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Factions / The Four Pillars
« on: 16-07-2017 »
Boy I see you making that magic faction have a name affiliated with snow and/or ice

I know you're trying to bait me.



(really like the variety in factions though. But where's the nature-y one? It's like a staple for hgn terraria.)

Nicely balanced character you have there. Good stuff.

Some of the text is tough to read though, as an alternative I have some easier options here that don't compromise your colour scheme.

mediumpurple instead of purple.

Royalblue instead of blue.

Completely optional, by the way. Have a good one.

wait so he's addicted to smoke bombs

but it's not a skill

or an item

or in his backstory

or a pro/con

ok I'm going to use my lifeline.


(also I like the con of being impatient, good solid idea. I won't berate you for grammar or whatever because I'd be here forever, but the story is pretty alright imo. Good bio.)

is p5 the best rpg to be released in 2017 on the ps4?
FfXII will probably be better as an rpg, and that's a remake.

July 11th. Sold FFXV to buy the remaster because I enjoyed the shit outta FFXII.

FFIX is still the best FF. This is an objective fact and totally not an opinion.

I'll agree with that. Atleast the most focused of them, think they learned something after the jagged low-poly low-story dumpster fire that was 7 and the clusterfuck of systems that was 8. Also the art style was soooo good.

 But seriously, have any of you played Persona 1? It's super good in terms of combat. Story is pretty normal SMT stuff going on, but I'm not super far in yet so I can't say for sure. If you like RPG's you owe it to yourself to check it out, it's on psp/vita.

uh, I think you're looking in the wrong place if you're looking for a discussion. Go to NeoGAF and get banned or something idk

p5 is alright, I guess. NieR is better as a game.

but then again persona games have never really In the traditional sense. I mean if you were to splice together all the dialogue sequences and cutscenes, you'd easily dwarf the amount of time you're actually playing the game. It's basically a visual novel with an rpg that's honestly pretty barebones slapped on top of it. The openings of Persona games have always been long(look at p3 or 4) but there's a general feel of mystery and intrigue thrown in, and setups for the plot to take off are sprinkled in to keep people who aren't interested in the 'daily life' aspects of the game interested.

Persona 5's opening is boring as hell, seriously. The only interesting thing that happens is you connecting with your stand-in over how mistreated he is. Compared to p3's opening which wastes no time getting to the supernatural, and p4's which takes only a fraction of a second longer, p5 takes forever to get on with it. Which I understand, the rpg--well the gaming market isn't the same customer base it used to be. But it still feels as stale as a piece of bread left in the back of your pantry since the year 1990. Past the opening, as I said, the game is a visual novel with such a barebones rpg that it makes that one game you made in rpgmaker look like a crazy person's hud in WoW.

Find weakness, hit weakness, all-out attack. It's a flowchart.

The story is pretty good, you fight what is basically Dio as the penultimate boss on a cruise ship while he's riding a giant golden lion made of the bodies of his 'slaves'. You hang out with Laharl in an arcade and he teaches you how to shoot people. You can fish, but that's really barebones too.

So in summary:

Is p5 good?

Is it the best ps4 game this year?
no, that's NieR.

Is p5 the best persona?
no, that's 3.

is p5 the best rpg to be released in 2017 on the ps4?
FfXII will probably be better as an rpg, and that's a remake.

is p5 the best story told in a game to be released on the ps4 in 2017?
no, that's NieR.

You asked what I thought. You get this.

(also if you want a persona that has interesting combat go play the first one.)

Scrapyard / Administrative Roster
« on: 19-02-2017 »
The fuck is a special mention?

Hi, special mention here. From what I know from James, we're basically very trusted players who need admin/mod powers to create events or help with building, etc. It's prettymuch an honorary title used for people who have been on the server for a very large amount of time, are trusted by the admin team,  and get on to help with building or create events. However, we are not mods, and (my) large bouts of absence lead to (me) being absolutely worthless as an admin or mod. We do have all the server powers a mod does, but we don't(at least I don't) butt in to mod discussions or the future of the server. I just help out and build when I can, and delay myself to death making something that I think needs to be perfect.

