No I have not. I'm more of the smart medic kind of guy.

Miscellaneous Information
Why do you wish to join the CCA? Please explain in a paragraph or more: Easy : people sometimes get hurt badly, and get to need medical attention. If they're bleeding and no one's going to take care of them, what happens ? They bleed and die.  If citizens are unable to get treatment from the CCA, it will NOT make it look good in the citizens' eyes. What to do to fix this problem ? Hire more medics ! I'm a medic. And, in case of a terrorirst uprising, officers would be very likely to get hurt. In which case you need medics. Simple, ain't it?

Have any recent events, or situations effected your views on the combine, and made you decide to join the CCA?:
Well. I'm a decent medic, as I already have said. And I sometime ago saw a citizen in a BAD -I mean that!- state. Only being the citizen I currently am, I could only give him some water and clean his wounds. No more supplies.. yet, if I joined the CCA, I'd have access to better supplies and could treat the wounds people get!

What is the code word mentioned in the Combine Civil Authority Guide, Information, and Handbook?: It obviously is "Absolute".

I, the applicant who completed and filled out the information above, declare all information written down is accurate, to date, and correct.

Signature,  P. Soko  

ACCEPTED - Interracial Sex? Cool..                                      

Stalker Dump / Re: We so need this...
« on: 24-08-2009 »
Oh and if with the next map and content pack you also could :

-Make the skybox BIGGER (and I mean BIG, at least half as big as gm_bigcity's)

-Include this SENT

Simply so that Military or other factions can perform HALOs (parachute onto a given spot and rock the hell out of it) :3

Stalker Dump / Re: We so need this...
« on: 22-08-2009 »
Give.. transport chopper.. nooooow...


Fast Threads / Re: The corrupt a wish game!
« on: 13-08-2009 »
Granted. It falls into dust as you touch it.

I wish the Super Mod Pack for Soc wasn't 2.2 GBs big... takes time to download D:

Fast Threads / Re: This Or That?
« on: 13-08-2009 »

M16 or AK-74 ?

Fast Threads / Re: This Or That?
« on: 12-08-2009 »
Oh Henry Bar.

Mosin Nagant or Arisaka ? (you'll need to know a bit about WWII weapons to know what are these..)


Not bad, not overly good.

Fast Threads / Re: This Or That?
« on: 12-08-2009 »

Mars or Mercure?

Fast Threads / Re: This Or That?
« on: 12-08-2009 »
Nuke warhead, duh.

Dog or cat?

Fast Threads / Re: This Or That?
« on: 11-08-2009 »

Arnold Schwarzenegger or Nick Stahl (John Connor in Terminator III)

Scrapyard / Re: Would you...
« on: 11-08-2009 »
No way ! Too big (me) ! And I'm sure it would be an ugly place.

Would you kill someone in real-life because their character on an RP server is annoying the shits out of you ? (:C)

Scrapyard / Re: The "Who / What am I?" Game
« on: 09-08-2009 »
Metrocop !

I'm the ruler of a Yellow nation in a land called Calradia. Who am I?

Scrapyard / Re: Superpower?
« on: 09-08-2009 »
Having the ability to shoot rockets out of my eyes.


Fast Threads / Re: This Or That?
« on: 09-08-2009 »

Kael'thas or Arthas ?

Fast Threads / Re: The corrupt a wish game!
« on: 09-08-2009 »
"Consiquence" OLOLOLOL TYPO

Granted but you can't join C-Consiquence since it doesn't exist.

I wish I had a pet bloodsucker.


... yeah, kinda.

Scrapyard / Re: Did you know...
« on: 09-08-2009 »
Nothing. And as far as I'm concerned TODAY, 1 euro is worth 44 and a bit more roubles. And the currency I'm speaking about IS russian roubles.

Scrapyard / Did you know...
« on: 09-08-2009 »
... that if the Zone was real and the traders were not asses and sold you items for their right price, you could buy a SKAT for about 2220 euros, or even a Fireball artifact for about 50 euros? Or a bottle of vodka for only ONE euro?

Fast Threads / Re: This Or That?
« on: 09-08-2009 »

DUTY or Freedom?

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