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I hate to do this, but my options become more limited by the day. I tried running things solo after the sudden leaving of my partner, and it's just an impossibility, at least for me. So it's time for my final bow as well.

Ever since I joined HGN in 2013, I hoped I would become part of the team running things. In 2016 with Safehaven I was given that wish when I was made a moderator, and further with the start of Ventiera as a co-administrator. But despite that, I never wanted it like this, to reach this spot through a process of elimination. But despite that I feel quite blessed  to have been such a key player in it for these years, it's certainly an experience I won't forget any time soon.

This isn't a choice I wanted to make, but you can only work with what you're dealt, and fate's given me a pretty crappy hand. I leave things in the hands of JoJo and those he deems his partners. I hope you guys have better luck than I did.

Take care, HGN. I hope you continue to reach for greater heights.    -Sincerely, Gabriel O. Freeman. "Cross"

Chapter Two - The Divinities

An untold number of years ago, a godlike king ruled over the Vestige. It is said he had many allies and enemies, but among his enemies was a warrior of immense power. The two fought for what felt like eternity, until at last the warrior called upon his full power to split the king into ten separate individuals, all with different abilities and personalities fashioned after the elements. They collectively became known as the Divinities.

It is said their mere existence robs he land of necessary energy to keep the elements in balance, and that is what causes the rifts to form. Should their essences be collected and gathered, the king would reform, and the elements would be restored fully.

Not all Divinities are known to me yet, but here's what I have gathered...

The Burning Divinity - ?????

The Aquatic Divinity - ?????

The Earthern Divinity - ?????

The Skyward Divinity - Tyr. His form is that of a male Avian, and though he loves nothing more than combat, he doesn't seem truly hostile.

The Frozen Divinity - ?????

The Electric Divinity - Levin. His form is that of a male Goblin, and he acts as the king of Cerise. He has an odd fascination with machinery, but I can't figure him out one way or the other.

The Sacred Divinity - ?????

The Umbral Divinity - Ib. Her form is that of a female Fiend. The most unpredictable of the known Divinities. She actively seeks to stop any sort of merging between them.

The Aetherial DivinityVishap. His form is that of a male Draconid. Hardly anything is known about him other than he's allied with Ib and seems to be her commander.

The Unaspected Divinity - ?????

(The following is a document in Kyo Nakahara's handwriting. IC it can be found either in Luna's workshop or on Kyo's person. The Divinity section will be updated as more information on them comes to light IC)

Chapter One - Replikas

A Replika was a type of construct created by the demigod Kirous several times during the Puppetmaster War. Created entirely by magic and memories he gleamed from people's minds, their level of sentience varied from a mindless servant to a being with complete free will. With Kirous' death near the end of the war, no more sentient Replikas can be created, but several empty shells have been created by Luna.

The following is a list of all known Replikas, all since destroyed save for Luna and myself (if I count as one)...

Replika 000 - Though not a typical Replika, and not the first one, I don't know what else to classify Viribus as. A masked spellblade who served as Kirous' right-hand throughout the war, he was certainly the most unique and most powerful of all of them.

Replika 001 - The prototype of them all, based off of the human swordsman Calco Geminus, and initially thought to be him before Libra revealed himself as the real Calco. Shortly afterwards, it was destroyed.

Replika 002 -  A slightly more stable model based off of Captain Seide of Galdea. It did not lost as long as the prototype, and was destroyed very early on.

Replika 003 - The first perfected Replika of the human model, based off of the thief Zephyr Blacktear. It was destroyed during an attempted assassination of my sister, Miko.

Replika 004 - Now known simply as Luna, this defective Replika of my sister was the first test of a Replika that wasn't fully human. Rebelling against her creator, she was instrumental to removing the threat of Kirous for good, and for my own return.

Replika 005 - Based off of the human mercenary Vondus Khyr, this model apparently didn't last long before being destroyed by its counterpart. Likely a test and nothing more.

