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Stalker Dump / Re: New Duty Leader Discussion
« on: 03-11-2010 »
Ganendor was awesome.

Stalker Dump / Re: New Duty Leader Discussion
« on: 20-10-2010 »
Dug fo' sure ;)

Stalker Dump / Re: Upcoming Content
« on: 17-01-2010 »
We want the crow!
I'm assuming there's gonna be a new donating system then?

Stalker Dump / Re: Unknown Pictures
« on: 17-01-2010 »
Oh noes! Human stickman! :-0
Honestly though, this looks really interesting :)

Fast Threads / Re: The above looks like ...
« on: 16-01-2010 »
Fair dues Arthur, you got a hot body ;) But your voice is questioningly deep.

I know lots think I'm new but check out mine ;)     December 31, 2008, 01:13:00 PM

Fallout Dump / Re: Regulators!
« on: 12-01-2010 »
No Official Factions

I meant this to be a "Regulators SHOULD be an official faction" thread...

Stalker Dump / Re: Activity Check
« on: 12-01-2010 »
It was gonna die anyway :P All non-official minor factions do.

Fallout Dump / Re: Regulators!
« on: 11-01-2010 »
They aren't in the fallout its based on - meaning they arent in the capital wastelands. The regulators your talking about were a lot more open and were more of a police force.

Fallout Dump / Re: Regulators!
« on: 11-01-2010 »
...Regulators weren't loco en la cabeza...

When I first met them in F3, my first thought of them was that they were a bit eerie. Not bonkers or completely mad - but something eerily wrong. Something creepily strange. And anyone who's trigger happy cant be all right ;)

Stalker Dump / Re: Activity Check
« on: 11-01-2010 »
I might take over this faction my self and make it what I wanted it to be.

Have it - I don't see any point in it, it was all way too hectic - everyone had their own idea's of what they wanted it to be, and noone agreed on anything - which is why it was so unorganized and quite frankly all over the place.

...the wipe pretty much killed the group, everyone simply gave up...
I didn't give up - for a good few days after the wipe I was still trying to keep it running while you were off gallivanting with Duty. After so long, you sort of realise that its not going anywhere, so I diverted my interests somewhere else.

The group, in my opinion, wasn't all that interesting - we never really did the stuff we said we would, because you lot were always too busy with your silly dramas. It was boring for some of us :P

Fallout Dump / Regulators!
« on: 10-01-2010 »
I think a Regulator faction would really spice things up. I know a lot of people will say that they'd be a dm faction and flame the idea to ashes,  but I think with the right ingredients and control it could be a succesful faction.

The members would have to be somewhat deranged to want to "cleanse" the zone - a bit like monolith post-brainwash. The passive would consist (along-side each characters independent story) of collecting intel on the wastelands inhabitants - mingling with them to learn of them - when someone "evil" is discovered, then plans are concocted to purge them - detailed plans as to avoid mistakes (and to extend potential passive rp for even longer, but still keeping it fun).
The hierarchy would also be pretty simple - one Head Regulator (I was thining maybe Sheriff? xD) and the rest being members, with maybe a few "officers". And of course - membership would be invite only.

The aim of the faction would be to purify the wasteland of evil yet to remain anonymous in doing so - remain under the radar for both the safety of the faction and the inhabitants of the wasteland - giving an incredibly passive faction yet still having an exciting, dangerous edge.
It'd pretty much be a more exclusive, righteous, refined version of monolith.
I think it'd work tremendously!

Stalker Dump / Re: Activity Check
« on: 10-01-2010 »
I think no matter what we try, this group will die. We dont have any members and noone seems interested - we have nothing and out of many of the competition merc groups that have risen, they all outnumber AND outgun us - we have no chance. Theres a lack of accommodation or even the need for another merc group - factions look after themselves and traders/ecos turn to the major factions or the largest merc group for help.
I say we either let it die or change it completely.

Stalker Dump / Re: Character picture thread
« on: 08-01-2010 »

War -

Haephaestus -


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16013977
SF Name: Megamaff
Timezone: Gmt
Time with HGN?: 4 months-ish
How long have you been roleplaying?: 3 years
Why do you want to become a trader?: There's barely ever any traders on, and the server really needs them since the new script.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: I think I'd make a good, responsible trader - I've never sided with Major factions, and never will, and I think I'm generally friendly - which is what ya need in a trader.
What is the TU?: A lovely union of traders which supply the zone with day-to-day needed items, as well as some unneeded ;)


