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Media / Ace - Futureland
« on: 03-09-2018 »
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ragolution is great at running servers --

-- into the ground lmao

Anime / Lupin the III: Part V
« on: 09-05-2018 »
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Music / Asia - Only Time Will Tell
« on: 16-03-2018 »
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Media / HGN Ambient Music
« on: 12-02-2018 »
Don't ask. just listen<a href=";autoplay=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;autoplay=1</a>

Music / Tom Petty - Learning To Fly
« on: 03-10-2017 »
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Well some say life, will beat you down; Break your heart, steal your crown
So I've started out, for God knows where; I guess I'll know, when I get there

Music / Miami Nights 1984 - Accelerated
« on: 17-08-2017 »
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Music / Wankers
« on: 10-08-2017 »
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You know who you are.

Before anyone freaks out, I'm not leaving.

Multiple reasons have come up for me doing this, mainly my 40 hours a week work schedule, unable to have an internet connection due to travel, some private matters, and the fact I've yet to beat the game myself. So until better things come along, I'm leaving Von in charge. He will be able to change the server to his liking if he wishes (since the forced PVP/mediumcore is a pain) and create the setting he wishes. I have faith that he'll make a badass server.

Have fun, advertise, meet new players, and make new friends. Can't wait to see what I've missed.

This has been a discussion a long time coming, but especially after these past few months it seems to be a good time to bring it up.

Terraria and Otherworld

HGN as a whole could use a bit more variety in the way of servers and games, but that's a different matter entirely. The main one I want to focus on here is the transition into Terarria: Otherworld (Whenever it actually gets released). I know that some people will always prefer the original Terraria, while others will want to move into the next generation of the game.

That being said, If and When T:O comes out; Two Administrative teams will be drawn up solely based on their time on server, dependability, and availability. Any of those who do not wish to transition into T:O will be asked if they wish to remain as part of the original Terraria admin team. And so when the time comes, Applications for both teams will be opened and reviewed. So I would like to express something to all players, former and current administrators, and the like... Yes, even Abby Stone.

Thank you for being a part of both HGN and our server.

Previous Bans

When the administrative teams are cast, all previous bans will be rendered obsolete unless they are on this list. These bans will remain in effect until further notice. these banned players/users are: [currently unlisted for the time being. former and current bans will be researched and more than likely turned into the global banlist depending on severity.]

Plans and Ideas for the Terraria Server
I've done this a few times, with many ideas that have been hit and miss. but I keep experimenting, hopefully finding the right combination for the server. (INB4 we do the god thing again)

Current Ideas in mind:
High Difficulty Level/Forced PVP or Classic play
EXP Plugin (should Tshock ever get updated)
Levels/Equipment restrictions
Trying to attempt a different building style/2.5D Architectural buildings -like so-
New Server name and Map
Eventual RPG Plugin

Terraria Otherworld Ideas
Honestly, with what little we still all know about Otherworld, it's all up in the air. this list will most likely be blank until we get a good grasp on things first. but the basics are:

Exploring the world and mechanics
Testing out Building styles
Documenting Armors, weapons, enemies, bosses, NPC's and Biomes
General Server Planning

Legendary Players
Should Tshock be updated, A new group will be made with a specialized prefix. The people in this group will notably be retired admins, former players of special note, and the like. While not being mods, these people should be treated with the same respect as the administrative team.

In Conclusion
Over the past Five years, I've seen both players and admins come and go; as well as servers and ideas. However, this server would not have lasted as long as it did without those who were truly and ultimately dedicated to it and the site it was hosted on. Through all the ups and downs, distractions, screw-ups, and gods know what else; it was people like you that kept it all going. And hopefully will continue to breathe life not only into this server, but other servers that will hopefully spring up in the near future.

Thank You


thank my weird but oddly amazing friend twitchtail on twitch for letting me know about this. Might as well jump on it, because I have no idea how long this is gonna be free.

Title says it all. The most recent update I have is two months old, and a lot has changed in the past two months.

I really hope that I have a more recent update lying about somewhere, because THIS SUCKS.

All the characters and their inventories should be fine. as well as Piggy banks and Safes. But the map has been blown back to the beginning of September.