Replika 006 - Created to fight alongside the possessed king of Almustadt, Boestas Almus, this Replika of the ruler fought alongside its counterpart against my allies, but was thankfully eliminated in the same battle.

Replika 007 - A Replika of another human thief, the Black Raven. It was seemingly created purely to cause trouble, and attempted to kill its counterpart, but failed and was destroyed rather easily.

Replika 008 - The first Replika created after I was freed from Kirous' control, and fittingly enough I suppose, of myself. In a sense, I know it to this one that I'm here now...

Replika 009 - An unusual case this Replika of Greyn Rofinn was created not from his own memories, but from Sveyr Rofinn's. Was one of the strongest Replikas.

Shell 001 - Years after the war's end, Luna took Kirous' notes on the Replika program and created for herself a new body, functionally identical to her first but with more powerful magic. Unstable as it was, it fell apart shortly after she discarded it.

Shell 002 - Luna's third, and current, body. In appearance it is no different, but its reserves of magic are near unlimited.

Shell 003 - Created thanks to the notes on my Replika (008), it now serves as my body upon Luna retrieving my soul...still not entirely sure how she managed that...

Shell 004 - An incomplete vessel saved for a rainy day. Work on it has been halted, but she hasn't told me why.

Events & Storyline / Re: Token System
« on: 13-08-2019 »
DISCLAIMER: As of the Vestige starting, the token system will be retired until further notice, likely the return to Ventiera. If you still have any tokens make sure to turn them in before the map switch.

The fighting between Ventiera's champions and Azote's blood mages has drawn to a stalemate, neither side willing to engage the other until their power grows, and yet there is still little time for rest. With the threats of Viribus and even the average criminal seemingly unrelenting, as well as fear of the Masamune, even in the calm there remains a level of tension..

...and now, it seems there is another danger among them all.

A Fiend unknown to all has been reportedly spotted across the continent,  said to test the strength of those they come across, and when their opponent fails to meet their expectations, takes their life. This figure, with their name unknown, has been christened by the rumors simply as the Dark One (those who spread rumors in Sugavus aren't the most creative individuals).

And it seems their next targets...are the land's champions themselves.

-General server rules apply
-Mobility items are permitted until the dungeon is entered, then they must be removed.
-Legacy Points will not be awarded for participation in this event.

-Life Crystal/Life Fruit
-A choice of any pre-mechanical boss weapon that fits your class (within reason)

Near the end of the event, the map will change from Ventiera to the Vestige (Iseyu) until further notice. Though older characters may still return at any (reasonable) time, the character you use during this event WILL be taken to the next map unless specifically requested they do not. Please keep that in mind when deciding who to use.

The Dark One lead Ventiera's heroes on a chase to a decrepit old tower, but their confrontation at the top floor was interrupted by the sudden forming of a rift through which the Fiend fled. Though Acolyte and Aedian left the tower before it grew, Dracobones, Flore and Monomon went through the rift, willingly or not, as several other rifts formed not just in Ventiera, but across the world, bringing in many others such as the blacksmith Goro Ghorb.

Awakening in a new world, the drifters were found by none other than Kyo Nakahara, brought back thanks to the magic of his pseudo-sister. Bringing them before the elven queen Caris, they learned of the Divinities and how their mere existence was draining the world's elements, and that the 'Dark One' they fought in Ventiera was none other than Ib, the Umbral Divinity.

Sent to rest and familiarize themselves with the new world, a heavy air of uncertainty looms over them all...

Events & Storyline / Event Types
« on: 11-08-2019 »
Starting from the next map, for simplicity in understanding, events will fall under the following classifications:

Mission - A standard event part of the main story, typically involving a dungeon with one or more bosses at the end, but with some variance.

Ordeal - A shorter event that consists only of an important boss battle(s) as part of the main story, without any sort of dungeon beforehand.

Paralogue - An event unrelated to the main story. Paralogues have no set template and can range anywhere from a Mission format to something entirely unique to it.

