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General Discussion / Just Checking In
« on: 02-09-2020 »
Just creating a post to see how everyone is doing in their lives and see what everyone has been up to lately!

Looking forwards to hearing from all of you that are still around.  Hope to hear some good news and no COVID related nonsense.

The Gay Vampire Castle / FORP's Event Enigma
« on: 02-06-2012 »

This is the beginning of the event, I don't want to see the end.

Kelse, please try to stop post whoring..... :o

The Gay Vampire Castle / For ThY
« on: 17-04-2012 »
99 red ballons - Nena

All For You ThY! ???

Fallout Dump / Where did everyone go?
« on: 12-04-2011 »
For the past three days I and a few others have been keeping the server alive with a total population of 8 at its highest so I guess the only question is where did everyone go and why?

Server Dumps / Metagame say what?!!
« on: 28-03-2011 »

Stalker Dump / What happend to my safebox?
« on: 28-03-2011 »
Today I was alarmed to see that when I logged on to my stalker char in game that my safebox had been completely emptied and all my rubles taken if anyone has any info on how this could've happend or how I could get a refund of some type(I have a excel spreadsheet of all my ins-and outs for my box since I started the server) please post I need the help.

Scrapyard / Fallout RP Roy admin abuse
« on: 21-03-2011 »
Hello, Today I was playing on the Fallout RP and there was a collective at the gas station by the spawn he asked me for caps I said I had none. So when I said I had none he said caps and I like you or I kill you and then he said well if you have no caps you are a waste of air so i did /me walks away slowly and he did /me points gun at him walking  away then i did /me runs away and he started just started shooting after i waited for a reply so i stopped and pulled out the starting gun I got and did /me points gun and fires back and he did /me fires also. So long story short i killed him and took his guns then he got on a different char and came back and started shooting for no reason and then an admin came and said drop the weapons you looted or die and I told him we RP'd it out and that I should keep the guns and stuff I stole. So he just kills me and tells the other guy to get on his other char and take his weapons back so what i was reporting is Roy for admin abuse on me.  Thanks for your time GamerHead

 |HGN-FOTO| 2077 STEAM_0:1:15198467 <--Roy

I can also post logs if you want.:) thanks Roy for the RDM

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