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Events & Storyline / Chapter 3: Radiant Aria
« on: 09-03-2019 »
The blood mages keep coming, yet the heroes manage to keep fighting. Finding the strain on their troops far too great to risk, the Crown Prince sends out a call for aid to foreign countries and heroes, willing to offer grand rewards for their assistance.
 Among these heroes, being introduced as Loewith, a mercenary with intent for revenge, and Galen, a prim and proper Avian noble trained in battle, comes the Aria Order, an organization known for their involvement in the Puppetmaster War. Leading them is none other than a hero of that war: Ebony Geminus. She pledges her troops to Sugavus’ defenses, and informs her children, revealed to be the capable twins Kyanite and Andesine, to focus on seeking the legendary blade Excalibur, which very well could win these battles once and for all and provide a swift and relatively bloodless end to the conflict where normal weapons couldn’t.
And so they do. With the aid of Drake, Paradox,  Nadium, and the Tuulian Loremaster Surge, they manage to theoretically pinpoint Excalibur’s location after many days of searching: the peak of Mount Luxia. Doubting there’s any other option, the twins begin to scale the great mountain, knowing full well how risky this action is.
Following a dawn and a dusk of climbing the peak of lore, the twins descend from the frozen dark with the very thing they sought: Excalibur, attuned to Andesine’s hand, and her hand only. Amidst jealousy and admirance, Andesine nonetheless appears to undoubtedly be the hero Ventiera needs.
Now with the legendary blade of light, all seems to be well…but the question is posed, just why did Tuul desire to seek this blade of myth?
There was no event for this chapter, but thanks for participating in it regardless!

General Discussion / Tiny Check-In[?]
« on: 21-01-2019 »
Hey there!
So yeah, things have been kinda quiet over here, but we are not dead. What with the holidays and exams and the end of the semester for those in school and all, we usually tend to expect server things to quiet down around now. And, as expected, they have.
But! I repeat, we are not dead! Just busy. Hopefully we'll be able to kick things back into gear sooner rather than later. If any of you have any IC ideas or want to come hang out on the server,  poke us on Steam if we're online. We'd love nothing more than to get Ventiera's ball rolling again, and we want to make it as easy on all the participants' lives as possible!
If you're dealing with exams in these next few weeks, best of luck, and if you're not, well, good luck with your endeavors anyways! See you all soon!


Also also registering for another user named Sylv because time constraint

Name: Sylvenus
Race: Half-Fiend
Class: Mage

Also registering for a user named Spitz, who is unable to make an account at the moment.
Name: Acolyte
Race: Human
Class: Mage

Name: Roc Aerbane
Class: Rogue
Race: Human

~Character Sheet~
Name: Lenticel Cypress
Basic Description: A skilled hunter whose elemental ancestors’ blood aids her in camouflage. Travels the world with little aim, other than hunting the rarest beasts.

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human [but has elemental roots]
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Ranger

Basic: Somewhat
Whatever the IC equivalent of Spanish is: Y
Arcane: N

Legacy Status: N

Weapons: Bows, specifically recurves
Armour: Regular clothing
Items: Knives, taxidermy supplies, any hunting equipment

Weapons: Literally every magic known to man
Armour: Anything above regular clothes
Items: N/A

~Special Equipment~
Panther Carving: A tiny carving of a panther, from Lenticel’s mentor. Keeps her going in the darkest of times.

Easily hidden. Her earth elemental blood lets her hide in natural settings quite easily. [+10 to stealth in natural areas]
Chipper. Her mood’s often happy in a reasonable sense, and she keeps her optimism up best she can.
Trained eye. Very, very good at aiming and hitting her mark. Not much can deter her from shooting what she wants shot.

Prideful. Overly proud of her skills and abilities, to which others could take as gloating.
Barely bilinguistic. Her native language is not one most speak, let alone understand, and she barely knows how to speak in the common language at that.
Headstrong. Quick to jump to conclusions or assumptions on really anything. Including shooting anything that even remotely resembles an animal.

Track [Ranger/Gunner] '+20 to tracking rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Trapper [Ranger] '+15 to rolls involving traps, usually disarming.' {PASSIVE}
Instinct [Ranger] 'Cannot be sneak-attacked. A would-be sneak attacker instead gets -5 to their roll.' {PASSIVE}
Search [Ranger] '+15 to search rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Arc Shot [Bow] 'Shoot three arrows upwards to hit the next turn. Does not work in areas with low ceilings. {ACTIVE}

Lenticel was always a prodigy at hunting. However, like steel, skill must be shaped and honed, so Lenticel owes much of her ability to her mentor, a man who went by the name of Twyn. She was happily sent to Twyn as a child by her parents, and trained with him for about six years. In their secluded forest home, he trained her in many a situation, forging her aim into one that rivals even the greatest snipers, teaching her to skin and preserve her catches, and how to take down the greatest, meanest beasts. In their spare time, he taught her many a thing about life and morality, and gave her a deep love of music during their time together that persists to even today. When Lenticel’s six-year training ceased, her mentor sent her out to the world to do what she desired, giving her a memento of their time together-a small limestone panther statue. Fast-forwarding to today, Lenticel travels the world with but one aim: hunting the greatest beasts and rising to the top of her craft, even if her linguistic skills and people skills require intensive work. Where her mentor is today, Lenticel knows not, but she remembers her mentor all the same as the reason her life is so lively today.

