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The Gay Vampire Castle / he shook the harlem
« on: 07-03-2013 »
why is it whenever i watch harlem shake i happen upon the most tasteless uninviting things... see who the author of the video is.
Harlem Shake(My Edition)

The Gay Vampire Castle / swag swag swag
« on: 15-09-2012 »
<a href=";feature=g-u-u&amp;autoplay=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;feature=g-u-u&amp;autoplay=1</a>

don't spam shit you retard <3. - thy

Scrapyard / Re: BlackStar 2012
« on: 10-07-2012 »
Black Star, what is your opinion on the ObamaCare bill?

Isn't it inhumane, saving people's lives and doing what every other forward thinking country has been doing for the past couple of decades, those hippy republican bastards!

go back to calfori with your america.

god damn calfori with their fancy rp


*hears the word,
gets instant boner*

maximum legitness

noone tell valve k?

whos this ni... african american person

according to my proxy im anton l erkson from denmark.

Scrapyard / Re: Trader Applications
« on: 30-04-2012 »
Steam Friends Name: vashboy31 (Corocan)
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:26773087
How long have you been a part of HGN's SRP server? 4 Months
Provide your administrator recommendation(s): Picture
Provide your trader recommendation(s): Picture

What is your character's name? Strell Loconos
Is your character in a faction? If yes, which? No
Do you intend to join a faction on this character? No
Are you in any factions on your other characters? If yes, which? No

Write or provide a backstory for your trader (a minimum of two paragraphs, use proper grammar to the best of your ability), and try your darnest!

Small town. Those two words pretty much described the town Strell lived in. I suppose every town has its man. Sometimes they're hard to spot. Some of them are even regular people who work in that office complex you do and live in that small apartment you used to. Strell sold hardcore drugs. Meth, Crack, Heroin, even some that weren't very widespread a man named Yvgenuny cooked up in a building fronted as a restaurant. Yvgenuny frequently gave Strell the product and he moved it. The town had plenty of buyers. Plenty of people didn't look like they even knew what the stuff was, but they knew, and they paid well. Strell never touched the stuff himself, though tempted quite a few times.

Strell sometimes visited other nearby cities in the local area about a few hours away. He was just returning from selling a pound of cocaine to a senator, just another perfect example of how corrupted the Ukrainian government was. He passed the two local thugs guarding the back door and met with Yvegenuny. They gave eachother a quick nod and Strell proceeded to speak; however, he now noticed a man in a black suit and tie. Yvgenuny nodded again, Strell glanced at him and finally the man spoke, calmly telling them he was a representative of a syndicate that had major control of the Ukrainian area and more. He told them that they were taking over the drug operations in the area.

At first Strell was pissed. He was going to get laid out and have no job or money. Then he spoke some more, proposing that they go into a new business beginning in the area. The Chernobyl Blast Zone. Rumors had spread, but Strell didn't really listen and once he spoke and told them about the area and explained what he had personally saw, Strell became slightly more interested. He explained he wanted them to move supplies in that area. They had that option or the alternative. He pulled a flap on his suit and revealed the handgun on his side. He explained that there were plenty of people who'd do the job, so they had little choice. As I stuck out my hand to shake on it, Yvgenuny stuck his hand inside of his pocket and yanked out a .33 revolver. Before he could even aim the representative had blown a hole in his head the size of an acorn.

It was so sudden and terrible, Strell practically passed out from the stress. He woke up, rumbling around in the back of a large truck. The trunk was closed and empty. Hours passed before it reached a screeching halt. The door opened and it was the representative. He still had brains on his suit. Strell climbed out and looked around. It was a grassy deserted village. He gave Strell a PDA and it had some coordinates locked on it. The representative explained he had to sell all the supplies in the warehouse and he would be back for his monthly 70% fee. He then continued to explain that if he ran, he would hire people to track him down. Strell understood his situation and thought it'd be best to just play it out and go along, so he did.

Do you understand and agree to the rules and aforementioned prerequisites to be a trader? Yes.