Encounter - Similar to an Ordeal, but like a Paralogue is not tied to the main story. Often not scheduled due to how short they are.

Tournament - A unique event type that takes place at the map's designated arena with a slightly different combat system.

Most of these already exist and are nothing new, merely being listed clearly for the first time.

Disclaimer: Only Missions and Ordeals can be listed as a chapter.

General Discussion / Re: Thank You + Goodbye
« on: 09-08-2019 »
It's gonna suck to lose you, to put it mildly, but I suppose that's how it is sometimes. You helped shape the server's history, and that's a legacy that won't soon be forgotten.

I'll do what I can to keep things moving solo, but other than that I can only wish you the best, and thank you for everything.

I hate to be "that guy", especially since this bio/character is good, but...

You kinda sorta possibly maybe need moderator permission to bring in a second character. If JoJo gave you the okay then that works (he just hasn't spoken to me about this in that case) but if not I'll need to ask you delay their arrival a bit. Thanks, and my apologies again.

(and the reason we have this rule is a precaution against people being swamped with too many characters they end up forgetting about. It does happen)

(and unrelated, Bard is actually the name for the Cleric/Ranger dual-class. Might I suggest Minstrel for the Freelancer variant, when it happens?)

Wall of Immortality / Re: Ruijane Slipfoot
« on: 23-06-2019 »
Guns aren't typically considered a Rogue weapon, but there's an easy way around that- since it's barely been any time, we can potentially retcon your class to Outlaw (Rogue/Gunner) so nothing is lost. If you do decide this, though, it'll have be relatively soon. Thanks.

In the world of memories, opponents of the past live forever, and an illusionary magic can bring them back for another bout.

The Dreams of the Past are rematches with bosses from previous maps, each one offering a unique reward for their defeat. A Dream of the Past can be initiated by using a Dream Card (represented OOC by a Light Shard) at the sword statue in Tuul.

A boss may be chosen from the list below, and can be fought as a group if all party members have and use their own Dream Cards.
Disclaimer: The bosses in purple are more difficult than the others and should not be attempted solo.

~The Enigmatic Sorcerer [Reward: Teleport Orb] (One-time use. Allows a mage to teleport to a place they have previously been)
~The Masked Puppet [Reward: Lava Charm]
~The Time Wielder [Reward: Time Shard] (One-time use. A magic attack that never misses, but cannot crit)
~The Fabricated Chimera [Reward: Steel Claws] (OOC, Bladed Glove. Treated as daggers when it comes to skills/classes able to use)
~The Forgotten Reaper [Reward: Crimson Barrier] (One-time use. Entirely negates a critical hit that the holder takes)
~The Corrupted Hero [Reward: Star Fragment] (One-time use. Infuses the user's next attack with light energy.)
~The Zealous Fiend [Class Emblem + Life Crystal/Life Fruit]
~The Umbral Melody [Reward: Shadowseed Crystal] (One-time use AoE dark attack)
~The Deceitful Emperor [Reward: Class emblem]
~The Fallen Angel [Reward: Mirror Shard] (An item that can copy whatever skill it sees, and mimic it upon use. One-time use)
~The Great Dragon [Reward: Dragon's Flame] (One-time use AoE fire attack)
~The Reticent Warrior [Reward: Elemental Mirror] (One-time use. Can be used to absorb an attack of a previously-specified element)
~The Bitter Spellcaster [Reward: Tome of Invisibility] (One-time use. Makes the user invisible for a short time)
~The Relentless Assassin [Reward: Super Smoke Bomb] (A regular smoke bomb that has +15 to its effect when used)
~The Secretive Shapeshifter [Reward: Brand of the Inferno]
~The Crystal Corrupter [Reward: Crystal Vile Shard]

If a character dies or is knocked out in a Dream of the Past battle, they simply wake up without their reward, and the Dream Card is still used up.