Lore & Locations / Legend of Excalibur
« on: 26-11-2018 »
Long ago, before mankind roamed the earth, there lived three gods: Luxia, Tenebris, and Seilu. Luxia was god over all light, over all that was pure and radiant. Tenebris reigned over the darkness, ensuring its destructive reaches did not completely blot out the light. Seilu presided over the souls of all mortal beings. Together, these gods kept the balance between good, evil, and the souls thrown into the gentle balance of the two.

Many years ago, when gods shared the earth with mortals, an ancient king traveled to the palace in which the gods resided, requesting aid in a war against another kingdom. Luxia and Tenebris heard the mortal’s plight, and resolved to make a blade to aid the king in his war. Seilu heard of this, and was outraged. The king and his subjects only ever prayed to Luxia or Tenebris, and never to the one who gave them life. Filled with fury, and appalled at the king’s possessive nature, Seilu vowed to ensure the blade would not win the war for the greedy king.

Luxia and Tenebris, meanwhile, began work on the blade. They forged the steel in hell’s hottest fires, with the earth’s strongest fist, cooled the blade in the purest water, and shaped the blade with the strongest wind. Luxia and Tenebris dubbed the blade Osafune, and each granted the blade a gift. Luxia granted it the ability to purge darkness from the heart of any mortal. Tenebris granted the blade the gift of judgement, to match its wielder’s soul-if the wielder’s soul was strong, so too would the blade be. Osafune was complete at last, and the king had come to claim the work. As the king reached for the blade, Seilu entered, ripped the soul from the ancient king as punishment for his greed, and wrenched the darkness from the blade, creating a blade of light, Excalibur. He then cursed the blade of light so that Excalibur could be held by a scarce few, rendering the gods’ work useless. Seilu stuck Excalibur at the palace’s center, to rest there for all eternity. Tenebris banished Seilu from the palace. None know where he resides now, or if he yet lives.

The mortals blamed Tenebris for allowing their king to die, and believed he had turned on them. They turned their prayers away from him, ceasing their recognition of the god of darkness. Tenebris, without prayers and the people’s wishes, grew weaker and weaker, until at last, his powers completely withered, and without his powers, Tenebris simply vanished. Luxia remained yet in the temple, yet was overcome with grief for the lost Tenebris. Luxia turned away all mortal visits, raising the land on which the palace rested to the heavens, and his cold tears became a heavy blizzard that swirled and terrorized the new mountain’s peak. With no more reason to remain on the earth, Luxia ascended to the heavens, leaving his last memento- Excalibur, the sword of light and the former blade of Osafune-embedded in an obelisk at the palace center.
Milennia later, this blade is still said to exist, though none know truly where the palace rests, hidden and waiting for its newest master.

In four days’ time, I will show no mercy.

This is what the mad blood mage Azote, who is somehow alive, despite having been visibly killed, told Roble Nohm in the Sugavus square, who, upon finding his allies, told them of his words. Combining information, the heroes learned of the blood moon in the same amount of time and the relation to the attack it must hold. With Azote’s resurrected army having attacked Sugavus once before, the mages themselves undead beings of seemingly complete sanity, sentience, and mental capacity, the heroes are ever wary, unsure of the circumstances…but they know that now is the time to defend the city from the seemingly incredibly powerful siege of blood. And so the heroes, the Crown Prince, and the natives of Sugavus sharpen their weapons, prepare their defenses, and begin praying for victory…

The siege has been quelled, thanks to the valiance of Acolyte, Roble, Andesine, Kyanite, Pale Beauty, and Arthros. The blood mages retreat, the dancer who stood in their way at the end of the siege gone, run for some new lands...or so the heroes assume. The prince, indebted to the heroes, inform them of his call to help to other lands against the blood mages. With Azote's mad ramblings from the battle ringing within their skulls, the heroes vow to continue to stave the flow of mages until new help arrives...

Though when help does arrive, many secrets will come to light....
The event has already taken place. Thank you to those who participated!
-General server rules apply
-There will be both IC and OOC fight portions. Returning items to mediumcore characters in the event of OOC death will not be prioritized as not to interrupt the flow of IC, however if you lose something important let us know
-In addition to the rule above, please note that if you die OOC [Terraria die], you will not get the Twilight Coin reward mentioned below. You may definitely still continue to participate in the event, however, and you will gain all other rewards.
-Mobility items allowed. Don’t go nuts with them though

Event rewards:

-1 HP Boost, based off class
-10 gold
-Recognition of Heroism
-One Twilight Coin [Light or darkness attack, the user’s choice of ONE. Consumed on use]

Lore & Locations / The World
« on: 16-11-2018 »

This world is that which serves as the canvas for the colours of the stories of everything and everyone. While not necessarily a completed map, this shows the current constraints of the world, as well as the discovered and known countries.
Red circles atop countries mean they have not currently been 'named' yet, or are known to our heroes. They will be filled in as the story goes on.

