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Scrapyard / Application Thread
« on: 29-07-2015 »
Name: Umm INA7HAN

Roleplay Name: Aleks Valin

Players you already know on the on the server (if any): I honestly don't know who currently plays.

Previous roleplay experience: GMOD for several years, I've played and Roleplayed on HGN's Fallout, STALKER and the Terraria server in its previous incarnation. Currently I've been roleplaying on Star Wars The Old Republic since 2012

What servers have you played on, and how long: Look up. How long...long time? I've got about 500 hours on Terraria and anyone who knew me from the previous versions of the server will know easily about 450 could be claimed to have been on the server. (I was pretty active back in the day)

Why would you like to join our server: I miss Terraria, I was hoping for the Starbound server to replace it as I was looking forward to it but in the end it kind of poofed so I'm going for the next best thing (sad Starbound didn't work :( )

You agree to follow the rules?: Of course

You agree to a One week probation Period?: Yes


You awake slowly, being brought back to consciousness by the feeling of the ocean spray hitting your face, and the sound of waves. You wake with a start, noticing  you're adrift at sea on a piece of driftwood, and there's nothing you can see except the expanse of the sea around you. You subtly remember a storm, and the sound of a large amount of wood cracking. How do you react? (Roleplay it out.): *Awaking from his unconscious state grumbled his eyes flicking as he notices the sun beating down on his wet body. His head darts around to take in his surroundings and he glances around shocked to find himself drifting in an endless ocean with only a piece of drift wood to support his body. Knowing he could possibly be a tasty looking treat to any sea dwellers he gets up onto the wood as best as he can and looks around for anything of interest, like people or supplies to no doubt die or be rescued by someone*

You're walking through the muddy tracks of a bustling city fair, and there are sound and smells all around you. An interesting place to be sure, but as you're looking into one of the makeshift bar, you see a bartender slip something suspicious into what looks to be a nobleman's drink. How do you react? (Roleplay it out.): *Notices the act but says nothing to alert either party, however his morals kept him from completely ignoring it and so he stumbles up to the bar and fakes tripping forward slapping the mug off of the counter to spill on the floor. Getting up voicing his apologises to the Noble and bartender he offers to buy the Noble another drink and remains to ensure nothing is placed inside before he makes his way off to continue with his day*

You're walking through the marketplace of a town, people passing back and quite a bit of confusion going on in what appears to be a rush hour of sorts. Around the middle of the square, a running child crashes  into you, quite hard, and you take a tumble down onto the cobblestones. Instantly the child is helping you up and brushing off your coat, but before you know it, you feel a small hand snatch your purse, and as you turn around, another child is dashing through the crowd with your coin purse in hand, and if you turn back around, the other child has disappeared too, how do you react? (Roleplay it out.): *Rushes after the child that stole his coins aiming to catch the little shit and regain his hard earned  money. The kid was fast and agile amongst the crowd but it didn't deter him from following pushing people aside as he forces his way the bustling street his teeth clenched in annoyance. Watching the kid dart off amongst a few people he makes a break for it through the gap and manages to catch up when he makes it into one of the back alleys. Upon catching the kid by tackling him to the ground he snatches back his coins and slams his fist into the boys eye. He didn't enjoy it but the boy should learn to earn his own money rather than stealing it from hard working people. With the boy rubbing at his eye and the coins back in his possession he grumbles moving back into the street to continue with his day.*

As you were previously accepted way before, I'm gonna go ahead and say welcome back.

Exo's are mainly weight related and strength than armour anyway? It's strong yeah but not like exo's are just all armour

Why do so many bash the attempts to revive SRP? It was freaking awesome when I joined back in the day (not that far back before some Vets from 08 pound my ass). I'd try for admin and do events if I'm even able to *nod*

Fast Threads / Rate my bag!
« on: 16-10-2014 »
What do you carry your stuff in?
Is it


neither do i go backpacking around the city looking like a pretentious douchebag tourist
Then what do you carry your meal in, I mean you gotta eat in work right.
This is when we find out his occupation is a hobo, he uses the local library computers to speak to us all. He doesn't use bags as he can't get one, his meals coming from the floor. And so the conspiracy behind Jake has been solved.

Video Games / Alien: Isolation
« on: 16-10-2014 »
Got it, currently played seven hours into it. Game is scary as hell, even the androids are freaky.

Video Games / Alien: Isolation
« on: 13-10-2014 »
What do you say to the haterz?

wow that burnt rekt hard nice comeback xd! 1 11
1337 I know. I will 360 no scope u fgt. Ur not even prestige 10

Video Games / Alien: Isolation
« on: 12-10-2014 »
31 in UK get rekt. The whole point is the alien can't die as it's not FPS Colonial fucking Marines. Tis super srs suvvla horroz. Dun get mad cos u cant ply it

Video Games / Alien: Isolation
« on: 12-10-2014 »
Everyone is allowed an opinion, even if it is wrong. Like Jake's :3

Nah but in seriousness, I plan on getting the game soon because it gets lots of good reviews via lots of people on steam.

