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The Gay Vampire Castle / I dun get this
« on: 30-05-2013 »
It's the number of squares in the numbers, I.E. 9266 = 3, 6600 =4, 8888 = 8.

lrn 2 math gais.

It took me nearly two months, but I finally understand this... And you can too.

All you have to do is understand the buckets.

The buckets.


Everyone must contribute.


Stalker Dump / Character picture thread
« on: 21-03-2013 »


That cola breaks the canon.

Please remove it.

The Gay Vampire Castle / Welcome to England
« on: 09-03-2013 »

The Gay Vampire Castle / Welcome to England
« on: 08-03-2013 »
did somebody mention


The Gay Vampire Castle / he shook the harlem
« on: 07-03-2013 »
why did you not mention that it was made by halokiller?

Was waiting for people to realize.

there is no jesus...
only zuul...

The Gay Vampire Castle / he shook the harlem
« on: 07-03-2013 »
why did you not mention that it was made by halokiller?

Was waiting for people to realize.

The Gay Vampire Castle / he shook the harlem
« on: 07-03-2013 »
whyku come out of hiding now
we have a new village idiot

whyku is dead.

long live the new king.

The Gay Vampire Castle / he shook the harlem
« on: 07-03-2013 »
Why don't you just go behind this nice corner and hang yourself on the street lamp?

Can I harlem shake on a rope?

The Gay Vampire Castle / he shook the harlem
« on: 07-03-2013 »
why is it whenever i watch harlem shake i happen upon the most tasteless uninviting things... see who the author of the video is.
Harlem Shake(My Edition)

Why Is every post of Exile so shit and why are the Thread names always so fucking autistic?

Fast Threads / Re: Quotes Thread !!!!!!
« on: 18-12-2012 »
stupid hl2rp owners trying to advertise their recycled shit

Never tell your password to anyone.
Friday, November 30, 2012
9:36 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Join
9:36 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: We got Nexus
9:36 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Up
9:36 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": what is it
9:36 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": roleplay
9:37 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Yeah
9:37 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": which
9:37 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Hl2 RP
9:37 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": meh
9:37 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: -snippity forum linkity-
9:37 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: It's new.
9:37 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I wrote the entire way how to play
9:37 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: .It's unique
9:37 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": alright
9:37 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": hold on
9:38 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Units are by district now.
9:38 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: i4o, i3o
9:38 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: i2o, so forth.
9:38 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: There's no-longer l33t units, everyone looks the same.
9:38 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: but the Commander and OfC.
9:38 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Each district has a commander.
9:38 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: That commander communicates with the Consul.
\AU/ 'Pwos is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
9:42 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: It's more in a test stage currently.
9:42 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Stuff is still being fixed
9:42 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: but you can RP
9:42 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: and play
9:42 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Citizen is like 90% good to go
9:43 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": alright finally got into the forums
9:43 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Looks nice, huh?
9:43 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": decent
9:44 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": Consul is synonimous with City Administrator
9:44 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I know.
9:44 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: But it's being used slightly different.
9:44 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": oh ok
9:44 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": it's confusing is what i mean
9:44 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": implies that CCA is obeying the CA
9:44 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Because they are.
9:44 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": nope
9:44 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": lol
9:44 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Yes.
9:44 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": only lower ranked units
9:45 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": CA has no power
9:45 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: That's not our canon.
9:45 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: This is leaning towards Hl2 beta.
9:45 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": what is from it then
9:45 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I just said, hl2 beta.
9:45 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": practical
9:46 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": like how is this related to hl2 beta
9:46 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: The Consul
9:46 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: And districts.
9:46 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Units have district codes on their armbands.
9:46 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": anything actually different other than the outer layer
9:46 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: It's broken down to be more basic.
9:47 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": because rp will be the same regardless
9:47 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: What do you mean.
9:47 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": changing names isn't going to change roleplay
9:47 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I never said it was going to.
9:47 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": aesthetics have no value is what I mean
9:47 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You're not even playing yet, so how could you be so harsh.
9:47 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos:
9:47 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Our roleplay is very strict.
9:48 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": because i'm not willing to play on a hl2rp that is going to be the same as every other i played
9:48 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Does it look like the same.
9:48 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": yes
9:48 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: How.
9:48 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Does it look like the same.
9:48 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I changed almost everything.
9:48 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": i don't see what is different from average hl2rp
9:49 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": except some names that dont matter
9:49 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: How are you even saying that if you haven't played yet.
9:49 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": because it's not on the forums and you're not telling me either
9:49 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": lol
9:49 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You need to play to see what it's like.
9:50 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": i don't really want to try a product that isn't promising anything new when i have the identical product
9:50 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": you know what i mean
9:50 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Do you like to roleplay?
9:50 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You seem like you don't.
9:51 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": okay i won't go on your server
9:51 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": as you wish
**stopped messaging him at this point
9:52 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: That's okay, don't join.. You can be stubborn all you want and think it's going to be the same, without actually playing it.
9:52 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": its not my fault you're not promising anything new/different
9:52 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You haven't played it yet, so how can you say that.
9:53 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": because you haven't promised anything new or different
9:53 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Are you reading what I'm typing.
9:53 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You have to play it.
9:53 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: To know what it's like.
9:53 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": no i dont lol
9:53 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": i want to be assured that it's going to be different
9:53 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Uh, yeah you fucking do.. Because what I see in a forum is not the fullest of the server.
9:53 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: And that's for other communities as well.
9:53 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": im not buying another cawadooty to get the same recycled crap
9:54 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: They can be professional on a forum but act like a fucking asshole ingame without saying anything.. So how could you say that without playing.
9:54 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": id trust a well informed forum more than an ill informed one
9:54 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You think it's the same because the title, huh?
9:54 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": what title
9:54 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": you're not reading what im typing
9:54 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You're acting this way because it's Nexus.
9:54 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: So quit being a fucking retard.
9:54 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": 9:53 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": because you haven't promised anything new or different
9:54 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": na lol
9:54 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: And yeah I am, you're not reading jack-shit.
9:54 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": you should do something about that dyslexia
9:54 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You're saying that over and over, because you haven't played the game yet.
9:55 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": i dont need to if its going to be the same
9:55 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: How do you know it's the same though?
9:55 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: How.
9:55 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": youre not even stating what will be different
9:55 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Answer that question.
9:55 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": thats how
9:55 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You can find out what's different by playing.
9:55 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: And not being stubborn.
9:56 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": i have better things to do than 'trying' servers to get the same experience on any other server
9:56 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Alright, go ahead and be stubborn.
9:56 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Because I was like you awhile ago.
9:56 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": no
9:56 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You can be an idiot all you want.
9:56 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": youre pretty narrow minded lmao
9:56 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: And you can throw out all the insults you want, because it doesn't matter.
9:57 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: You haven't tried the game, so you have absolutely nothing to expect.
9:57 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I can look at a picture on a forum of gameplay but not grasp the full potential of it without actually playing.
9:57 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: That applies for a lot of stuff.
9:57 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": wanna buy my gamemode called suxeN that is offering the same features as Nexus, but you need to buy and try it before judging it
9:57 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": :)
9:57 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I'm not selling anything.
9:57 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": im spending my time
9:58 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: That doesn't apply the same way, because I'm not selling.
9:58 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: It's your free time.
9:58 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: And you're being so damn stubborn it makes me laugh.
9:58 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": ye and youre saying im stubborn because i dont want to waste it
9:58 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": its also the only thing you said during the entire arguement
9:58 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: It's true?
9:58 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: It is.
9:58 PM - #include "DevCon.cpp": so i guess im not that stubborn now am i lmfao
9:59 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: I'm questioning whether I made the mistake to even add you, since you're being immature as you are.
9:59 PM - \AU/ 'Pwos: Grow up, kid.
**offer him voice chat to hear his voice
\AU/ 'Pwos has ended the call.
\AU/ 'Pwos is now Offline.