Ruberi holds the countries of Thetlof, Galdea, Almustadt, and Randor.
Quarnil holds the countries of Zenith, and the Cyan Isles.
Pariden holds the countries of Arcagus and Yirusera.
Cirtaez holds the countries of Incipere, Ainslef, and Ventiera.
The Sapphire Cluster counts as their own continent, though they are considerably smaller than the other four.
More countries are yet being traveled to and popularized, and will be added to the map as time goes on.

[I know we didn't need to do this necessarily but I have a lot of time on my hands and I've wanted to do this for a while, even if I'm trash at drawing landmasses. I apologize for my trash handwriting]

~Character Sheet~
Name: Hayle Cobalt
Basic Description: A rather innovative and well-known engineer who has made some incredible breakthroughs in her craft.

Age: 39
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Desperado [+10 to hit]

Basic: Y
Magic: Somewhat

Legacy Status: Y [veteran]

Weapons: Guns, anything mechanical
Armour: N/A
Items: Anything corresponding to her craft

Weapons: Melee
Armour: Overly heavy or that which obstructs movement
Items: N/A

~Special Equipment~
Mech Suit Helm-A helmet of a mechanical armour suit Hayle herself constructed. While still a prototype, the suit is capable of attacking even if Hayle rarely uses it due to the prototype status. The armour suit folds out from the helm when worn.

Smart. She knows how things work and is the type to take something apart just to put it back together.
Crafty. Her work has taught her many things about resourcefulness, and it aids her in day-to-day life.
Selfless. Beneath her perky, peppy nature is a person who’s not afraid to die for her beliefs or others’.

Unmotivated. Often times, she can get easily dissuaded from any goal she may have, causing her to cease progress for a time, or drop it completely.
Scatterbrained. She’s very forgetful and often focuses on many things at once, causing her to get mixed up on many things.
Non-serious. She is not serious whatsoever, usually finding it difficult to take certain things seriously as well.

Spread Shot [Shotgun] 'Attempt to shoot multiple targets at once.' {ACTIVE}
Disarming Shot [Gunner] 'A specially aimed that can disarm an opponent. -5 to hit.
Focus [ANYONE] '+10 to hit for the next attack. If used twice in a row without attacking, it becomes +20. Unique in that it can be used an unlimited amount of times per battle, but the effect only stacks to +20.' {ACTIVE}
Retaliation [ANYONE] 'When an ally suffers a critical hit, immediately get a free attack on their attacker. Can be used twice per battle. Does not trigger when an ally is counter-attacked.' {REACTIVE}
Trigger Happy [Gunner] 'The user fires their weapon rapidly. +20 to hit, but the user is unable to attack next turn due to having to reload.' {ACTIVE}
Rolling Shot [Pistol/Uzi] 'Evade while shooting.' {COUNTER}

Signature Skill- Energy Flux: The user dons their mechanical suit, flying up and crashing onto the ground with an electrified fist. Inflicts Stun for two turns to those it hits, but has a -5 to hitting. Does not deal damage. [ACTIVE]

[I’ll write it out later]

Rumoured to be running amok within Ventiera is a rogue blood mage, theorized to be responsible for the former King and elder prince’s death. Royalty aside, his attacks are certainly including innocent travelers and the heroes attempting to hunt him down, suspecting ill intentions on his part.  Having drawn blood from many, including travelers en route back to Tuul, and those minding their own business around the various civilizations, he retreats, and so the heroes decide to hunt him down after the dastardly attack on the airship, and desire for revenge of their own. Unsure on where to begin looking, their only hope is that surely, his location is somewhere within Ventiera…?

The madman proposed a game of hide-and-seek. And so the heroes played along.
From Sugavus Castle to the Hunter's Guild of Sorias, they tracked him. The team of Crys, Pale Beauty, Raltz, Andesine, Kyanite, Arthros, Acolyte, and the Crown Prince of Sugavus, Katki, chased Azote all across Ventiera. Learning of his involvement in many of the problems around Ventiera, such as the crimson wall of ice and the murder of the Royal Family. the heroes resolved to do what they could to cease his deeds.
And yet, when confronted with the opportunity to strike the final blow, the heroes hesitated. And yet Andesine's blade of justice, supported by her brother, plunged through the madman's chest, robbing him of his life where he stood.
Yet with the Crown Prince pleased and Ventiera seemingly at peace, what else could be in store for our dear travelers?
The event has already taken place. Thank you to those who participated!
*This event will take the party across the map in nearly its entirety. Please ensure you have some kind of mobility boots so you are not slowing the party down. If you do not have any for some reason, inform a mod so they may give you some.*
-General server rules apply
-ABSOLUTELY NO going ahead of the party
-ABSOLUTELY NO party splits. Stay together.