I will finish the event though, seriously.

Scrapyard / The great culling of the mods.
« on: 30-01-2017 »
Alright, we're becoming a bit of a police state, so here's the deal:

Vote for three of the people on this list for who you want to retain their modship:

The bottom 2 votes will be culled. For obvious raisins, James will not be eligible for culling.

Here, I'll start:


Uhh being a 'police state' on a Terraria server isn't...a bad thing? Okay, reason with me here:

If there are more(trustworthy, active)mods, how is that a bad thing for the server? Wouldn't that mean people can just be helped more by the mods? I mean, the people picked to BE mods are usually trustworthy people anyway, so what's the harm in letting them help players who are not with their problems?

Look, if these people are not active, just cull them already. But if they're active, or if all of them are equally active(or inactive) I don't see how a vote could be useful except to make mods more 'rare' or 'desirable' due to a larger lack of them?

And wouldn't that lack of them just make players frustrated that they cannot be helped?

(Also you have a 2/3 split here of people who are mods and are not mods, respectively. Comeon. I have to wonder at the intent behind this because of the lack of replies and players.)


Surprised to see this forum is still alive, what do you guys even do here anymore? Aren't some of you all in your late 20's/early 30's now? Anyways, I'm not here for long I was thinking about my first RP experience and was a bit pissed that I didn't have any pictures to show for it. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of FalloutRP from 2010-2012. Anything is cool, just trying to remember ye olden days.

Never did Fallout RP, but...uh...not much goes down recently outside of Terraria, which has all but been killed by Tshock(the addon we use for the server to basically work) not updating at all. If you want old pics, I'm pretty sure literally everything here is archived, so if you go on a hunt, you'll find it.

Also, everyone has basically been /this/ kid on here at some point. I know I have, a long ass time ago. Happy hunting.

I apologize, everyone. Tshock is still not updated, and I have not put up the reports because they have turned into a collection of short stories over time. Uni is beating me down with 2 papers, along with weekly assignments. Everything is a pretty big mess over here! But I can tell you kinda how the reports are coming along, so I'll focus on that.

These new reports will span Laume's entire life, and her fathers' life as well. I'm keeping him a secret until release, but I think you'll enjoy him as a character. It's tough to call them reports, because they're more of a collection of diary entries and letters between three characters. It'll be a long read.

Again, I am sorry for this massive string of delays. I appreciate your patience as we move forward.

Hey again, another little out-of-character post!

For the next event, I'll be combining every type of challenge seen in other chapters, and melding them into one seamless big 'dungeon', which I expect to be much longer compared to the other chapters. Puzzles will play a part, as well as PvP and PvE battles and platforming.

Sadly, with the announcement of another Terraria patch soon(on the 15th), the date of Nov. 18 for the event seems a bit implausible and it will be a total mess if we try to pull that off.

So, the event has been moved up to November the 25th.

Reports will be uploaded later tonight(or possibly tomorrow afternoon, depending if they need more editing) and next Friday, on the 18th.

This time and day is subject to change by the events of the poll that is presently running to determine what is best for everyone(only 4 people have voted, including myself.)

This event will definitely have armor as starting gear at the start, I apologize for not implementing that last time.

By this new estimate, the final chapter of Dream Drive will be on December 9.

Again, this chapter will take much longer(my estimate is 1.5 hours+) than previous Dream Drive chapters, so factor that into your vote in the poll

Instead of moving it as late as 8 PM for the later time, perhaps just move to 7:30?


I don't think this needs a whole bunch of explanation, basically some people cannot make it next event, so I am thinking of switching around the time or day it is. Please take the poll and vote for one in the A category which contains day, and the B category that contains times. If you have another option that works for you personally, please reply with it below and I will take it into consideration along with every other answer.


-Added name of new chapter and date. Sticking to this bi-weekly schedule, and hope to have a batch of reports again this next Friday(the 28th of October), but Uni is kinda burying me under essays and such at the moment, so it may not be possible. I will try my hardest!

-Two new reports (21-22) that detail the happenings after the chapter concluded, including a rather interesting reconstruction of Report 10, fixed by Ebony. Hmmmmmm

-This next chapter will heavily focus on PvE and Platforming, and, well, I think you can get the gist of it from the name.