Hi I'm doing the reply thing too even though I'm not entirely sure if I even have to, but juuust in case.

Echo. Human, unique class but for the sake of simplicity she'll count as a non-elemental Mage.

Basic Description (Optional): A young Mirror Mage who was frozen in time for approximately forty years. Displays a unique naivete at the ways of the world.

Name: Echo Geminus
Age: 16 (Technically)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Racial Trait: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Mirror Mage [*Unique]

Common: Yes
Arcane: Yes
Other Languages (Specify): None

LEGACY STATUS: N/A (Due to how her class works)
SOUL ELEMENT: Courage [Light]

Weapons: N/A
Armor: N/A
Items/Accessories: N/A

Weapons: N/A
Armor: N/A
Items/Accessories: N/A


Kind - Always does what she can to assist people if possible.
Protective - Of her family and close friends, which is what indirectly lead to her entrapment in time.
Resistant - As a side-effect of her long stasis, she is naturally more resistant to magical attacks.

Naive - Due to many circumstances, she has a very limited understanding of how the world works, and the various types of people that inhabit it.
Inexperienced - Still unsure of the full extents of her magic, and just what its limitations are.
Intrusive - Has absolutely no sense of personal space.

Instead of traditional skills, Echo uses her innate Mirror Magic in battle, allowing her to copy the weapons and skills of both her allies and enemies, with some exception.
~Copying a skill takes up 1 MP, out of 5, though copying a Legendary Weapon Skill or a Signature Skill takes up 3.
~Some abilities or skills, like racial traits or certain weapons, cannot be copied whatsoever.
~After running out of MP, basic weapons can still be copied for one-time uses, but no skills can be used with them and they have -10 to hit permanently.
~MP recovers the same ways skills do; by resting.

None as of yet, potentially ever.

Monsters. Foul beasts that inhabit all lands. Though some are more docile than others, they are all threats regardless. The land of Ventiera is
relatively free from them due to the ever-vigilant work of the city guards and the hunter's guild in Sorias. Yet, there comes a time where the
monster population runs far more rampant.

The wall of crimson ice near Mount Luxia has shattered, allowing the monsters dwelling within its caverns to roam the mainland.
The Ghoul's Moon, though now passed, has summoned forth creatures of the night much like the blood moon does.

With these events almost coinciding, the hunter's guild has created a spectacle of it: A hunting festival open to all, with prizes and rankings
decided upon numerous factors.

The Grand Hunt is a PVE event that will take place at 5:00 PM EST on Sunday the 11th. The event is in three rounds, potentially more if tiebreakers are needed. The event will cover much of the map, starting at the hunter's guild in Sorias.

~Mobility items are allowed.
~If you have any hardmode weapons, please refrain from using them unless given permission to do so.
~If you die during the event, you are not disqualified, but you automatically fail the current round.
~Please refrain from going into areas that are normally off-limits

1st Place - Shield of Cthulhu, 25 gold, 1 Life Crystal
2nd Place - Weapon based on class, 20 gold, 1 Life Crystal
3rd Place - Band of Regeneration, 15 gold, 1 Life Crystal
Participation - 10 gold, 1 Life Crystal

Monsters. Foul beasts that inhabit all lands. Though some are more docile than others, they are all threats regardless. The land of Ventiera is
relatively free from them due to the ever-vigilant work of the city guards and the hunter's guild in Sorias. Yet, there comes a time where the
monster population runs far more rampant.
The wall of crimson ice near Mount Luxia has shattered, allowing the monsters dwelling within its caverns to roam the mainland.
The Ghoul's Moon, though now passed, has summoned forth creatures of the night much like the blood moon does.

With these events almost coinciding, the hunter's guild has created a spectacle of it: A hunting festival open to all, with prizes and rankings
decided upon numerous factors.

Basic Description (Optional): A young mercenary simply looking for work. A bit awkward around people, he travels alongside his sylph companion, Delta.