The Gay Vampire Castle / is silver a pimp?
« on: 25-04-2012 »
i tallied up the money made on donations from all the servers and the total stood at 8,120.00 USD. LastExile's servers cost a lot per month, because he buys top quality server hosting. How can he have had HGN this long and survived off that money? He's obviously bought SOME things for himself, so I came to a conclusion.

Silver is a pimp who pimps all his admins on the street, as seen here,

They pay $20 for cyberJays, $50 for cyberfucks and $100 for cyberorgies.

Tell silver being a pimp is unethical.

Free Tom 2012.

Scrapyard / [SRP] Banditry Issue (Ace)
« on: 19-04-2012 »
The Admin Involved was Ace. I'll begin just as the story had begun,

It was aprox 1:30 PM (-0:00 GMT). The server limited about 12-15 players. My Bandit Character, Sunshine, and our two allies, 'Volk' (Midgetonic) and 'Doc' (Dr. Silent Killer). There were two stalkers on board a Ship: Star (Kropfi) and Aleksandr Kirill (BAMF). The Bandits were inside of the Ship and were waiting. The three of us stood there, weapons away. Suddenly, Volk gave the signal and we all drew our weapons and demanded the stalkers get on the floor. Aleksandr got on the floor with no resistance. As he got down, Star pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Volk, firing towards him. I already had my shotgun up and ready, so I adjusted the aim towards him and cracked a shot, sending him to the floor.

I then proceeded to knocked out Alekandr and tie him up. Volk walked up and shot Star in the hand after he refused to give up the weapon, then Kropfi did a '/me' informing us of his death. As he tried to crawl away, we told him to stay, and he did so. I then proceeded to remove 500 rubles from Aleksandr's inventory and he awoke and spawned ontop of me. I tried falling over to get out of him and died (OOC Glitch). I asked Ace for a TP back to the ship and he then pronounced in Adminchat that we were to cease and desist the heist. This was very saddening to me, as it was our only successful heist in a long time. His reasons for stopping us were: 1. We can't rob Traders (Besides there being a rule about this I've ever seen and we weren't robbing the trader.) and 2. Robbing the Ship was a stupid idea (Besides the fact we outnumbered them AND killed one of them.). After the event, he threatened to take action if we tried to complain and told us to return the stolen gear.

I returned it and came here to post my thoughts about this. It's not the gear I complain about, it's the fact that bandits are the only people keeping the server economy in check and providing arms to traders so they can sell them to others. The admins CONSTANTLY through bad things at us because they feel that some Zone Justice is required, when in fact we're the good guys OOCly. We never result to torturous and humiliating acts when we do this. The plan was to loot 500 Rubles and one gun, then get out. Instead it all got thrown asunder by Ace when he decided to take it upon himself to stop us for no decent reason. I respect Ace, but this is a decision I cannot respect.

Also, no Fans of Ace posting about how he is right even when you haven't read 1/4th of this wall-o-text. Only people involved in the issue or an admin that will judge this impartially.

I'd like to make it known I'm not trying to intimidate Ace or "get back at him", it's because of the fact that Admins are constantly doing this sort of stuff because they think that person will leave because he lost one gun. You're supposed to be an admin, not "God seeking wrath upon the wicked".


read up fuckers.

seriously, the only female member in hng i can remember is Pink.
and she didn't even really leave, she just sorta forum stalks everything.

If you're interested, I still have a printed page from an old community I used to go to and it has a lot of MPF Terminology on it. PM me and I'll write it up for you.

Scrapyard / Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Roleplay Wipe
« on: 23-03-2012 »
Bandits would be doing their job just fine if people didn't cry and whine and moan and bitch and sob and stall RP about losing their shiny toys until an admin shows up, someone backs them up, or they ragequit. Whatever happens first.

Plus, it's impossible to do anything bandit related on the new map. It's too small. I really dislike this map, hence my own inactivity. I liked Chernobyl more. Though, call me a hipster, but I thought Chernobyl was the best.
Then why did you get so mad at me robbing people on FRP...?