-I once made a claim that I would be making this event have something like 12 chapters, but I found that it's better if I have one major 'reveal' in each chapter, and just go forward like that. Therefore, the number's been reduced by half, and I expect it to conclude on the 2nd of December(With events on Nov. 4 and 18 being 4 and 5, and the one on the second of December being the final chapter.)

-Everyone needs to roll better, will look into upping your luck collectively a little more with some tweaks.

-This next event will have actual real armour(suck it USA, I spell it with a U. CANADA WINS)sets given at the start, I just don't know what quite yet. I think this'll allow me to spawn in some stronger enemies for you to deal with. This will please me almost as greatly as watching you buuuuurn

-As always, if the times that the event is on do not work for you at all, please contact me! I'm sure we can all work out an acceptable time so that everyone can make it.

-Also post here with your impressions or questions, this thread is lonely.

General Discussion / Safehaven Poll
« on: 20-10-2016 »
On a thought, I know that Safehaven is missing something. Not sure what it is, but I'm hoping people will put in a bit of input here.

Changing the Difficulty
Changing it from Mediumcore to Softcore
Remodeling areas/making terrain easier to travel.

I would like to hear feedback from players.

I could work on terra-forming, if people want that.

+1 for keeping it mediumcore, makes it more interesting and such. I would say introduce some rules to make it easier for PvP to happen, like possible safezones in the towns/pvp areas between the towns?

(Also, do we have a confirmed name for the continent, at all? Is it Safehaven, or is that just the main town? Just curious.)

New updates, including:

-Date and Name of new Chapter.

-Yes, I'm calling them Chapters now. It's easier that way.

-Some things about the new chapter:
--Frosty Depths is entirely Puzzle and Platform-based. There will be no PvE or PvP. This is not a permanent change for all new chapters, but a deliberate change for this chapter.
--This chapter will have moments where you might want to pull out a pen and paper, for sure. Expect to be challenged, and not be able to brute-force your way into completion.
--This chapter will have a lot more story to go along with it.
--There will be actual danger that is: a) not me putting mimics and being cheap whilst forgetting that they're hardmode enemies, or b) traps you can't see coming.

-Expect a huge dump of Reports this Friday(Oct.14) to supplement me not doing a chapter that week. Reports, though they might not look it at first glance, are important!

-And as always, remember that this Event storyline is shaped by you, and I'm always accepting ideas on rewards, gear for in the event, and anything else! Feel free to reply in this topic! Things that will be shaping newer chapters that have happened recently include:

--The group being really cautious! I love this one, as it means I can try harder to sneak trap you all!
--Me mudering everyone with Mimics. Will never happen again. Those affected were not docked anything.
--Writing out clues in signs that are around the area! Happy you all read these last time.
--Knowing exactly what you remember after the event to make after-event RP really simple to glide into. The post will be updated pretty much right after the event ends, as I will have the modification ready to post(with minor tweaks based on what may happen) on the forums, here.

Have a great day, everyone!

Fast Threads / The corrupt a wish game!
« on: 22-08-2016 »
I wish Candlejack

Granted, you get Candlejack but your sentences are alwa

When's the next Event?
Friday, November 18 @ 7PM CST(UTC -6)<-Click for current time in CST!

      Some basic things you should know|

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Why store everything?: Well, mostly fairness, but also so that enemy encounters, platforming sections, and puzzles are not broken by someone having a grappling hook and a minishark. Just to reiterate, if I see you using outside weapons/items to gain an advantage or skip ahead, I'll kick you out. If you accidentally use one and go back to where you were/where you would be if you did not have that item, that's okay. Ditto for accidentally firing a stronger bullet, etc. Just fix the problem asap.

From the first event onward, a few things to keep in mind;

Your character, if they were in any previous events, will remember what happened in those events that you attended. If you have not, please do not remember things that your character does not know. This goes the same for remembering characters, you will remember them if you interacted with them in previous events. I will not expect you to keep tabs on who you're acquainted with in these dreams, and I assume that everyone introduces themselves to each other at the start/end/somewhere in the event, regardless if they actually do, just for ease of use.