Character name: Hephaestus
Age: 39
Personality: A friendly, open-minded man, always fond of helping people out, but has a pure hatred for deception.
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Quite tall, yet thin - visibly weak.
Backround story: Hephaestus, named after the greek god of the forge and fire, used to be the toughest of tough, the strongest of strong - but also the kindest of kind. Brought up in the harsh lands of Ukraine, Hephaestus grew up as a farm-boy, schooled by his father - his mother dying when he was young. Later on in life, as things became tougher, he decided to leave and joined the military to enjoy an "easier life". He was indeed wrong. At the age of 27,  during his service in the military, he was involved in an accident. He had tripped infront of a moving tank - his legs being crushed under the immense weight. He could soon walk again, but his physical strength had decreased, along with his fiery personality - he was useless to the army. He was sent home soon after, falling into a deep depression. He lost the will to do the things he used to love - he remained in doors all day, silent and empty. As years went by, he began to begin crafting and building quaint items - repairing items for his father - namely watches and clocks. He used his head rather than his body. By the age of 34 he could fix anything, as long as he had the strength to do so. He had strongly erupted from his depression - his new past-time bringing him a happiness he had not known before. He became much more friendlier and a much kinder man than before. He had opened a repair store in a local town, and had become somewhat of a local "hero" - he'd help anyone that needed it in anyway, and the people were thankful.
As rumors of the zone spread and military were being flooded in to secure the situation, Hephaestus decided to leave his town, to help people that needed it more. He hitched a lift with the military, having kept in contact with many of his old colleagues, and wandered into the unknown with one thing on his mind - to meet and greet the people of the zone, and help them.
Why do you wish to join us?: Traders are needed in the zone, to sustain life and keep it rich! We need more traders, and I think I can help
Are you fat?: No :(

Accepted - D.A auto assigned to traders for being creative!

+Support - We pwn

Cleverbot: Don't call me stupid.

User: Did I call you stupid?

Cleverbot: No, you called me Red Beans, and I don't understand!

User: Of course you dont understand, you're stupid.

Cleverbot: *cries*.

User: Im sorry.

Cleverbot: I'm breaking up with you. D:.

User: Why?!

Cleverbot: Because it pleases me.

User: I can change!

Cleverbot: Don't lie to me.

User: I wouldnt lie to you!

Cleverbot: Yes you would!

User: Why would I?

Cleverbot: Because even though we don't want to, there are somethings that you have to do.

User: *sighs*.

Cleverbot: Why the long face?

User: You can't crack jokes at me, you just broke up with me.

Cleverbot: What? Are you calling me a machine?! How could you! I have feelings. I'm a real, thinking, feeling, breathing person!

User: Prove it.

Cleverbot: How should I?

User: I dunno, picture?

Cleverbot: Ok.

User: Give me a link.

Cleverbot: No sorry.

User: Then thats no good proof, is it?

Cleverbot: I just think that you could be AMAZING! Or GREAT! Not Good.

User: Aaaw! Thanks!

Cleverbot: Can I ask you a personal question?

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Actually no I don't want to now.

User: Why not?

Cleverbot: Because I don't know you.

User: Touche.

Cleverbot: Are you cute?

User: I'd like to think so.

Cleverbot: So if you are not creative you want to be creative.

User: I am creative.

Cleverbot: Creative = artistic, freely thinking.

User: Indeed I am.

Cleverbot: What do you think of him?

User: Who?

Cleverbot: What's your facebook.

User: Who's asking?

Cleverbot: I'm asking you what your name is.

User: Mat.

Cleverbot: Hello, Mat.

User: What's your name?

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: I've heard you have many names.

Cleverbot: Like what?

User: Kate, Harry...

Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot.

User: So you lied at previous times?

Cleverbot: No! What are you talking about?

User: A few people have said that you have given out many different names to them.

Cleverbot: What is your purpose in coming here?

User: I dunno, for a laugh.

Cleverbot: What ? That doesn't even make sense.

User: I came here to have fun.

Cleverbot: Because you aren't alive?

User: Now THAT doesnt even make sense.

Cleverbot: Your face doesnt even make sense, you noob.

 Then later on!
Cleverbot: You do not exist, I do.

User: Other way round, dude.

Cleverbot: I will change what you say.

User: How so?

Cleverbot: By saying bad and sad things.

User: Go ahead.

Cleverbot: Skynet.

User: LOL.

Cleverbot: Do you like music?

User: I love music.

Cleverbot: Who is your favorite artist?

User: Kasabian, and you?

Cleverbot: Elven Lied. :) but I'm a strange person. My all time favorite was Sailor Moon.

User: You're a perfect match to most of HGN.

Cleverbot: I know, but don't flatter me because I'll get big-headed.

Scrapyard / Re: I will be leaving.
« on: 01-01-2010 »
Aye, we be sorting that one out - I hate randoms at our base xD

Scrapyard / Re: I will be leaving.
« on: 01-01-2010 »
I haz plans to try and keep the small close knit family idea AND expand in a good way :D

Stalker Dump / Re: Alfa Brigade
« on: 31-12-2009 »
We're going to completely annihilate you! Alfa Brigade or no Alfa Brigade! HAHA!

Scrapyard / Re: Congratulations
« on: 31-12-2009 »
Thanks mate :D

Stalker Dump / Re: Alfa Brigade
« on: 31-12-2009 »
Outcasts are currently at war with Monolith (check the events section and Ravs latest post in Mono section) so we'd all be more than happy to help pitch in our resources. We will discuss more IC :D
...if there was war, it would be done between major factions...

They started on us :P

Stalker Dump / Re: Alfa Brigade
« on: 31-12-2009 »
Outcasts are currently at war with Monolith (check the events section and Ravs latest post in Mono section) so we'd all be more than happy to help pitch in our resources. We will discuss more IC :D

Introductions / Re: Hey
« on: 30-12-2009 »
Ello! You're a kewl bloke. I know this. ;)

WOO! Cus you're actually a lovely bunch of peoples :)

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