-10 gold
-1 HP Boost, based off class
-Recognition of Heroism
-1 Mask Shard [if the user is injured, this allows them to succeed a stealth roll automatically if used]

~Character Sheet~
Name: Roc Aerbane
Basic Description: A child thief who ran away from home wanting more out of the world than he was getting. Is invisible to those who he cannot see.

Age: 11
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Rogue

Basic: Y
Magic: N

Legacy Status: N

Weapons: Whips
Armour: N/A
Items: Lockpicks

Weapons: Heavy melee weapons like axes or hammers
Armour: Heavy stuff
Items: N/A

~Special Equipment~
Blade Boots: Made out of charity by a stranger to Roc, these boots have hidden blades built into the tips of the feet. He’s still learning to use them, but it’s a sneaky way of fighting anyway.

Invisibilty. Can go invisible to those not in his line of vision, which aids in stealth and swift getaways. [This includes closing his eyes, but does not include unconsciousness or sleeping]
Small. Can go places most others can’t go, due to being smaller than adult characters.
“Cute”. His 11-year old ‘innocence’ can get him out of situations rarely or let him lie easier. [+10 to any lying rolls]

Foul-mannered. He’s the very definition of ‘bratty 11-year-old’, and can often get others angered towards him because of it.
Lonely. His invisibility curse comes with a cost, as he often feels too lonely and unable to speak to others, between his thievery and his lack of visibility.
Troublesome. He’s annoying towards those he steals from, and doesn’t learn his lesson when he’s caught.
Child. He hasn’t seen much of the world and doesn’t know much about how the world works.

Sleight of Hand [Rogue] '+10 to thievery rolls, and similar rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Flee [Rogue] 'Escape from battle without difficulty. Does not require a roll.' {ACTIVE}
Stealth [Rogue] '+10 to sneak/hide rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Dodge [ANYONE] '+5 to dodge rolls. Becomes +10 for melee attacks if the character is a speedy class such as Rogue.' {PASSIVE}
Sneak Attack [Rogue] '+15 to attack on an unaware target. Becomes -5 if the target has Instinct.' {ACTIVE}

~Sync Skills~
Smoke Strike: The mage conjures smoke, giving the rogue a chance for a sneak attack. (Rogue only. +20) [With Drake Aerbane]
Whirling Kick Blade: Roc attaches himself to a flying Drake with his whip, and rapidly spins around with his knife boots. Behaves like Quick-Strike and Stuns Roc for one turn after its use. (Roc only.) [With Drake Aerbane]
Roc is the son of The Black Raven, a famed thief for her role in the Puppetmaster War alongside her brother. Having grown up surrounded by thieves, it was only fitting Roc would have wanted to be a great thief as well. Looking up to the leader of said guild, Roc trained and worked his hardest. But no matter what he did, it wasn’t enough to satiate his want for a dastardly heist. The guild’s policy of honourable thievery didn’t sit right with young Roc, and so he ran away at 10 years old to experience the world for himself. Naturally, a small child such as himself ran into many problems, especially with his added invisibility…attribute. None know truly why no one can see him if he doesn’t see them, not even Roc himself, but he uses it for his own little brand of evil rather than good.
And now that he’s found his uncle in Ventiera, maybe he will use it for good.

I think I requested it right? I'm sorry for the trouble haha thank you in advance

Events & Storyline / Token System
« on: 19-10-2018 »
Tokens are represented ingame by crystal shards. They’re hidden all over the world, and you can exchange them with the treasure hunter in Sorias [OOC, a moderator] for both IC and OOC perks.

We’re putting tokens everywhere. Think of this a bit like the Korok sidequest from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, except there’s not 900 of them. If you get enough tokens, you’ll be able to trade for the following useful rewards:
-1 HP Boost. Costs 1 token.
-1 Legacy Point. Costs 1 token.
-A previous event-specific IC item reward.* Costs 2 tokens.
-Ability to re-enter a past event area for two minutes to find unclaimed treasure. Costs 3 tokens.
-One Battle Pass. Costs 8 tokens.
-One Dream Card. Costs 8 tokens.
-Ability to automatically take the Legacy Trial if you have not done so already. Costs 10 tokens.
-Memory wipe, aka a class change to a base class, free of penalty. You may immediately take the Legacy trial again for your new class if you have taken the trial for your previous class. Costs 15 tokens.
-Tutoring.You can learn a new skill from any class, not just your own, either adding it to your skill list or replacing an old skill if you already have the max amount permitted. It must make sense for your character to learn, as well [for example, if your character uses solely guns, they cannot make use of Quick-Strike in this manner]. Costs 15 tokens.

Kindly refrain from utilizing these shards to craft anything. At all. We have a semi-limited number and if everyone goes around making Crystal Storms, you might lose out on rewards.
If you do not choose to turn in your tokens for any rewards listed here, and find them useless to your character, PLEASE TURN THEM IN REGARDLESS. If you want none of the rewards here, that’s fine, but we would like them turned in anyway. Why? Reasons~

(*-These rewards do not include special rewards gained via tournaments)

There are currently 42 token(s) turned in.