What about that guy who robbed me INSIDE OF DUTY'S BAR. Who would ICly be THAT stupid?

You don't see me trying to rob someone in front of Duty base now do you? Even if no Dutier is online. That's just silly. ICly, who would be so stupid?

Stalker Dump / Operation: Scorched Earth
« on: 21-03-2012 »
District 9 - Soundtrack - Track 1
"It was an usual calm and peaceful day that day, but I can safely remember the details, despite the horrors."
"Comms, this is Tugolov, requesting permission to take air, over?"
"Request acknowledged, you have permission to go the skies, over."

"The skies were clear that day and I sat inside the abandoned warehouse within the DUTY confines, as a friend of mine strummed his guitar and told us a tale..."

"Confirming we have just passed the Chernobyl Blast Zone, target approximately 10 kilometers away, over.""Understood, Tugolov, proceed to target and keep communications with HQ, out."

"We all took a stroll around the base and chat it up with some friends down in the Bar. You had all types of characters down there. Many of them were enemies, even. It's odd how disaster can bring out the worst and best of us all."

"This is Tugolov, target is in sight, preparing to release all arsenal, over."

"Affirmative, Tugolov, proceed with mission, out."

"This is 105th Battalion, we are in position, over."

"Understood, this is HQ, wait for Tugolov to release the payload and move in. Eliminate all possible threats, take no survivors. It's been a long time, gentlemen. Bare with us and we'll all make it back home. HQ, out."

"I remember as we headed down to the Bar, there's was quite a turnout there. Lots of Dutiers crowded around the bar table to get some drinks after a long hard day. We'd heard multiple loud hums from outside of the bar. We ignored it, but then we heard a lot of banging. It sounded almost like thunder and soot literally fell from the cracks of the wooden boards. We all assumed it was an emission and continued with our activities. One of the rookies went upstairs and we heard yelling at that point. We all ventured up simultaneously and what we saw still surges through my memories. I'll never get the sight of all the brimstone and fire, the fallen and destroyed buildings and the smell of burning corpses. The rookie was sitting in the corner, still vomiting. I crept outside and slowly ventured through the area."

"The night was illuminated by all the fire and the death. For moments there was nothing by the faint cry of the dead and those calling out for friends followed by the crackling of the fires that roared around everyone. Too bad the near silence didn't last forever. I heard a large amount of gunfire and battle cries. Then it all suddenly subsided. I made out the figure of an exoskeleton decorated with the signs of a Dutier limping towards me. I saw three figures pop out behind him and instantly I got onto my belly and rolled under a few sheets of metal. Almost instantly after that, two shots flared out and the limping figure dropped dead. I watched careful and still as the marching figures trotted past me, the sounds of their boots clamping against the ground. I rolled out for a second and saw six more figures with headlamps on their masks moving towards me and I quickly returned to the safety of the sheet metal and watched them pass the bar."

"I was glad they had missed me. As soon as I knew it was clear I got up and returned to the bar, only to find Dutiers and other Stalkers. As I walked in they asked me what I had saw and I told them. As I looked around I expected to see fear in their bodies and the desire to flee to fight another day, but instead I saw them all pulling out their weapons, ensuring there was ammo inside them, even the Rookie pulled out a Makarov. All these men who wanted nothing to do with eachother suddenly began to pull together so they might all live. I guess it was time to join in..."

"Everyone fan out, find and eliminate anyone you see. Duty has gotten too smart for their own good and now it's time to trim the branches and burn them. Let's remind them we're still here and we know where they live! Be happy the Bomber was able to make a drop. Now we can just walk in and ensure the whole place burns."

Stalker Dump / Just Your Average Mercenary
« on: 16-03-2012 »

"Name: Araya Whinte... Age: 38... Sex: Male... Mission: Elimination of one Borov Blocovich."