Pwos... I remember this guy...

I run the CWU on a Clockwork Server and I caught him item transferring guns from a Unit to a Citizen, so we blacklisted him. Then he went on about creating a brand new Clockwork server that would "revolutionize the HL2RP Community", so then we banned him after he basically went on a 20 minute spiel about not wanting to be a part of our server.

So this is where he is now...

Not necessarily relevant to the topic but relevant to the economy
Drop the damn price of the Mosin and add a scoped version you want to know why?
I went around and looked at prices for Mosins in America at least. . . They never went as high as 260 dollars (8000 rubles) at most it got to like 100 dollars or so (3000 Rubles) and was as cheap as 50 dollars (1500 rubles)
Add a scoped version of it cause

If we follow that logic then we should raise the price of the exoskeleton to over a dozen million rubles. The swep is surprisingly balanced, yet effective, which is why it has a high price. Mosin doesn't need any changes.

Except if you took it into a STK fight you'd get your shit knocked in.

YOu're right if we used my method of pricing Exos would be more expensive so would every other gun

I did however look up the price of other guns in SRP, they are more expensive than they are in SRP, like a lot.

Yeah I noticed that too. I mean, AK47s would probably be expensive on SRP but in real life an old 80s AK47 is like a hundred bucks. I mean why not use those? Just make them shitty rifles. It'd make sense considering we're in the Ukraine and the Soviet Union made tons of these.

I like the idea of factioneers starting with locked inventories and specific class gear. It entitles more of a teamwork spirit. Just because Pvt Rich Ass is a rich ass doesn't mean he should have a Groza. It goes the same way for Pvt. Poor Ass. Just because he's a poor ass doesn't mean should have a Makarov.

We need to use a Communistic type of reform for the factions. I don't care how much harder you work or how much more money you have than Private Poor Ass, you got the same stuff he does because it works better that way. We tried a Capitalism and it crashed and burned like a monkey piloting a jet filled with napalm towards a nuclear plant.