Lore & Locations / War of Blood and Water
« on: 19-10-2018 »
The sentinels of the sea lived deep beneath the waves, over a century ago. They were skilled in water magic, and aspired to create a way to help the mortals above the waves. Combining the purest water magic, and holy light magic, the water elementals of the past created Vesi Elyvetta, a magical water that could heal any wound. They stored this water in a fountain, an unlimited source of healing, for all.

Word of this reached a clan of blood mages, a group obsessed with spreading their dark ideals and overtaking those who shunned them for using forbidden magic. Their leader investigated, and discovered the temple where the Vesi was kept. With evil intents, he began an assault on the palace.

The water elementals fought back against the blood mages for days on end. The casualties were great on both sides. The sea became crimson red with the blood spilled both by death, and by the blood magic. It became selfish, unbountiful. The mortals on the surface found their fishing to hold only bones, found their boats destroyed, their fisherman drowned. The war continued until only two remained- the leader of the blood mages, and a lone guardian of the water elementals. Desperate and injured, the guardian took a final measure-he flooded the temple briefly to cast the blood mage out, and sealed the path to the temple from all. The blood mage, weak and outraged over the loss of his allies, fled. None know where he went, but some say he lives yet. The sea returned to normal over a long seven years, and the war of blood and water has become like the temple that yet exists-sunk, beneath the waves, forgotten by all on the surface.

~Character Sheet~
Name: Andesine Geminus
Description: A young girl well-versed in swift swordsplay, twin sister to Kyanite Geminus.

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Feyori
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Drifter [warrior/rogue]

Basic: Y
Arcane: N

Legacy Status: N

Weapons: Swords, any light weapons
Armour: Light armour, fortified coats
Items: N/A

Weapons: Anything magic
Armour: N/A
Items: N/A

~Special Equipment~
Amethyst Scarf: A blue scarf, matching her brother’s red one. A symbol of their relations as kin.

Heroic. She idolizes major heroes, adopting their tendencies to help and save others.
Prodigy. She is often incredibly mature for her age, and is very skilled at what she does.
Hard-working. She often accomplishes her goals, no matter what their costs may be.

Condescending. Often treats others like lesser beings without realizing it herself.
Shell of herself. Due to idolizing and making herself after heroes of the past, she is often simply a shell of herself, and not her own personality.
Stern. Often much too stern, which can intimidate some and make her out to be an unlikable person.
Clouded judgment. Often, her adopted sense of heroism leads her astray from what is truly important to her.
Magically inept. Barely understands how magic even works, and is unable to use anything magical as a result.

Improved Critical [Warrior/Rogue] 'Makes it so rolling 40 above the losing roll grants a crit rather than 50 above.' {PASSIVE}
Sneak Attack [Rogue] '+15 to attack on an unaware target. Becomes -5 if the target has Instinct.' {ACTIVE}
Legend [Excalibur/True Excalibur] 'Summon energy swords from above to strike the target. +10 to hit. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Dash [Rogue] 'Move swiftly and suddenly.' {ACTIVE}
Quick-Strike [Sword] 'Rush forward and slash twice in succession. Roll individually for each hit. Becomes four hits if dual-wielding swords, and three if one sword and a different weapon in the offhand.' {ACTIVE}

~Sync Skills~
Pincer: The rogue attacks from behind while the warrior strikes from the front. (Sum. Rogue gets +5) [With Kyanite Geminus]
Promise of Protection ~ When fighting together, Kyanite gains +5 to all attacking rolls, and Andesine gains +5 to all defending rolls. [Unique] [With Kyanite Geminus] [Passive]

[Nothing here yet…]

Ventiera, a tribute to land and sky itself. Colourful denizens reside within this land, and it offers many sights for travelers to behold.

It has been twenty years since the events of the Puppetmaster War of Almustadt. Travelers abound all over the earth, fearing not godly evils or demonic terrors. A few of these travelers head for Ventiera, yet they have no premonition of what will unfold…They find their ship attacked and sunken, by a mysterious unknown force. The passengers upon the ship wash up on the beaches of Ventiera’s port town, Valtameri. What these travelers don’t realize is that this is a prelude to many battles ahead, many struggles…many lost, yet many found. Determined to regroup and reclaim their ideas of adventure, the travelers begin to wander the land…

This is a story, forged by our own hands. Welcome to Ventiera.

And so the heroes met. Orcanos. Kuvuna. Feru. Kyanite. Andesine. These were the names of the new arrivals on Ventiera, though having made it safely to Ventiera nonetheless: they have been given a quest by an ancient construct of water: to seek information on the rogue blood mage leader.
And having met the one he seeks, who goes by the name of Azote, the heroes become wary not only of the sadistic cultist's threats,  but also of the circulating rumours around Sugavus...
The event has already taken place. Thank you to those who participated!
*Please note, this is a tutorial-type event for new players or old players needing a refresh on IC mechanics and/or battle mechanics*
-General server rules apply
-Mobility items are allowed. There will be no definite event area.
-Please try not to run off prematurely, you are given free rein of the Ventiera map for the most part, but if something seems early to be doing, try not to do it. When in doubt, please ask Ches or Cross.

