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Stalker Dump / WHOOPS
« on: 24-10-2011 »

Fluttershy - yay

I feel like I should do some RP.

                                             So I came back :3
                                                                       And I can code C++ now :D

The Gay Vampire Castle / MUST READ
« on: 12-01-2011 »


'nuff said

Introductions / Ding Dong.
« on: 21-10-2010 »

Scrapyard / WoW RP: Server Information
« on: 30-04-2010 »
World Of Warcraft Information Thread

Server IP:
To get a User, message me (Tunddruff) on either
☼Steam Friends

To change it so the game so you can connect, go the World Of Warcraft folder, then go into /Data/enUS/. Fine the file "" open it with notepad, and put replace "set realmlist <...>" to "set realmlist"

Stalker Dump / FN2000/Exo Apps.
« on: 25-04-2010 »
EXOs and FN2000 are given to those worthy for them. They do not make you god, but whatever.

EXO:100 000ru
FN2000: 75 000ru

Rules for EXOs
NOTE: Duty, Freedom and Monolith leaders do not have to apply

Factions do not need to apply. Once you leave that faction, you must apply to keep the exo.

If you find an exo, you still need to apply, or sell it.

Just because you have it on one character, does not mean all of them have it

Rules for FN2000
NOTE: Master Merc does not have to apply

The are very powerful weapons, getting one is close to impossible.

FN2000 are not lazor cannons, they do still jam/break

Auth is FN is SA or SV|Exo is SV

Code: [Select]
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Time In HGN:

Character Name:
Reason for needing an EXO/FN2000:
You understand that an EXO does not make you god/FN2000 are still a gun and do jam:

[size=10pt][b]If they disappear, you accept to the "NO REFUND" Rule by applying[/size][/b]

Its easy, fill it out

Stalker Dump / Rule UPDATE
« on: 25-04-2010 »
1) This is already stated in the rules, TRADERS ARE NOT TO BE ATTACKED

2) IC Guards only apply for MAJOR FACTIONS. Not traders.

3) Due to the retardedly increase in EXOs, they are SV auth only. They ALL now need an app, along with FN2000s (FN2000s are SA auth/SV auth) FN2000/EXO apps

4) Passive RP more.

Video Games / WoW Installer
« on: 25-04-2010 »
Download WoW While you wait for the server to go up :D

Be sure not to patch it until we have the server up and running

You need the expansions, plus normal WoW

Version 3.3.3a is the server patch version

Scrapyard / Makin an RPG, any ideas?
« on: 12-04-2010 »
Im lazy, and not feeling very inspired lately. So im making an RPG using RPG maker VX, and plan on ACTUALLY making a playable game.

Give me some ideas, I want to make a Gothic time game (i forget how to spell midevil)

Anime / Vison Of Escaflowne
« on: 04-03-2010 »
So I started to redownload this anime (there WERE dubs in english, but good luck finding them)

I highly suggest it. Its short, I cant remember it well from when I was a kid, but it was the most bad ass thing that i can remember from my childhood. EVEN MORE BAD ASS THAN DBZ (which I have the first Dragon Box BTW)

Stalker Dump / Rules about PKs.
« on: 01-03-2010 »
There are rules about PKing.
You can not just "PK" someone because you feel like someone should be PK'ed.

Fill out the app.


Day 1                                            Day 1                                             Day 1                                              

I haven't figured out how to make the camera on this damn PDA work yet, so there will not be any pictures in this log.

I arrived in the zone today, I made it to the bunker too. Lucky for me, without any trouble. I received my PDA, and equipment.

I began my introductory study to the zone's anomalous activity, by reading all the data that has been gathered ON Artifacts, anomalies, and anything related to those two topics. There was no data on any of it, or as Professor Regnov knows of. I decided to construct a detector, or scanner, for anomalies. When placed in a certain area they relay data to the Lab/Bunker. After about 2 hours of work, I had one in working order, I left the schematics on a flash drive. I will attach a link to the file when it is uploaded. The device works on finding sudden changes in either temperature, pressure or gravitational flux (based on what I have heard from people, or stalkers they are know. I am signing of as I am quite tired. Ill continue my logs tomorrow.

~Prof. Borvinka Rovilski

Bradley bailed him out.

He is now his sex slave.

His redum will be streched to the size of an elephant.

HGN Facebook group


Scrapyard / Blake Birthday today yay!
« on: 22-02-2010 »
Its blakes birthday today (thanks facebook >_>)

I looked down at the no longer breathing comrade below me. My fist tightened up as something wet rolled down my cheek inside my Gas mask. I wondered how they got hit, and how I was too slow. How they laid there and cried for help. I guess I couldn't hear 'em over my AK's casings hitting the ground. They people who did this, ran. They left. Me: Bleeding, My Friend: Dying, And Them: winning one. The one that was important. The one that you don't wanna loose. The overwhelming sorrow and anger that consumes on with this loose. I had to retake the win. The Zone is merciless to those who deserve it. I glanced back down. Those blue eyes had become glaceed over, the eyelids halve closed. I lifted them up, and walked back to the base. As I opened the door, no one said a thing. I set my to-be-avenged-friend on my bed, falling to my knees. All I could do at moment was to hold my head and console myself. At that point, I died too.