-Upgrades to town no longer exist
-Forest no longer exists
-shrine is back on the west coast
-old guild is back on east coast
-Stardust lounge reset back to granite
-lots of other annoying little things.

I'm really hoping that there's a more recent map file laying about. If not...
-TEDIT like mad
-build/replace/destroy a lot of stuff
-We say fuck it and start over again with a new map.


General Discussion / Safehaven Poll
« on: 20-10-2016 »
On a thought, I know that Safehaven is missing something. Not sure what it is, but I'm hoping people will put in a bit of input here.

Changing the Difficulty
Changing it from Mediumcore to Softcore
Remodeling areas/making terrain easier to travel.

I would like to hear feedback from players.


Quite literally, I have seen everything in Terraria. but this was new.

Now in glorious 1080p!
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

General Discussion / While the Server's down
« on: 19-09-2016 »
Hosting two servers off of my backup PC. sure, they're not as nice as Silver's CS servers; but they do well enough in a pinch. Tshock may take a good while to update, and I wanted people to have something fun to do. Same rules apply on my private servers as they normally apply. Hope you all have a lot of fun!

Please PM me for the password.

IP Addresses: (normal/non-HM) (expert/HM)

General Discussion / Old Servers
« on: 12-09-2016 »
Gonna upload some old servers here for the enjoyment of both old and new players.
If I can find the beginning worlds, I will post them here as well.

Caphori Eternal: ??? (Possibly on broken laptop)

(No Original)!Y4lBVT5Z!KWTz79b0Kekyhcd3P1EDB4Ba4pg8sOE8n9ejcCm2NfU

Iseyu:!4xsn2TRS!tlFjmcT8wMDkylZYQf-DP9GxU93RcShlLA8Ogafcp2U (original)!khUwkbqZ!QYa4YEcI35hD62ZAESsjhY5vsLZ9QteS0MMCHO5xsTE (end of server)

(also doubt an original)!lgsVQAiT!7IDwWkXprYTmNDYiT1RmBsmckpaXF-vBHn5lOY-Ms-s (end of server)

Safehaven:!U6IDVJRQ!PkaTaJVyggRmA3fKm4rTCgcIzaWXi0WmbOg5Vp9_JKY (end of server)


Wall of Immortality / Graham, the Mystery
« on: 17-08-2016 »

Race: Human
Hometown: Laguerra
Alignment:Chaotic Good


A rather old looking man with a hint of youth in him still, he has aged rather gracefully.
---Skin Type:Pale
---Hair Color:Light Brown and Silver
---Eye Color:Green
---Base Clothing:
~Graham's clothes: A black suit with a red tie, with a black overcoat


Basic Literacy: Fluent
Archaic Literacy: Moderate
Magic Literacy:Moderate


Weapons: Guns of any type
Misc.:Explosives, Grenades, and a Knife.

Weapons: Anything that is too heavy for him, such as massive swords; Magic
Armor:Prefers lightweight armor, usually in the form of scales, ringmail, or padding
Misc.:Anything he deems an annoyance

Behavioral Notes:
A very calm, rational man who has years of experience in dealing with things. Despite being a bit of an Enigma, he chooses to maintain a peaceful, yet seemingly neutral look on things. Tends to avoid conflict when possible.

Special Equipment
*Legendary Guns : Graham likes to tinker with his weaponry, and is prone to having them carved, decorated, or gilded.
Endless Musket Pouch : Graham prefers crafting his own ammunition...


Notable Traits

=============={ Passive Traits }================================================================

-Hurt : This character has been deeply hurt by his past, and it shows.
-Alone : This character feels lonely a majority of the time.

=============={ Personality Traits }==============================================================

-Wise : Time has taught him many valuable lessons, which he passes down to those who would listen.
-Kind Heart : He enjoys helping others when he can, despite his past.
-Reclusive : He rarely exits his study, and when he does he is usually at the bar.

=============={ Developed Traits }==============================================================

-Dexterous : His age hasn't slowed him down at all.