Name: Pin Dartleaf
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Racial Trait: N/A (Human)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Puppeteer (Rogue/Summoner)

Common: Yes
Arcane: No
Other Languages (Specify): Sylphic

SOUL ELEMENT: Virtue [Wind]

Weapons: Shortswords and knives
Armor: N/A
Items/Accessories: Mobility items and gear

Weapons: Heavy weapons
Armor: Most armor that restricts movement
Items/Accessories: High-tech items and gear

Wristblade - A short blade attached to a bracer, hidden up his right sleeve at all times. Able to extend to beneath his palm for close combat.
Obsidian Shortsword - Exactly what it says, a shortsword made from sharpened obsidian.

Heterochromia - Both of his eyes are different colors; one a dark blue, and the other a dark green.

Athletic - As a rogue, he practiced in order to be incredibly quick on his feet.
Pacifist - Somewhat. Attempts to either avoid combat or simply outsmart his enemy, but doesn't hesitate to fight when it's the only option.
Quiet - Specifically trained to move as silently as possible when necessary.

Short-tempered - It doesn't take much to set him off.
Blunt- To the point where he can come off as insensitive at times.
Hasty - When he comes up with a plan, he often doesn't think to explain it to his allies before executing it.

Stealth [Rogue] '+10 to sneak/hide rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Sneak Attack [Rogue] '+15 to attack on an unaware target. Becomes -5 if the target has Instinct.' {ACTIVE}
Dodge [ANYONE] '+5 to dodge rolls. Becomes +10 for melee attacks if the character is a speedy class such as Rogue.' {PASSIVE}
Improved Counter [Warrior/Rogue] 'Makes it so rolling 40 above the losing roll allows a counter rather than 50 above.' {PASSIVE}
Quick-Strike [Sword] 'Rush forward and slash twice in succession. Roll individually for each hit. Becomes four hits if dual-wielding swords, and three if one sword and a different weapon in the offhand.' {ACTIVE}

Umbral Shift 'Bend light to meld with the shadows, granting +15 to stealth rolls while there are shadows to hide in. Stacks with Stealth.' {ACTIVE}

Tail Toss 'Launched into the air by Delta's magic, Mikoto wraps her tail around Pin's leg, who slingshots her into the enemy.' [Mikoto only, +10] [With Mikoto Veil] {UNIQUE}


Basic Description (Optional): A green sylph who first met Pin many years ago, and would become his familiar years later. Incredibly snarky, not that many people can understand her.

Name: Delta
Gender: Female
Race: Sylph

Curative Wind - Heal a single ally.
Harsh Wind - Deal Wind damage to a single enemy.
Harsh Gale - Deal Wind damage to all enemies. Can only be used once per battle.
Emerald Flare - A sudden flash of intense light capable of inflicting temporary blindness.

BACKSTORY (Optional): Many years ago, when Pin was but a child, he still had the love for adventure he does now, and would often go on excursions in the mountains surrounding his home. It was on one such expedition that he was careless and fell from a cliffside, becoming heavily wounded from the fall. It is likely he would have died at the bottom of that cliff, were it not for a group of sylphs that found him and used their magic to save his life. Years went by, and Pin eventually became a mercenary, having decided to train with a dagger instead of a typical sword and shield. One of his very first jobs was to capture or kill a small gang of bandits, and retrieve that which was stolen. After the job was done and he was seeing just what they stole, he saw a bright green light trapped in a bottle- a light he hadn't seen since the fateful day years ago, and one he remembered instantly; the glow of one of the sylphs. After they had saved his life, he had studied to learn the sylphic language in the event that their paths should ever cross again. As a result of this, after freeing the sylph, Pin could immediately understand and communicate with it. Delta, her name was, and as thanks- as well as with the realization that the two of them would likely need each others' help more in the future- she bound their souls together, becoming Pin's familiar. Since that day, the duo would take on any jobs that came to them, traveling various lands, until these travels eventually brought them to Ventiera...