"My name is Araya Whinte. Under request of certain personnel, I have been asked to keep a log of myself, in the event of my termination or other events of which would leave my knowledge discarded. I've been asked specifically to explain my life before I arrived at the Zone, how I arrived, and to this point now.

Originally, I was a hired contractor. My business was dealt with the lives of other men. I'd done roughly seven 'Jobs' and every time I did, I'd have to disappear for a while and live off the grid. It was good living. I'd recently taken shelter inside of an abandoned psychiatric ward in the forest that had been scorched by a bomb and left it in shambles.

Living off the grid meant you were completely isolated from the outside world. So things like food markets were far away, so hunting for your own food wasn't an option, it was a requirement. I had cut down some trees with a hatchet and formed some arrow shafts and a bow with a knife. I found some stones and in time I managed to make some decent arrow heads. Using some of my own shoe lace I stringed the bow and tied some bird feathers and the arrow heads onto the shafts.

Once I'd finished making the bows, which took me about several hours, I began hunting for food. There was plenty of deer in the area this time of year. I remember my first day, I found one and shot an arrow at it. It barely missed its heart. I didn't feel much remorse for it as I used a small Luger pistol to end it quickly.

Every day began just about the same. Wake up, eat, close-quarters training, firearms training, and hunting if required, then sleep. The only thing that was different was the many series of books from a small library inside of the ward. I learned much about human anatomy during my time there. Things that would soon help me in the future. I also learned a lot about social interaction from both the books and the other people there. It helped me strike good deals with the other locals of the area that sold many things.

I always keep a device of communication in case I am needed. I remember this being one of my prized possessions. They were implemented with expensive devices that amplified the range of the signal so I could actually receive calls. After two years of isolation, I'd grown desperate for some interaction, but my name spread out in many places, so it was only a matter of time...

Then it rang...

Scrapyard / Re: The Rangers
« on: 10-03-2012 »
Holy shit tables work now.


Wait why did Adam get PK'd?

Duty hired mercs to keel him.

Wait... so Duty is too inactive to venture out of their fucking base... but they find enough time to kill a man with a team of experienced roleplayers and highly armed, mind you... Wat. You know what, this is why Duty can't have nice things.

Video Games / Project ZOMBOID
« on: 25-12-2011 »
Unofficial Official Project Zomboid Commercial / Trailer
  • Project Zomboid is a Zombie Survival RPG. Here are some of its planned features:
    • Retro-isometric style with plenty of zombie insides thrown in for good measure.
    • A massive city and the surrounding areas to traverse, explore and loot.
    • Open-ended sandbox world – survival is your only goal, and we’re sorry to tell you… you WILL die eventually.
    • Get infected. How will you spend your final days? Will you have a heroic moment of self-sacrifice, or end up chewing your best friend’s throat out?
    • Meet other survivors who you can join forces with, trade with, undertake missions for, or fight with for resources.
    • Loot, salvage, and build what you need to survive the apocalypse, from food and medical supplies, to weapons, even just booze to help get you through the nights.
    • Advanced item crafting allows you to use looted items to build weapons, traps, defenses, and many other things to help you survive.
    • Character progression. Learn skills and perks to help your character face the challenges of survival.
    • Starvation, illness, loneliness, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, insanity, trust issues. There’s more to zombie survival than shooting zombie heads off.
    • Join your friends and survive the apocalypse together in co-op multiplayer.
    • The world changes the longer you survive; power plants fail, plunging the city into darkness and making batteries and tinned food prized commodities. The army rolls into the streets to perform ‘clean up operations’ and other gamechanging events occur the longer you survive.
    • Play in your browser, or stand-alone, on PC, Mac and Linux.
  • It will be released Minecraft style, where there will be continual updates adding new features, weapons, game-play and locations.
  • It is available here and there will be a tech demo coming soon.
  • The tech demo will just show a fraction of the planned features and is merely a taste of what is to come. We will continue developing after this point, feasibly for years and years, improving and expanding the game.
  • We have an active community that helps drive development, which can be found here.
The demo for the game can be downloaded here:
Bare in mind that this is a pre-alpha so it's still a work in progress; however, it is still a good game. NPC Interaction and Multiplayer as well as saved games are still being worked on but are expected to be updated in a patch in the near future. I'd advise that you buy the game while it's very cheap. You'll get every update after it. This is a growing popular game in the Indie development recently, so I advise you get it now while they're not charging for updates. I've recently bought it and the demo doesn't have half the good stuff the full release has and it's only like 7 dollars at the moment, so go ahead and buy it! What are you waiting for?