~ Biography ~ (temporarily on hold)

                                                                                      *Chapter Title*

*Chapter story*


"Blah blah blah"

Theme Music:



Sometimes, you can't beat the classics. Take the modern everyday human for example. Hardy, clever, and persistent; Humans are a force to be reckoned with, and are usually only restricted by their own morals.
None, unless they decide something is immoral or beneath them. they can train themselves to be strong, wise, or even agile... all depending on where they grow up and what they do. Quite a unique racial trait.


Quite literally "Deer Elves". Graceful, but rather friendlier than expected... Despite most of them being easy to scare. They run fairly fast, prefer nature over technology, and have a bit of a distaste for fire and axes.
Restrictions: Natural weapons and magicks suit them best, as well as plant harvesting and potion-making. They can use light weaponry and throwing items; as long as it doesn't mess up their dexterity and agility.

None of these fit you? Want to suggest a race? Well, we'll be adding more races soon. (and have a Race suggestion thread too, so keep your eyes peeled.

A Short History of Safehaven
A useful guide to survive all that may befall you in your travels
Welcome, travelers! And hopefully new and longtime residents of this great, but currently small town.
No doubt you have many questions, and this guide -should- keep you alive longer than the people who think that they can survive without it.

The Town of Safehaven
The town itself was founded about 20 years ago by a man known only as Graham. Despite having lost his wife and caring for his newborn son, he was able to build a lasting foundation for the town. During the years that followed, people begin to join the town... both good and bad. Within the first decade of the town's prosperous growth, Crime began to gradually rise within the town's walls. Eventually, Graham's son was kidnapped and held for ransom.

After his rescue, Graham assembled a loose crew of hardened fighters, warriors, and assassins... and thus the Enforcers were born. After a few large fights between the Enforcers and the criminal elements of Safehaven, the town became much safer. Any criminal who stayed in town was either incarcerated, driven out of town, or was executed on the spot. Not long afterwards, Graham became fairly reclusive and his son disappeared completely. But the town continued to grow...

The Good
The Enforcers differ from person to person. Some are born from high society, and value justice. Others are from slums or have traveled the countryside, finding themselves robbed at the tip of a blade, and join on the grounds of vengeance. And although rare, sometimes a former criminal will have a change of heart and wish to repent for his misdeeds, eventually gaining employ within the Enforcers. So be mindful of the law.

Sometimes, those with coin or good could always use a helping hand... the foolish adventurer will hire anyone to protect them during their travels, only to either be robbed blind, stabbed in the back, or sold into servitude. The smarter traveler, however; will seek to hire a Mercenary from the guild. The town's mercenaries also serve as the town's militia, as well as back up the Enforcers should things go wrong.

The Bad
Master Criminals
Every now and then, you will hear rumors of a Criminal who got lucky... Evading capture and getting so big, their bounties get ridiculously high. Those who get a high enough bounty (Or in the rare case, killing an Enforcer) are known as Master Criminals... If you value your life, run like hell if you think you see one. If you can't run, give them anything they want... and pray you survive the encounter.

Cutthroats, Bandits, and Thieves
Despite the Enforcers keeping law and order within the town, the former criminal elements of the town turned to such tactics such as robbery, murder, and slavery... among many other distasteful ideals. While the Enforcers will sometimes go out and hunt for those who think they can escape the harsh justice of Safehaven's Laws, sometimes Mercenaries will go and bring back these villains for rewards; whether they're dead or alive when they haul them in.

The Ugly
Those lucky enough to survive an encounter with any criminal elements and are able to walk away with their lives are lucky indeed... But sometimes, there are those that aren't so lucky. Those unlucky souls are usually kept in captivity... or sold off to others as "Indentured Servants". Pretty much a more polite term than Slave, but it's still the same thing no matter how nice you try to make it sound.

If I really have to explain this, even this guide won't save you. But it is what it is, and if you're not reading this; you're either skipping this part, dead, or didn't feel like grabbing this guide off the shelf in the local store. Despite having some decent medical care, chances are you will die. But don't worry... maybe you're only bleeding out and unconscious. If you wake up wrapped in bandages, consider yourself lucky. You've earned it.