Odd things have been happening Safehaven. Most notably, the residents being much more tired than they usually are, having bad dreams that they can't quite remember. There have been many rumors about what is going on, everything from evil witches hiding in plain sight, to the water supply being poisoned. But a girl has also gone missing, something that isn't usually the talk of the town, but because of who it is, signs have been posted up, offering a pretty large sum. Nobody knows why the small Feyori is worth 10 platinum, but everyone is eager to get the money. But even if you found the girl, there is no contact information on the signs.

So between a lost girl with a huge reward and a peculiar lack of sleep, most people in and around Safehaven are feeling a certain sort of unrest. Which is certainly not helped by strange rumors of a young girls' voice crying out for help in the middle of the night, just outside the town to the west.

(ooc- Simply put, this event will take place in a dream. Yeah, blah blah cliche, but it'll tie up nicely. This is also why you cannot bring in items. I cannot talk about this subject much simply because I wish to have you discover the story yourself through Reports, but that's the basic jist for anyone wondering. These dreams will be brought on by a third party, and will happen simultaneously. Imagine it as some sort of spell.)

      Last Time on Dream Drive|

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

IMPORTANT: Please contact me and tell me what class your character falls into. The classes(and items, so you may ask other staff members for these items) are as follows, item ids for easy spawning are in brackets;

Ranger:?[?], x100 Wooden Arrow[40]
Gunner:?[?], x100 Musket Ball[96]

Please attempt to get these items and them only in your inventory before the event begins.

      Event Rewards|
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Rolls are a unique drop from this event, and the rewards that you can get out of one are determined by the /roll command(thank you Von!) after the Event has concluded. The rewards currently are as follows:
(click to show/hide)

In this section, reports found by the local populace will be collected. Oddly unscathed pieces of paper have been found around the streets lately, but a few of the locals have also taken to writing up fake ones, making piecing together what's going on much harder.

(All of these reports are public and can be seen by stopping by the notice board IC. Go ahead and use them in your RP, they're all IC!)

Report List
(click to show/hide)

Please, feel free to reply below with suggestions, questions, speculations or even just observations!

﴾Astral Magic﴿
Astral Mages are a rarity, only due to how difficult it is to enter the elite club. If one who decides to do Astral Magic messes up even slightly or gets distracted, their body will be torn apart in the resulting explosion of power.

Astral Magic is born of the Mana Stars inside oneself, using the raw power from them to create deadly, catastrophic displays of power.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

֎ Dark Magic ֎
Dark Magic is hatred, darkness, evil incarnate. It feeds on the soul of the one who uses it, and along with their sanity, it will slip away if too much power is used.

Dark Magic is a fearsome, dangerous power that eats away at the user's sanity and health as it tears through all in it's path.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

۞ Pure Magic ۞
Pure Magic is the combination of every single kind of magic, all 6 primary elements, and both Secondary Elements. It is nothing short of a miracle, that it doesn't blow itself apart upon creation. Only the greatest mages in history can wield this power alone, and it takes nothing less than an elite of each element to create it.

Magic Weapons

Last Prism
Rainbow Rod

Non-Elemental Magic is pretty self-explanatory, it is Magic with no elemental direction. It is just magic, nothing less, nothing more. These magic weapons can be used by any mage, as long as they are experienced with magic enough.

Magic Weapons
Wand of Sparking-Used for testing magical potential, will produce sparks automatically based on the potential of the user. It will also produce more sparks if the user has furthered their skill and knowledge of Magic, Non-Elemental or not.

Charged Blaster Cannon-A strong, exhausting beam of magic, condensed into a beam.

Magic Missile-A directed, condensed crystal of magic that moves wherever it's user wills it to.

Hey, CAMaera here, AKA that one Aravaras character. Me and a few other people on the server convened and figured out the way we want magic to work on the server, so here's a big dumb post about it!