Stalker Dump / The Domaen Brothers
« on: 10-11-2011 »
As I walked into the rundown of a home my older brother and I lived in I immediately missed my home in Slovakia. Ever since the incident with our parents, we have lived in Ukraine. I glanced at Chancler and smiled when I replied, "Is today the day?" To which he replied, "Yes, but before we go I need to speak to you." I stared at him as he seemed to appear to think about what he wanted to say. Suddenly, he said, "This... Zone, it's a dangerous place. If we plan to survive we must stick together and remain united! You're only 19!" He smiled at me and I smiled back as he patted my shoulder. I halted my smile and looked at him with a much more serious expression, "So when does it begin?"  He looked at his watch, "Twenty minutes."

Eminem - Mosh
As the number of people in their dark black hoodies blended in so perfectly in the night Chancler and I made our way to our location points. Chancler signaled by scratching the left palm of his hand and they replied by scratching the left side of their faces. Everyone just sat there. Quiet, yet so many people. It was almost haunting. Suddenly, an explosion shook the background of the Zone as it scorched the world with an unpleasant light, the war cries shook the lands everyone rushed towards the front gates. Men in heavy kevlar began to appear with large riot shields, shoving back the rioting people. People who came for better lives and better opportunities. Almost as if on request, a large cargo truck suddenly drifted behind us and the back slammed open. A man with a mask and hooded cloak beckoned us over into the truck, we did so. As we entered we saw people break through the ring of protection that the riot control force provided. Bullet fire soon emerged from BOTH sides. The back door slammed shut, as the driver swerved. We didn't know what was going on, on the outside for an hour or so, but the bullet fire and slamming of objects never ceased. For five minutes it stopped. We though it was over, suddenly, the entire truck slammed and rolled over, I blacked out.

I need a doctor lyrics Dr Dre ft Eminem and Skylar Grey I woke up for a short amount of time. Someone was dragging me. I blacked out once again. I soon awoke with Chancler carrying me into a run down building. My vision blurred as we entered. There were other men dressed similarly to Chancler, except one was wearing some sort of black military combat outfit with crimson lenses who stared at me as we passed. I blacked out once again. I soon awoke on a table with a man putting pressure onto a large gash on my leg and bandages on my arm and right eye, viewing Chancler speaking with the Military Combat Armored man. He replied, "Can you help him?" - "We'll do what we can." - "Thanks. What's your name again?" - "Ad-" I suddenly became swallowed by the ever closing darkness.

The All-American Rejects - Move Along
I woke up with most of my body bandaged and weak. I stumbled off the creaky bed and pushed straight through a double set of doors. I was stopped by a man in what I soon knew to be a Sunrise Suit, who stopped me. I demanded that he explain what was going on. He sat me down and told me that I had been out for two weeks. I asked him of my brother and he replied that they thought I was dead, so he moved on a week ago. Mr. Military Combat had left a few days after. I became tired and he helped me back to a bed.

(( I want to write more of this, but I have no idea if I should because I don't know if it's any good. I searched for about twenty minutes on how a STALKER is supposed to get through to the Zone, but I came up with nothing. I could only find a picture of a STALKER sneaking by a bunch of guards and some small lengthy barbwire. Please, no trolling responses and if you see a canon issue or a grammar error, just point it out in a post. Don't demean me for my lack of the canon knowledge of how STALKERs get into the Zone, simply correct me in the form of something rather than an insult. ))

When and what was yours? Either in the actually STALKER games or STALKERRP?
 Yeah, so...

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