An Afterword
We truly do hope that you find all that you've read in this handy, dandy guide to have helped you in your travels, and that you're not rotting in some ditch alongside the road being picked apart by vultures. Or with chains around your wrists and about to be sold into a long, grueling life of hardship. Or in a medical bed with several fractures, multiple lacerations, and a missing limb. Or bound, gagged, blindfolded, stripped of all your gear and waiting for  ...Erm, never mind that last bit.

Enjoy your time in Safehaven. Or die trying!*

*Please do not die trying to enjoy yourself.

The password has been changed, and will not be posted on the Iseyu group until a few rogue elements have been removed.

On a brighter note, our official deadline is the 14th. but in truth, I would like to open within the week. Only two buildings need to be done, and I am currently considering what to do with someone's abandoned project.

Thirdly, I will announce that we will be doing a closed beta (for old returning players.) Is time to party. Not only are we celebrating 5 years of Terraria, we will also be celebrating 5 years of Terraria servers on HGN.

So let's party!

Grand Archive / Locations of Safehaven
« on: 18-07-2016 »
Town of Safehaven

Grahams's Manor

Graham's Manor is where Safehaven was originally conceived. It serves as a Town Hall, a Court, a Dueling ground, and several other uses.

Mercenary Guild/Watchtower

The Mercenary Guild is the place to hire a traveling companion, and also serves as the main entrance to the town and a watchtower to keep watch for any threats.

Item Shop

The Item Shop sells your everyday range of items from basic foodstuffs to accessories, as well as some basic clothing articles and gear.

Bank/Item Insurance

The Bank/Item Insurance is a place to more safely store your items, and to Insure your items should you lose them.


A good place to stock up on your armor and weaponry... you better have a good sword arm.

Scrapyard / Safehaven Application Thread
« on: 18-07-2016 »
This is the official application post for the Safehaven PVP/RP server.
Applications are for build permissions, and the server will be open for all.

Unless someone decides to be a dumbass.

Any returning members (Remembered by the Administration) will be given a free pass on the roleplay segments. Any new members must fill them out.

Please have an original name for your character (Not an internet alias, an actual name), and while it is okay to take some elements from another character, please don't plagiarize a character from an outside source.

Application Format:
Code: [Select]


[b]Roleplay Name[/b]:

[b]Roleplay Race[/b]:

[b]Previous roleplay experience[/b]:

[b]What servers have you played on, and how long[/b]:

[b]Why would you like to join our server[/b]:

[b]You agree to follow the rules?[/b]:

[b]You agree to a One week probation Period?[/b]:

[size=12pt][b]ROLEPLAYING QUESTIONNAIRE[/b][/size]

[b] You wake up with no recollection of who you are, nor what you were doing... As you begin looking around the area for anything that may jog your memory, you find yourself standing face to face with a man, who immediately draws his blade and strides toward you. How do you react? (Roleplay it out):[b]

[b] Luckily, you survived your encounter with the swordsman... after days walking and trying to survive in wilderness, you come across a raided trading caravan; it's contents strewn across the road. As you move closer, you hear a weak voice pleading for help. How do you react? (Roleplay it out.):[b]

[b] A few days later, you reach a fairly large town... as you walk through the marketside, a good looking person of the opposite sex stumbles into you, and apologizes before running off... you check your belongings, and find that something has been lifted from your person. How do you react? (Roleplay it out.):[b]

[size=12pt][b]ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS[/b][/size]

[b]Have you ever built anything you would consider awesome in Terraria?:[/b]

[b]Do you Prefer to build for yourself, or build for other players/assist on larger works?:[/b]

[b]What would you consider your 'Building style' to be?:[/b]

(Optional) Where did you hear about Us?

Please, take this seriously, and don't give us any one sentence answers, or it will just be automatically denied. Put some thought into it, and please make sure it is legible. If you are accepted, pm a mod or administrator for the password.  If denied, simply reapply, fixing any changes that need to be made. Follow the  format, and do not add any fonts or glows or crazy colors. Thank you.

Do not give up if your original application is denied. If we post in orange text, we want you to redo or rewrite a little bit of your application or lengthen it.

Music / Danger Danger - Bang Bang
« on: 16-06-2016 »
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Music / Eric Idle - Bright Side of Life
« on: 11-06-2016 »
No matter how bad you think it gets...
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It never hurts to have a good sense of optimism.

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