Not in the traditional sense of dying, my heart didn't stop, my blood still was flowing. I wasn't able to. A mental delirium that wasn't achievable even. I had one goal. Killing. I know who attacked us. A small group that went by the name "Break Point" and I knew who to look for. Screw, the leader of those soon-to-be-dead group. I got off the floor, knowing that when I came back my bed would be empty I didn't look back. As soon as I got on the main floor, and was checking my equipment I was finally questioned...

"Your not gunna' go take them on are you? They will KILL you. And then we will be one man down in the god-forsaken place to DEFEND against them. We already lost one, we don't need to loose another. Please stay, its suicide!"

I looked at Coal, then went back to checking my equipment. At that moment, his spirit broke, you could tell just by how he moved his eyes. I knew that the 19 others in the base could take care of him, and I didn't plan on dying anyway. I put my backpack on and began to march out. My boots felt heavy along with everything else. I was about 10 minutes away from Break Point when I decided to take a break. Walking for an hour straight with 40 kilograms on your back cant be good for you. I sat under a tree, and thought about how I would miss my old friend. Not knowing if it were really my fault or theirs. My eyes felt heavy and I dossed off. I woke to the rain beating down, and a pack of blind dogs heading my way. I grab 3 magazines for my AK-74M and dropped my bag outside their base. It was dark so getting inside was no problem. I am not know for using a quiet approach so killing them was harder, especially when your knife is dull and rusty. I knew I should have sharpened it before I left.

They had 11 members, I had gone threw 3 already. I was getting tired, after all I was runnin' on about 2 or 3 hours of sleep. No where near enough to be doing this but I had no choice. I had taken too long of a break, they were on to me. I guess I just lost track of time creeping threw their base. Flares, fires and gunfire consumed the complex. I few bullets zinged past me, they almost ripped the new patch I had put on just last week. I closed my eyes. I was exhausted. When I opened them I was sitting in a card board box that i did NOT fit inside. I laid there till my groggy state dispersed. I was inside a building and had close to no idea where or how I got inside. I got up. I looked thew my holsters, pockets and other equipment. Who ever moved me here didn't want me to leave. Not even pocket lint. I overheard a familiar sounding voice, yelling "Hold on!! Hold on!!" I called out "Who is there?!" but no one answered, my head was killing me so it must have been that.

I walked up to the door, banging on it to get someones attention. No one came . . . because no one WAS there. The door wasn't locked, they just pocketed my stuff and expected me to stay there. I decided I may as well run for it. I burst out the door like a "bat out of hell". As I was running I began to feel sour. Like that feeling that you get when you know something isn't right and you don't know just what exactly it is. I saw a wounded mutant and couldn't risk confrontation. I reached for my Dragunov and only grabbed air. I felt a shiver down my spine. When I brought my hands in front of me. They only thing I saw was blood. I wasn't bleeding... I'm not dying... I still have things I MUST do... Must have been off the floor. I began to run faster and faster, every door I bursted threw just led to more doors.... This maze was terrible. If not scared then I don't know what I felt. The same voice as before was telling me something again...

"Oh man!! I don't know what to do!! Why him!? Why HIM!?" The voice sounded like a girl, close sounding to someone I ran into at a place. I shrugged it off again, it must have been snowing somewhere because it was getting colder and darker in the Zone. I finally got out of the building. Screw and his boys were waiting. With my gun aimed at me. I decided to risk my life, and I mean, BIG risk. I charged at the guy with my Dragunov. I easily jumped and extend my leg, He flew off and hit the ground with a crack. I landed on my feet but for some reason my pants where bloody too... My kick didn't make him bleed. I was starting to have a hard time moving, my eyes were getting heavy again, but it felt different, Screw and his boys were moving in almost slow-mo and I didn't have an answer for any of this. Screw died quickly. Quicker than I would have liked. I fell to the ground, then onto my back. I closed my eyes. The opened for me to see a girl sitting above me holding a cloth to my neck, and one to my lower chest, between my ribs and my hip. The blood stains where there too... Things felt cold and the sun was getting brighter... I was confused and didn't know what was going on... The girl above me. . . Fantom was her name. . . I twitched as I coughed up blood all over my chest, her face was so sad, showing such sorrow. I looked to her and smiled. My head hit the ground. I was out of strength and running out of blood.

I tried to talk, but all I could do was mouth words. I smiled, she looked to my mouth I said "Good bye, old friend". I was in shock. And dreaming about if she had gotten hurt instead. I felt my heart slowing down.

Her tears kept falling on me. . .

Scrapyard / Front Page is almost working :D
« on: 07-02-2010 »
I just noticed this. Click Home

Or here


The Gay Vampire Castle / Angle-Chan
« on: 26-01-2010 »

This girl is so fucking pretty I would killed hundreds of people for her.
Lucky fucking brits.

Stalker Dump / Tunddruff's Models.
« on: 24-01-2010 »
STALKER Content.rar


You have probably realized that you will not be getting it till silver releases it.

Plus its not the entire content pack that will be released.

Scrapyard / |Freedom| Roster/Relations/Bio
« on: 20-01-2010 »
Updated the Faction Relation, now with NF


This is Tunddruff.
He likes guns
He is poor.
If he can get $298.00 (plus tax and shipping)
He can have a happy life.
He currently has a 11$ airsoft pistol that is shitty.

Please think with you heart (and wallets)

Lol. JK. But seriously, I want this fucking gun

Scrapyard / Weeeell. This is dead.
« on: 14-01-2010 »
So im changing back to an STSV

Can you change the boards name to

"Neutral Factor"
and the little blurb to this

"Information and Survival tips... For a price"



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