Also, maybe a trader NPC wouldn't hurt? For the sake of simple fetch/kill jobs, of course. He would offer a small variety of these, each on a scale of 1-5 of difficulty which matches a similar payout. Maybe not all in rubles and instead some in items. Only a number of these would be given out by said NPC(s) and those not selected would change each day.

<a href=";start=196" target="_blank" class="new_win">;start=196</a>

This would have been my immediate reaction.

It's a thread meant for suggestions, but we're not even the ones to whom the suggestions are up to. We're just backtracking each other into a directionless debate.

To be totally honest, we can't even take action yet. The server isn't up and Silver hasn't really released any details about what's going to be added/removed or even when it's going to resurface.

Let's be honest, we don't need more guns. Even considering the act or possibly even trying to continue it's debate on this thread is a major waste of time.

Over complicating things that are already complicated...

We don't need to figure out ways of how the gear gets into the Zone, because there are obviously multiple answers (Bribery, smuggling, even some of them can be built within the Zone).

We had a Lore and it worked. I don't see why we need to rewrite it several different directions.

Personally, I think we should focus on ways to keep our economy stable without having to restart it every few months because it's so absolutely fucked up by the same exact people. No-one's brought up any good ideas and that's primarily my main concern. The game became less interesting because only a small number of people were so well rooted into the Zone that they practically did whatever they wanted with impunity. Either there wasn't enough challenge or the illusion of "making it big in the Zone" was deader than road-kill, because you weren't that privilege few who had millions of rubles and so much gear you could supply the whole zone with LR-300s. So, instead of trying to directly fix the problem we just wipe everyone and jump back into the vicious cycle.

In a sense, it's like a leaking sewage system. It's leaking so everyone keeps getting shit all over them, so instead of fixing the sewage system, the hard way, they just destroy the entire sewage system and rebuild it. Sure, everyone's covered in shit but at least we'll be clean later... until it starts leaking again.

Stalker Dump / Re: So what's the situation?
« on: 28-10-2012 »
Mad because bloodsuckers are killing you when you go alone?
Well too bad, this is Zone. You are not supposed to go alone in such a god damn dangerous place. I always went in a group or atleast with someone. Really rarely alone.

And dayum stop with these stupid two cents, its annoying.
Its not that they kill you, its they kill you ever. time. you. go. out.
You don't have a group of friends to play with? Sorry, please go find another server, we don't allow that kind of passive RP here.
Basically what happens if admins constantly assault lone stalkers with bloodsuckers.
New person joins -> Knows nobody -> Walks around zone -> Gets attaced + killed by bloodsucker -> Ragequits and never comes back -> Low player count for server.

I don't think Bloodsuckers should be used for "teaching noobs a lesson" and certainly aren't meant for that either. Rather, they should be used as they were meant to be used, enhancing the roleplay.

If we want to hook new players, we need to instill a sense of immersion. Give them some stories to share around campfires so they can meet other players. For instance, I saw a poor rookie (Sounds weird using the word rookie after all this time.) with only a makarov and 500 rubles, getting mugged by a highly armed, well equipped, bandit. Instead of just wiping out the bandit (and just throwing away a good roleplay playthrough), logically a Bloodsucker would attack the Rookie, since he's less-equip than the armed bandit, right?

So I do my Bloodsucker roar and jump around on a rooftop, basically making a lot of agitated noises. The bandit FearRPs and bolts, leaving the Rookie to walk a maze of large buildings, of which any I could be on. I let him know I am stalking him through /its and /mes, and I give chase.

So I get a little ahead of him and drop a Hunting Shotgun and some ammo in a building, as well as some other supplies I secured from killing actually well armed people, and chasing him into it. He finds the shotgun pretty much no problem and aims at at the door. I notice this through /mes and /its and I give him the chance to fire, letting him know by /it'ing "bends in the light" and he fires.

I get injured and he escapes through a window, to which I no longer engage him through. I quickly switch off to my main character, find him, and escort him to the Neutral Bar and introduce him to the trader for missions/gear and the likes. Everyone wins in that scenario: Bandit escapes alive, Rookie gets new gear and roleplay experience, and I die losing nothing.

Stalker Dump / Re: So what's the situation?
« on: 27-10-2012 »
I actually like the idea of how faction members automatically spawn with weapons. Similar to Zombies? Just really inaccurate guns with lots of ammo.

Stalker Dump / Re: So what's the situation?
« on: 26-10-2012 »
We should start small, so I recommend Garbage.

Have you guys ever thought about removing the whole economy in some way?

In an RP game based on a single player game, the economy is always fucked up.

Have people set to basic items dependent on their flag and faction. And to get better shit, get an admin to approve it.

If you get rid of the economy, you get rid of the butt hurt players and pansy players to frightened to leave a base and fight.

Should focus on living in the zone and the RP. Not the gear and money.

This isn't Communist HGN, it's Capitalist-Democratic-Big-Gun-Waving-Dick Length-Competition HGN.

The Gay Vampire Castle / Re: President Obama
« on: 10-10-2012 »
i cant even this

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