The Basics
Magic in Iseyu is only able to be used by those who have potential. Now, potential is something that your character either has, or doesn't have. It's from birth. Odds are, if you have a super-strong warrior character, they have no potential. Because it would be kinda unfair if you could launch fireballs and swing a gigantic hammer around. It's just makes it a lot more balanced. There are always exceptions, and if you have a big enough handicap, you can probably use both swords and magic well.

Okay, the definition of Magic is(very loosely); The ability to change what is happening, to what may be happening.

Simply put, this means that Magic is the ability to change matter and circumstances, like weather, if things freeze or melt, how the air conducts electricity, or the speed of the wind. It's super loose, but it allows mages a lot of options. Speaking of options...

Okay, this is the most important part. Basically, there are 6 primary elements and 2 secondary, more dangerous elements.

The 6 Basic Elements
Ice           Fire

Water                      Nature

         Wind           Electricity

The 2 Secondary Elements

Astral                      Dark

Okay, not going to lie, the point of elements is also for balancing, so that one character is not some god of all of the elements. So, the basic gist of it is that Your character can learn two different elements at a time, along with Dark or Astral. These two elements only determine which two you can use the exclusive spells for, all the combinations of the two you select are learn-able, just will take longer. EX:

If you select Water and Wind, you get access to all of the exclusive(Denoted by "Just _______ Magic" in the lists below) spells, as well as Razorblade Typhoon, and those will be easier to learn. Learning the Water/Electricity Nimbus Rod will be possible, but harder to learn.

Here's a rundown of all the elements, and their weapons!

Ice Magic ؇
Ice Mages can freeze water at will, and use it to make blades, spikes, and large structures at a high level. They are usually not fond of heat, or fire at all.

Ice Magic has a good, balanced repertoire of spells, both by itself, and in conjunction with Fire, Nature, and Wind Magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Fire Magic ٨
Fire Mages are masters of using magic to heat, or combust anything, from air, to hair. They are extremely powerful, but have to work hard to hone and control their craft, otherwise everything will go up in flames.

Fire Magic is mainly focused on the user just using Fire Magic, with 3 magic weapons exclusive to it, but is also powerful when combined with Nature magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Water Magic ∂
Water Mages can manipulate water at will, using it to do many tasks, and are very fearsome when near or in a body of water. They can move water around so fast that an Ice Mage may not be able to freeze it.

Water Mages are strong when just excelling in Water, but have a strong spell when combined with Wind or Electricity magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Nature Magic ٭
Nature Mages are masters of the natural world, able to grow plants and move earth.

Nature Mages are very versatile on their own, and only really have a strong synergy with Fire Magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Wind Magic ؟
Wind mages are manipulators of wind, and can use it for many tasks, even household chores.

Wind Magic is the ultimate magic for synergy, having a combination for almost every element.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Electricity Magic گ
Electricity Mages are dangerous, especially during a storm. Their bolts strike like lightning, and they can even power a coffee maker!

Electricity Magic is the ultimate in specialty, having 3 strong spells exclusive, and only one synergy weapon with Water.
(click to show/hide)

Enchanted Weapons
Enchanted Weapons are when a mage of significant power infuses a weapon, or object, with part of their power. These weapons are widely varied, and can range from a shard of ice that is shaped like a sword, to a bullet. They are mostly IC, but there are some items in-game that you can use as Enchanted Weapons. Keep in mind that:

-Some Enchants can be removed, and if they are removable, the Mage will get the power back once the weapon is disenchanted.(Obviously, ones that cannot be removed are far stronger, but make the Mage in question lose the amount of power that they enchanted the weapon with forever.

-Enchantments can last on a weapon forever, AKA they are not disenchanted when the Mage who enchanted the weapon dies, only when the Mage wishes.

-Odds are, if your weapon is launching fire, or glowing blue with energy, it's probably a little Enchanted.

Enchanted Weapons allow Mages to use weapons that they would normally never use, for example:
-An Ice Mage who would never touch a lance outside of using a North Pole.
A mage who would never use a gun outside of Cursed(Fire+Nature) Bullets and a revolver.

Enchanted Weapon Registry
None yet!

Info about Secondary, Pure, and Non-Elemental Magic and Weapons on the next post!