Event Rewards:
-10 gold
-1 HP Boost, based off class


~Character Sheet~
Name: Sage Apteka [and Amour]
Basic Description: An outgoing Lepid apothecary who is considered quite the anomaly among his kind. His partner is a fruit bat named Amour.

Age: 10 [about 34 in Lepid years]
Gender: Male
Race: Lepid
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Freelancer

Basic: Y
Magic: N

Legacy Status: N

Weapons: N/A
Armour: N/A
Items: Anything related to his craft, such as medicine-making tools

Weapons: All of them
Armour: All of it, save for maybe enhanced fabric or something
Items: Nothing heavy or fire-enchanted

Healer. Despite not being versed in cleric magic, he’s still able to heal those in need using his medicinal knowledge and prowess.
Trusting. He rarely ever jumps to conclusions, and takes time to learn people’s true intents rather than judging every book by its cover.
Knowledgeable. Years of studying medicine and other such topics have made him quite wise to the world and not simply his craft.

Weak. He is unable to lift anything heavy or do many things that require strength.
Passive. He does not fight, usually resorting to his wings or relying on Amour to solve issues of combat, which can lead to him getting into rather bad situations should his enemy follow him. In verbal situations he tends to back down very easily as well.
Outcast. His kind tends to shun him, which doesn’t impact his emotional state overly much, but he gets rather upset about it at times.

Judge of Character [Freelancer]: Can tell the basic alignment of a character just by looking [only if they’re Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic, and not if they’re true Neutral, Good, or Evil] {PASSIVE}
Emergency Counter [Freelancer]: If Flee is exhausted/unlisted and a roll to escape fails, your foe’s next attack on you will fail. {REACTIVE}
Support [Freelancer]: Give up your turn to provide two actions to an ally on their following turn. {ACTIVE}
Keen Senses [Freelancer]: +10 to listening rolls [such as overhearing people] and sight rolls. {PASSIVE}
Traverse [Ranger/Gunner/Freelancer] 'Move easily in rough terrain. Cannot be Slowed.' {PASSIVE}

Even as a young Lepid, Sage often explored topics that his fellow Lepids found forbidden or silly to invest time in. Their race was a very stuck-up and cautious one, yet Sage was different. He was idealistic, friendly, and usually rather reckless in the eyes of his peers. As a child, one day Sage had snuck out of his village, where he came across a small fruit bat with an injured wing. He decided to help the poor creature, and so he did. He hid this bat from everyone, as bats were often killed if they entered the village, as to protect the children of the village. He slowly nursed it back to health over months and months, until finally it was fully better and ready to return to the wild. When Sage snuck the bat back out to set it free, the bat remained. When Sage turned to leave, it perched on his shoulder. Sage found this interesting, and was happy he had finally made a friend. He named him Amour, and the two have been inseparable since.

In-Character / Drake Aerbane, Broken Fiend
« on: 30-09-2018 »
~Character Sheet~
Name: Draconis Aerbane [introduces self as Drake]
Basic Description: A son of a demon hunter, turned Fiend by odd events of his past.

Age: 57
Gender: Male
Race: Fiend
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Spellblade [mage/warrior]

Basic: Y
Arcane: Y
Demonspeak: Limited

Legacy Status: Y [veteran]

Weapons: Anything he can use to tap into darkness with
Armour: Light or medium armour such as chainmail
Items: N/A

Weapons: Any light-based weapons, or two-handed weapons
Armour: Anything heavy that restricts flight
Items: Anything holy or that which requires two hands to utilize

~Special Equipment~
Scarlet Seal: A necklace Drake always keeps on to maintain his rampant Fiend powers. If one were to remove it….well….
Aero Hammer: An incredibly light warhammer, able to be used with only one hand. Light but powerful when swung hard enough

Gift of flight. His Fiend curse is a blessing in some senses and this includes the wings he gained as well, to soar the skies.
Compassionate. Seeing as he’s been through many a hardship, he often knows how others feel and attempt to alleviate the pain for them.
Nostalgic. Nothing gets him out of a depressive rut better than seeing old friends from the past. Usually tends to cheer him up indefinetly.

Depressed. Due to his hardships and pain in losing himself, he’s often sullen and depressed, sometimes even to the point of unfriendliness or anger.
Unstable. His Fiend powers are still new to him, and if left unchecked, he can enter a terrible animalistic rage of which he cannot control.
Traumatized. His past and depressive state contribute to a state of warlike trauma. His mind is damaged.
One-handed. In battle, Drake had his hand tore off, and so he has had to live with only one hand. As such, he cannot grab most things properly.
Outcast. Be it being shunned due to his appearance, or fear of it occurring, he often keeps to himself and doesn’t appreciate most company.