Edited. On the travel period to the sector from Earth, I assumed given they would as you say have to go a long distance to get there. I was under the impression they would have some sort of statis/cryo technology to place people in suspended animation for the trip, with ships running automatically or on a skeleton crew taking turns in shifts to the destination.

I'll make it. Still need to make my character on the game but other than that I'm ready.

Name: Adam Vildon
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Build (Height/Weight): 6' 200lb

Race: Human
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Handedness: Right
Distinguishing Marks: Several scars across his chest and arms, minor scar on his left cheek about two inches in length going horizontally down towards his mouth
Cybernetics/Replaced parts(If Any): None
Physical Description: A tall man with a strong build, average length hair, he is toned in look and his size can be quite intimidating at times. His face makes him look older than he actually is.

Personality: Easy to anger, he has quite a temper when judged or told what to do by those that have no authority or command of him. Respect for the Armed forces he often goes out of his way to help those enlisted or ex-enlisted in need. He's not fond of rich people or those who look down on the Military as "Dumb men with guns"
Character Traits: Strong, Militaristic
Character Flaws: Not particularly smart, temper can often get him into trouble, speaks his mind even if he shouldn't
Quirks: None

Bloodline: N/A

Genetype: No

Contacts/Friends: Most of his friends are either missing or dead, he knows of none that are currently alive

Enemies: N/A

Final Will & Testament: N/A

Former Career(If Any): Private in the UKDF (United Kingdom Defence Force) Lance Corporal in the United Systems Colonial Marines

Basic Skills: Basic leadership skills. Basic training in the operation of vehicles such as mechs and armoured cars. Basic medical skills
Advanced Skills: Firearms training, close quarter combat.
Lacking Skills: Engineering, repairs, Maintenance of things other than his armour and weapons. Socialisation skills out of the military are lacking.

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge: Disagreement with his superiors, failure to follow orders, the killing of three Floran soldiers

Background: Born on Earth he as abandoned outside an orphanage in the continent known as the United Kingdom at the time. Growing up he was often called a "Waste of space" "A nobody" he never succeeded in anything he tried and ended up being the one without any friends in the corner. He spent most of his time looking out of the window at a conveniently placed recruitment poster for the Military, he'd stare at the same words, the same pictures for hours and hours. Unsure of what to do with no one to speak to her quickly upon coming of age enlisted, no one even noticed he was missing when he walked out.

His basic training was hard and tricky for him, his build was average at best and with his temper and lacking of social skills he often found fitting in even there was an impossible task. He spent most of his spare time bettering himself, his body being pushed to its max to better accustom himself to military life. He managed to make one friend, a man with an average build just as he was at the start, Tristan Dunn. Tristan was similar to Adam in the way that he was not very social, they became friends when Tristan began speaking to Adam in the gym, asking for assistance and help in becoming like Adam in strength. Adam curious by the idea and with a topic he was quite informed in he agreed.

They soon began to spend time outside of the gym, they ate together, laughed, trained and worked together. They always had each others backs, and when the Beast crashed into Earth, he and Tristan having been fully trained were quickly deployed via airship to access the situation. When things went ugly he watched his best friend and countless others killed. His rage from the death of his friend was made apparent when it took four men to sedate and drag him away when the order to retreat was given. Waking up on a transport ship off of Earth he had nothing left.

As soon as he could he re-enlisted into what ever military force he could, that being the United System Colonial Marines. Adam went through the training easily due to past experiences but remained unsocial for a time before going into his element when he was promoted to Lance Corporal. His rank allowed him to be seen by the others and he soon began to talk with other Marines. His Squad was sent in to a world to deal with a distress beacon from a small colony. Upon landing at the planet the Colony was seen to have been destroyed by a meteor strike, Floran soldiers were spotted to be looting the area which resulted in a stand off between the two forces. A rookie from the Marines slipped in the mud whilst in the standoff and emptied a few rounds into the sky, the tense situation quickly become worse as the Floran thought they were firing at them. As soon as the Florans opened up and killed three of his squad mates, cover was gathered by both sides and quick negotiations were made due to the accident. Adam on the other hand was too angry to see reason in the matter and even when told to stand down he gunned down three of the Floran soldiers in quick succession with a few bursts of his Assault rifle. Having managed to kill three of the Florans the fight was re-ignited by his actions resulting in the deaths of all of his squad but the Corporal and the deaths of all the Floran soldiers.

He was immediately sent to prison aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution to do his time and was discharged from the U.S.M.C

Scrapyard / Re: Joining/Leaving/Away Thread
« on: 28-06-2014 »
Guess who's back, sort of. I see Terraria is back up aaaaand we're to be getting a Starbound server? *faps in corner*

Scrapyard / Eternia and you.
« on: 11-12-2013 »
This will be a thread made for ideas about the starbound server Ertenia. Do note that things have been discussed among some individuals, but yes express what you want to see etc please as it will all help after all it's being made for people to have fun on.