(Remember, we are NOT using in-game names for MANY weapons IC, such as Cursed Flames. If you are the first to use a weapon, feel free to ask/tell me and I'll update with a new name for it.)

Scrapyard / Administrative Roster
« on: 18-08-2015 »
Real Name:Max
 Gamer Alias:CAMaera
 Servers You Play On?:Capho--I mean, Iseyu. That one.
 Past Experience:I mean, I was a mod before. That one time. On here.
 Why Should We Pick You?:Because I want to make it a little easier for the mod team to do it's thang.
How long have you played on the server?:Longer than James. I think that's long enough.
What do you intend to do with your powers?:Check applications, get people the items/materials they need to make what they need to, help build event towe--I mean, buildings, and make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone.
Can you be active every day?:Geez, I'll definitely try my hardest to. Not going to drop of the face of the Earth anymore, I swear. And I'll check applications everyday, regardless.
Position Applying for (Forum/Ingame/Both):Both!
People that referred you for this position(optional, screenshots only):Man, I didn't screenshot it, but James told me to apply XD

Accepted. Welcome back.

Scrapyard / Character Roster
« on: 28-07-2015 »
Ekina Aravaras, and that's it for now. Maybe Rukino Aravaras might come back some time in the future, Idunno.

Server Dumps / Tarol Aexia Magic Academy
« on: 26-07-2015 »
Tarol Aexia
-For Those Who Chase Magic-

Tarol Aexia's Mission Statement
We are dedicated to the pursuit of magic, or the 'chase' to become stronger mentally. Physicality is of little consequence or matter to us, as understanding of magic can enrich the student as well as the world. Because knowledge is not power, but how power is regulated and not thrown out of control. To fight, chase, and develop fate is the power that those born with the gift of magic are given.

Tarol Aexia's Rules
The rules of Tarol Aexia are as follows:
1.No Running on campus.
2.No Guns on campus.
3.No fighting other students outside of an official duel, which a teacher must preside over.
4.Do not be late for class.
5.No Dark magic inside or outside campus.
6.No Astral magic unless in a life-threatening situation, and only if you have clearance for it.

Tarol Aexia's Campus
Tarol Aexia is located underneath the manor of the headmaster, Ekina Aravaras. It is located in an underground tunnel, and can be found easily with a sign above the entrance.

Tarol Aexia has a spacious interior, including a dormitory for on-site students, two large classrooms, a comfortable lounge, and safe rooms the students may practice their studies and magical abilities.

Classes vary and are flexible to what each student may want to or need to learn, and classes can be attended by students with no magical skill from time to time. At times, students may want to learn specific skills in their own elements of choice, and may ask teachers for one-on one sessions to learn said skills.

Dorms are located on the lowest level of Tarol Aexia, and include a bedroom, and a living room. Dressers, a table, a bed, and two chairs are included, and a bathroom with a bath is at the end of the hall.

There are currently 1 room(s) vacant.

Room 05:VACANT

Headmaster, and Master of Ice and Water Magic: Prof. Ekina Aravaras
Vice-Principal, Master of Fire Magic: Prof. Leona Reinhardt
Nature Magic Master: Prof. Syl

Gaoth Surghei, Wind Mage
Trance, Nature Mage
Lanaya, Water Mage
Auric, Fire Mage
Oxrune, Electricity Mage
Viscera, Fire Mage

-In-Character END-

Hey, thanks for reading all of this until the bottom! Or, well, just the bottom maybe. Anyway, Tarol Aexia is an academy where magicians, mages, witches, warlocks, and ALL MOST forms of magic are acceptable and a worthwhile pursuit(Dark magic can just get out of here, it's cray). But anyway, if you've been thinking about a mage character, the academy is probably a cool place to go! I mean, you can learn stronger magic, and that's always good.

Tarol Aexia is also a place where people can come from time to time to learn about magic and the theory behind it, even if they are not mages. These sessions are usually spontaneous, and do not last terribly long(We hope).

And hey, if you want to make a character that comes to the land for Tarol Aexia(whether to be a student or a staff member), well, dang, I'd be honored! Just PM me, so I know what's going on, unless you think it'd be more fun IC to just show up and barge in, haha.