Power Smash [Axe/Hammer] 'An attack with low accuracy, but high power.' (-10 to hit) {ACTIVE}
Improved Critical [Warrior/Rogue] 'Makes it so rolling 40 above the losing roll grants a crit rather than 50 above.' {PASSIVE}
Gale [Wind Magic, Flying Knife] 'Knocks back.' {ACTIVE}
Focus [ANYONE] '+10 to hit for the next attack. If used twice in a row without attacking, it becomes +20. Unique in that it can be used an unlimited amount of times per battle.' {ACTIVE}
Weapon Enchant [Mage] 'Temporarily enchant a weapon with a specific element.' {ACTIVE}

Signature Skill: Overflow-The user rips his necklace from his neck, giving him a +20 to attacks for the rest of the battle, but goes completely berserk and sees all as foe, and suffers -25 to defense. Can no longer utilize skills for the remainder of the battle. [Basically a mega-Berserk mixed with confusion]

~Sync Skills~
Wild Element: Imbue the summoner’s familiar with an element specific to what it relates to [wind for flying familiars, water for aquatic familiars, etc] (No roll) [With Crys Henbane]
Smoke Strike: The mage conjures smoke, giving the rogue a chance for a sneak attack. (Rogue only. +20) [With Roc Aerbane]
Whirling Kick Blade: Roc attaches himself to a flying Drake with his whip, and rapidly spins around with his knife boots. Behaves like Quick-Strike and Stuns Roc for one turn after its use. (Roc only.) [With Roc Aerbane]

Drake was not originally of the Fiend race. He was a normal human once, living with his father and his younger sister in relative peace. His father was a demon hunter, and was training Drake to be the same way. One demon in particular caught his father’s eye, and this was a female demon who specialized in tricky magic to terrify and then brutally kill her enemies. He left the siblings in their home, as he had done a thousand times before, to go hunt this fearsome demon and slay her, yet this time, he didn’t return when he said he would. He never returned. Drake, fearing the worst, grabbed one of his father’s blades he had been trying so hard to learn how to wield, and set off to see what had become of his father. He reached the cave the demon was said to make her home in, scouting the perimeter.
But he was mistaken in doing so, for as he looked away, the demon grabbed him by the throat and dragged him into her cave, where she sent him into a coma-like state and sealed him in a crystal. It would be ten years before he would awaken, saved by his younger sister and heroes from the continent the demon made her home from, fighting the war upon it. But when he awakened, his human form had left him. He was what his father hated, what his father wanted to kill, and what he was supposed to be soon to kill too.
He was now a demon himself, a Fiend, and there was no going back to a normal life for Drake any longer.

In-Character / LEGACY STATUS
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LEGACY STATUS is something any character can attain after reaching specific qualifications. While it doesn't affect too much, it does give a character the ability to upgrade their class, and by extent access to a sixth regular skill, and they may create their own Signature Skill.
Legacy Status can only be granted by completing a special trial in the Crypt of Champions, hosted by a moderator. The trial is unlocked based on a hidden point system calculated by a moderator. After reaching enough points, the character will be notified that they are now ready to take a Legacy Trial.
Points can be gained in various amounts by doing various things, such as...
~Taking part in events. [known as Recognition of Heroism IC and given unless otherwise stated]
~Emerging victorious in a fight. (outside of events)
~Simply participating in IC sessions.
Please keep in mind that points are tied to a specific character, not the player. Should one have multiple characters, if one reaches Legacy Status, only that one will and not the other(s).
Also keep in mind that while points are harder to count if no moderator is online while they are earned, it is not impossible.
(PS. Please don't ask how many points you have at a given time. You will know when the trial is unlocked).
{NOTE FOR VETERANS: If you have a character returning from Safehaven, Almustadt, or even the maps from before, that character is automatically of Legacy Status, and this goes for future maps as well.}

Lore & Locations / Ventiera Traveler's Guide
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Ventiera: A Traveler’s Guide
Ventiera is a prosperous continent with the two main cities being Sugavus and Tuul. Together, they provide a location for travelers and natives alike to come together and share stories, rest, and prepare for journeys elsewhere.
A small port town where ships full of cargo and eager explorers often dock. Legends passed down in this old town speak of a sunken temple deep beneath the waves where an ancient guardian rests. No such thing has been found as of late. Valtameri is the gateway to Ventiera, and it certainly shows with extravagant inn facilities such as the ones they proudly possess. Just outside of Valtameri lies the Champion’s Crypt, an undeciphered temple discovered years ago. People say they’ve heard whispers as they approach the temple-some theorize it to be a vengeful spirit, or simply a children’s prank.
A small village located in the jungle, Sorias is often considered the gateway to Mount Luxia, the symbol of the continent. A rest stop for those daring enough to challenge the great mountain, those who reside in Sorias are often excellent healers, and they ensure a welcome and restful stay before the grueling challenge ahead for brave explorers. The populace is made up of a strange yet relatively friendly race called Lepids. Gentle yet passionate, albeit a slight bit cold to strangers, these moth-people are a welcome sight to see nonetheless after a long trip to Sorias.
The capital of Ventiera, Sugavus is a bustling city with many sights, located in a deep valley. The city has friendly locals willing to aid the common traveler, and this includes the royal family, often seen out in public with their citizens. Facilities include a smithy, general store and vault, for any adventurer seeking glory in this land. The airship docks provide a way to Tuul, the city in the sky, and Sugavus’ partner settlement. The fountain that lies in the center of the sprawling valley is a monument of the two cities’ friendship, and some rumors state it even allows those trusted by the High Mage to travel to Tuul instantly. Sugavus is a city highly recommended for visiting, for both the common traveler and daring adventurer alike.
A city of great technological advancement, Tuul floats high up in the sky, above the ground. The populace here is made up of mostly mages and scholars. To reach Tuul, one must travel by airship from Sugavus. The Tuulians have lent the Sugavians much of their knowledge, and the great sword statue that lies within Tuul is a symbol of their partnership. The grand library holds many books on many subjects, and is the prime location to study any number of subjects.
A great mountain with a peak reaching higher than even the floating city of Tuul, Luxia is a terribly tough challenge that many an explorer has died to while trying to reach the top. Some tell legends of a great blade enshrined at the top, though no one has made the trip successfully except for the royalty of Sugavus. A ritual is performed for the crowning of every new ruler at the top of the mountain, and none are allowed to share what they have seen upon the peak. Be it a fool’s trap or an adventurer’s glory, Luxia is nonetheless an important part of Ventiera’s history.