Basic Description (Optional): [Will do later]

Name: Sadao
Age: Unknown, at least several centuries
Gender: Male
Race: Fiend
Racial Trait: Inner-darkness (Great resistance to Dark attacks, great weakness to Light attacks. Able to switch between Dark Elf and Fiend forms easily)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Spellblade [Warrior/Mage]

Common: Yes
Arcane: Yes
Other Languages (Specify): Demonic

LEGACY STATUS: Yes (Despite not being a veteran, he's a special case)
SOUL ELEMENT: Power [Fire]

Weapons: Polearms
Armor: Any
Items/Accessories: N/A

Weapons: Ranged weapons
Armor: N/A
Items/Accessories: Anything light-elemental

Crescent Moon - A halberd infused with darkness, able to be summoned and dismissed at will. (OOC, a Mythril Halberd)

Powerful - His physical strength is exceptionally high, letting him wield even the heaviest of weapons one-handed.
Darkness-attuned - Able to sense living things very clearly in the dark, even invisible ones.
Unpredictable - Constantly changes his fighting style to keep his opponent(s) on edge.

Cynical - Fails to see the point in many things, due in part to his incredibly long life.
Merciless - On the battlefield, anyways, and always tries to go for the kill rather than letting the enemy escape, unless it's just a duel.
Unpredictable - Even to his allies, only helping out when he feels like it, and rarely saying when or how he will.

Void [Dark Magic, Light's Bane, Dark Lance, Shadowflame weapons] 'Causes Haunt.' {ACTIVE}
Improved Critical [Warrior/Rogue] 'Makes it so rolling 40 above the losing roll grants a crit rather than 50 above.' {PASSIVE}
Drain [Mage] 'Drain life from the enemy.' {ACTIVE}
Assimilate [Mage] 'Drain magic from the enemy.' {ACTIVE}
Blitz [Spear] 'Charge forward to close the gap and stab quickly. Can be used at a range.' {ACTIVE}

The Black Winds 'Able to sense death the moment it happens, or a moderate time before, so long as it is either multiple people or someone with a powerful soul.' {PASSIVE}

~None as of yet~


Basic Description (Optional): A young boy well-versed in swordplay and marksmanship, twin brother to Andesine Geminus.
Name: Kyanite Geminus (Though he insists people just call him Kyan)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Feyori
Racial Trait: Nimble (Able to easily perform feats of agility and learn some Rogue skills no matter their class)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Musketeer [Warrior/Gunner]

Common: Yes
Arcane: No
Other Languages (Specify): None

SOUL ELEMENT: Calm [Water]

Weapons: Swords and handguns
Armor: Light
Items/Accessories: Speed-enhancing items

Weapons: Bows and heavy guns
Armor: Heavy
Items/Accessories: Magic-based accessories

Emerald Scarf - A red scarf, matching his sisterís blue one. A symbol of their relations as kin.

Casual - Overly so, he doesn't seem too concerned about a lot. However, that's not to say he can't be serious when the situation calls for it.
Adventurous - Always eager to explore new places just for the sake of being able to say he's explored them.
Quick - Decided to focus his training on speed rather than strength, and his Feyori blood helps with that.

Impulsive - Tends to not think things through entirely before acting.
Insomniac - Not always, but often finds himself having difficulty falling sleep.
Prideful - Takes great pride in his successes, often trying to ignore his failures.
Concealing - Doesn't let almost anyone see his true thoughts and feelings, using his overly casual nature to disguise them.