Also, just so you do know, if your character has no magical potential(If you're a warrior or barbarian, for example), you will be unable to open the door to get inside either Aravaras Manor or Tarol Aexia. Please respect this IC rule!

This post will be updated when things change, like students or staff joining or, *knocks on wood* dying.

Feel free to post below if you have any questions about Tarol Aexia!

Please check out this post about how Magic works in Iseyu before you create a mage character, and before you start going to Tarol Aexia!

Anime / What Anime are you watching now?
« on: 13-07-2015 »
Going through all the good stuff I never had time for now, finished both seasons of Magi, Steins;Gate, a few short form ones I heard were good, and finished up Parasyte. I watched 3 episodes of Gintama and looked at how many there were, and nope'd back to One Piece, where I'm on Ep. 205.

Also, if anyone wants any Guest Passes for Crunchyroll, mine are gathering dust. Just, like, PM or reply asking for them or something.

Character Sheet

Name:Ekina Aravaras

Character Details
Age:28(Looks older(Around mid-30's) though)
Alignment:Chaotic Good

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons:(Please refer to the list of magic Ekina is able to preform lower on this page)
Armor:A robe, or a dress. It depends on the day. She has enchanted her skin, so it is slightly harder and cold, so she can easier research ice and the properties of Frostburn without damage to herself.
Items:Any magic spell excluding anything related to Fire or Darkness, with enough time.

Weapons:Swords, non-magic weapons any larger than a dagger, bows, chakrams, any other magic item that is not the ones listed above.
Armor:ANYTHING heavy or thick, especially metal.
Items:Anything that does not befit a mage, or is related to fire.

Special Equipment
Mostly listed below in the Magic Spells area, but Frost Armor that is only there so that she can produce Frostburn with attacks. Others:

Fuzzy Carrot: A result of her needing to explore the world away from the manor, she created a being of snow and ice, capable of keeping her cold and slightly more powerful away from home.

Hates anyone who uses steel to fight over their own minds, believing them to be barbaric. On the flip side, trusts mages very easily, and has a high opinion on any mage from the get-go.

Unwillingness to Change
Believes that she is practically perfect, in every way. Does not think that people can just change without a major trauma befalling them.

Holds grudges, even over petty things that nobody else would even bat an eye at.

Hates Metal
Metal buildings make her skittish, and more crabby than usual.

Heat Sensitivity
Cannot bear the sun or heat, becoming agitated and weak when exposed to it.

Once she has the idea that she can do something, no matter how big the task may seem, she will do anything to accomplish it.

Speaks her Mind
Whatever she wants you to hear, you'll hear it without fail. This gets her into a lot of trouble and creates many long-lasting enemies.

Proficient in Magic
Can tell you most everything about Magic, including theory and practice.

She may be incredibly vain about her skills and appearance, but is very realistic in what she can and cannot do.

Magic Medic
Is able to treat some magic related injuries by slightly enchanting the patient's body, driving out the opposing force, though this treatment is often painful and takes energy from her, the patient, and a lot of time.

Strong Moral Compass
Usually does the best thing that benefits the most people, and is generally kindhearted, hating slavery and murder.

Magic Spells

In order of difficulty, easiest to hardest.{+} shows that Ekina owns the item or can produce the magic presently. Item names displayed in Red cannot be used at this time.
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Lore(OOC unless you're a mage or another well-red person who has stumbled upon these documents)

Ekina's Research Notes
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There will be more lore and items, and I will update this page to reflect such.

Introductions / Back again!
« on: 29-06-2015 »
I really hope I can stay longer this time, haha. After being caught up at school, I finally am graduated, and have a huge amount of time. So I'll be active again! If you don't remember me, that's probably good(I used to be....less than nice and formal on here), but if you must know,  used to be pretty darn active on Caphori for a few stints, being Rukino Aravaras, etc.

I'm back because James has dragged be back again(like he does from time to time), and because I'm going to be active in Iseyu! I'm looking forward to RPing and being friends with you all again!

(Also, if it's not too much trouble, could a mod/admin person change my name to CAMaera because I don't go by max0596 anymore, thanks!)

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