General Discussion / Little Update
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With Almustadt coming to a close, I’d like to take the opportunity to say a few things.
First off, huge, HUGE thanks to VonXeno for creating and running the map of Almustadt. It was a wonderful and interesting map and story, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed it a lot.
Second, before we move onto bigger stories, we’ll be doing an intermission map hosted and made by Cross, who will be co-leading the main story map after the intermission. It should be simply a singular long event, however, so check the event posts section for that!
After that, we will have a new map incoming in a couple of weeks! I’m sure most of you have heard about Cross and I’s new map and story of Ventiera. It’ll take a while for all to be prepared, but we anticipate a fast, strong start!
If you can, please spread the word about Ventiera to people you think would enjoy the map! All advertisements are insanely appreciated.
Third, we’ll be revamping and adding a lot of posts, to keep info up to date, so please check all of those if you can. This includes brand-new lore posts for Ventiera to give you all a taste of what’s to come.
And if you need to set up new characters or any such manner, feel free to! The map should be up shortly after we’re all finished with Almustadt’s map itself. As for official launch date, please keep checking the events board for the starting prologue event’s post! It should go up about less than a week before the launch date AKA event date.
Thanks all for your interest and support, and until the next journey, take care!

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In addition, characters may be of the Freelancer class.
This class is a slightly different type of class with slightly different rules than the others.
In essence, it is a class for characters who are either unskilled in, or completely unable to perform combat. These characters could focus on an artisanal craft rather than knighthood, or perhaps are simply travelers without combat training and little more than a dagger to defend themselves with, because not everyone’s a born fighter in this world.

Freelancers may pick from skills, as usual, but they get their own pool of skills as well as access to the Rogue skill Flee and the Gunner/Ranger skill Traverse. If they are unskilled in combat yet have one weapon to defend themselves with, they may pick the weapon skill corresponding to it. All attempted combat rolls for a Freelancer are saddled with a -10 to roll, however.

Freelancers may still ascend/gain Legacy Status, however it works a little differently. Once Legacy Status is attained, their -10 to combat rolls will be removed and they may either stay as a Freelancer, becoming a Freelancer+, or move up to a base combat class such as Rogue or Mage, requiring another Legacy Trial to further ascend their new class.
You may get a signature skill as a Freelancer+, however it comes with the following restrictions:
       -You must clear the Legacy Trial/Ascend, like all others.
       -You are limited in what you may do with your signature. It is in most cases not permitted to be combat-related,
        rather something related to what your character does.
       -If you choose to pursue a base combat class instead of remaining as Freelancer+, you may not get a signature
         skill or a sixth skill. Freelancer+ classes do not get a sixth skill slot either.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to be of the Freelancer class to start out, or even in general, as this causes you to lose out on most combat IC, which is a large driving force of the experience. However, if you would like to make a character that requires this class, please feel free to choose Freelancer.

Grand Archive / Chapter 16: Staving Growth
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Zieldael is the only remaining alive member of the former-known Puppetmaster's Coven. Her twisted visions have brought on the Darkseeds, members of the hero ranks turned demon, and the revival of an ancient tree, twisted in her insane image. Being as such, the heroes decide to make one final raid on her base, the Elya Tree, to finish her off. Previous attempts have failed, but armed with further knowledge against their foe, the heroes are certain they will end Zieldael and her mad ideas of power once and for all. And so they enter the twisted monstrosity for the final time...
The deed is done. The demon Zieldael has finally been felled, the Elya tree back in its seed-at the cost of the King of Almustadt's life to escape the collapsing tree. Drake Aerbane, leader of the raids on the tree, has left Almustadt for good, no longer feeling welcome, which leaves his sister in despair despite their victory...
And with the three mages felled, what is next for the heroes?
The event has already taken place. Thank you to those who participated!

-General server rules apply
-Mobility items are strictly prohibited
-No rushing ahead of the party

Event Rewards:
-15 gold
-1 HP Boost, based on class
-A class emblem, given based on your character's class

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