General Discussion / Re: SRP back?
« on: 10-12-2013 »
Gear and wealth is main feature of SRP so when people say why everyone only cares about gear is because gear = power and power allows you to get more money and what's one of the main reasons people are in the zone? To make money, also on the Passive RP thing and blandness I haven't been here as long as everyone else really but I've seen many characters of interest which passive roleplaying with them was fun, mainly 'Hydra' 'Dragon' 'Syfer' (Crosshair) Alek (Duty guy) Ivanov? All were good characters there was also probably one of my favourite traders 'Night' who I bought most of my stuff from. Most people were interesting to know and Roleplay. It's the zone after all people may seem bland because no one just blurts out their life story to every tom dick and harry that says hi to them, you have to earn the trust of that person and brefriend them over time to get such information about someones history.

Scrapyard / Re: Progress on the server
« on: 09-12-2013 »
Im gunna make a starbound server
Thought you were making a Starmade Server?

Scrapyard / Re: Progress on the server
« on: 09-12-2013 »
Just tell me when to try again.

I haven't play Starbound yet, but I think you have a spaceship and a lot of planets. If the action takes place in one of the planets, how do you arrive them? With a spaceship per player? Or do you spawn there?

Also, I'm about to download it from Mega.
nKe and I have been speaking on Starbound quite a bit. More to come. Just know that things are in the making

General Discussion / Re: SRP back?
« on: 09-12-2013 »
Omg please dont mix games lore

And i read up until "America shoots nukes at zone" yeah man, remeber that huricane america shot nukes at to stop? Yeah me neither, cause shooting an ecological disaster with explosives is dumb, shooting nukes is dumb and shooting nukes at a nuclear disaster zone to stop it from spreading is autistic.
I did say was shit idea also 'Murica

General Discussion / Re: SRP back?
« on: 09-12-2013 »
Well in about 10 minutes i came up with this shit idea.

The zone begins to expand at an increasing rate, Russia wishes to send in teams of scientists to try and solve the problem desperately to save the world. America seeing the zone as the expanding threat decides to nuke it. Nukes are launched at the zone but it's protected by a large bubble like anomalie causing the Nukes (More than one?) to explode spreading radiation and ash and all that other jazz around, Russia retaliates with Nuclear weapons causing the world to be fucked up. With one to stop the zone spreading it spreads across the world and gas anomalies sprout out everywhere causing the surface to be unbreathable without specalised equipment/gasmask. Mutants evolve to survive in the harsh enviroments or they go underground where people fled to survive the underbreathable atmosphere and radiation.

To include survairum simply new plant life begins to grow everywhere breathing in the gases and exhaling some oxygen meaning you're simply not filtering gases with your gasmask and that there is in fact oxygen above just the gases would kill you without it being filtered.

Scrapyard / Re: Progress on the server
« on: 08-12-2013 »
I mean joining the server.

Honestly man.

No one is good at roleplaying at first. When you start out it feels awkward, and you feel like an idiot for trying it. Time and time again, you'll try it more and more. Then you get used to the idea and you can pull it off like it's an everyday occurrence. Hell, most of the people who have roleplayed with me could probably say I'm not the greatest roleplayer, but I tap into the spirit of it all... I try to become someone I'm not, the very character I play becomes another side of my own self.

Just go practice, watch some D&D streams, chill out with friends and casually suggest it. You'll get it eventually.
Pretty much this, we all started somewhere.

General Discussion / Re: SRP back?
« on: 08-12-2013 »
Nice to see everyone avoided the point I was making. There are no new SRP players, well not many anyway and all of these players are on TnB or go to TnB. Hence why I stated we'd not get any new players as the hype is gone from Stalker and so there will be no fresh blood

General Discussion / Re: SRP back?
« on: 08-12-2013 »
Well Stalker hype has pretty much gone seen as the aren't any news one being made etc so players who played stalker upon release of the games and thought wouldn't it be fun to RP this have dissappeared with basically zero chance of getting news players so it'd just be all the old players really. Let's just all move onto something else Starbound anyone?

Scrapyard / Re: Progress on the server
« on: 07-12-2013 »
Large Human Empire arises with mainly discrimination/racism against aliens and non-humans everyone bar humanity on earth is destroyed and Humans travel to the starts into a large mass crusade across the galaxy to dominate and conquer.

Scrapyard / Re: Progress on the server
« on: 06-12-2013 »
Rebel Snow trooper armour?
It's called Snow Infantry armour (Chest, Legs, Helmet) and it's made from leather with 13 on each piece defense and protection from the cold 48 cold protection on chest so it's pretty damn good if anyone's in need of some easy decent armour for starbound

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