Quick-Strike [Sword] 'Rush forward and slash twice in succession. Roll individually for each hit. Becomes four hits if dual-wielding swords, and three if one sword and a different weapon in the offhand.' {ACTIVE}
Rolling Shot [Pistol/Uzi] 'Evade while shooting, giving +5 for the next attack.' {COUNTER}
Trigger Happy [Gunner] 'The user fires their weapon rapidly. +20 to hit, but the user is unable to attack next turn due to having to reload.' {ACTIVE}
Dodge [ANYONE] '+5 to dodge rolls. Becomes +10 for melee attacks if the character is a speedy class such as Rogue.' {PASSIVE}
Dash [Rogue] 'Move swiftly and suddenly. The user can either attack immediately following with a +5 to their roll, or not attack and have +5 for their next dodge.' {ACTIVE}

Rebound Dive [Sword required] 'Dart forward and bounce off of enemies or objects up to three times, dealing damage each time.' {ACTIVE}

Pincer: The rogue attacks from behind while the warrior strikes from the front. (Sum. Rogue gets +5) [With Andesine Geminus]
Promise of Protection ~ When fighting together, Kyanite gains +5 to all attacking rolls, and Andesine gains +5 to all defending rolls. (Passive) [With Andesine Geminus] {UNIQUE}

BACKSTORY (Optional):

In-Character / Re: Aaron, The Awoken Flame
« on: 01-10-2018 »
A few quick notes, if I may.
1. The signature skill is a biiiit on the overpowered side (And by a bit I mean quite a lot)
2. Dual-classes do not get the sixth skill slot, but they do get a signature, so just remove one of the normal skills and that's fine
3. Lunar isn't a literacy...? Maybe you meant celestial in general, but lunar specifically wouldn't be

Aside from those, the only thing really to say is ask if I can delete Aaron's old bio in the Wall of Immortality since there's no point in having both.

In-Character / Reigh, Crimson-Clad Noble
« on: 30-09-2018 »
Basic Description (Optional): A noble from a house that no longer exists, trained in both offensive and defensive magic, as well as the way of the sword.

Name: Reigh Niasme
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Racial Trait: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Sage [Mage/Cleric]

Common: Yes
Arcane: Yes
Other Languages (Specify): None

SOUL ELEMENT: Patience [Ice]

Weapons: Swords, specifically rapiers
Armor: Light
Items/Accessories: N/A

Weapons: Bows and guns
Armor: Heavy
Items/Accessories: Heavy items, such as shields

Fusion Foil - A golden rapier with a magic stone in the hilt, allowing it to channel magic similarly to a staff.

Quick-witted - Able to quickly think up and execute plans.
Honorable - Believes the only good fight is a fair fight.
Versatile - Due to his skills in various forms of magic and swordplay, he acts as a jack of all trades, albeit a master of none.

Daring - To an over-extent, potentially putting himself or his allies in danger.
Terrible Liar - Self-explanatory, he cannot bluff to save his life.
Flirtatious - Also self-explanatory, and can lead to him getting easily distracted.

Weapon Finesse - Warrior [ANYONE] 'Allows one to use Warrior weapons no matter their class. Takes up 2 skill slots instead of 1.' {PASSIVE}
Ray of Light [Cleric] 'Smite an enemy with a beam of holy magic that never misses. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Weapon Enchant [Mage] 'Temporarily enchant a weapon with a specific element.' {ACTIVE}
Transference [Mage] 'If an ally has to charge for a skill, grant the charge for them.' {REACTIVE}

None as of yet.

None as of yet.

Nearly a year has passed since the end of the Puppetmaster War of Almustadt, and it seems a peaceful future is finally at hand. However, a new, mysterious
threat has emerged. A massive amount of magic energy in the form of an odd distortion was detected from the remote land of Yirusera. Knowing what
happens when unknown magic is left unchecked, a handful of heroes from various lands make their way there to discover the source, and if necessary, end

Stars Aligned, the Almustadt-Ventiera intermission event, will take place the evening of this post going up, at approximately 7:30 PM EST.

All regular server rules apply, and mobility items are allowed. The biggest rule is to not go ahead of the party.

Update: Von has passed the wheel to myself and Ches. Just so people who may read this aren't confused by the chain of command.

Bump because massive update.

Bump because MASSIVE update.

Another divider separating pre-Ventiera from post

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