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Character Sheet

Name: Nodric Vodrin

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good -> Neutral Good
Class: Spellsword

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons: While he has been trained to effectively use most weapons, he favors Axes.
Armor: He has spent most of his adult life clad in iron, and is most comfortable in heavy armor.
Items: N/A

Weapons: Most weapons that require dexterity are outside of his wheelhouse.
Armor: N/A
Items: Despite his magical ability, he has a signifigant difficulty learning new spells and can not read tomes in the slightest.

Special Equipment

Self-Doubt: Nodric is plagued by a pervasive uncertainty about himself. His life has left him deeply unsure of himself and his abilities. He has a lot of soul searching to do

Cumbersome: Nodric's size alone makes him much slower than most people, but his chronic clumsiness makes most feats of grace impossible for him.

On the Lamb: Nodric has enemies with reason to scour the world for him. He regularly looks over his shoulder, expecting his end to find him.

Inarticulate: Some are granted the gift of gab. Nodric simply was not. He is unlikely to say any witty one liners, let alone eloquent speeches.

Reluctant: Nodric has magical ability, but is hesitant to reveal it.


Kind Hearted: Nodric is a good man at his core, and he is likely to help those in need

Battle Tested: While no songs have been sung in his honor, Nodric has spent much of his life in combat, and as such, can handle himself well in a fight

Loyal: Nodric has almost always swung his axe in the service of others. Those that gain his friendship are likely to have a life long and staunch ally.

Power Smash
Improved Critical
Weapon Enchant

(click to show/hide)

Fuck, alright yeah. I'll see you folks around.

Minecraft Dump / Been a bloody long time...
« on: 24-09-2015 »
Hey, Terraria is active?
Pretty solid question.

Scrapyard / Leave of Absence (LOA) Thread
« on: 24-09-2015 »

Seems I've been a way for a bit, and probably will be for some time.
I probably won't be on the server for the foreseeable future, but I'll still check the applications weekly from now on. My bad.

Wall of Immortality / Darwin, The Farmer
« on: 07-08-2015 »
Is Tristram written into Darwin's backstory you sick freak?

Wall of Immortality / Darwin, The Farmer
« on: 06-08-2015 »
10/10 would Darwin again

Server Dumps / Siege of the Iron Khan
« on: 01-08-2015 »
"Seafaring souls fear the sight of a brilliant blue light
The steer their ships away, sail all night and day
And they don't stop till dawn
That blue light tells us all
Here comes the Khan"

"It seems that the grubby little man shouting all hell about our oncoming doom wasn't so damn wrong after all. My boy and I, we got a ship, yeah? He comes back home one night talkin' all sorts of hell about blue lights and bloody waters. It sounded like the dumbest thing I ever heard spill out of that kid's mouth, but I get to lookin' up at the sky yeah? We're you boys out? Well...there was a god damn sea of 'em! Blue flares! Sky looked like a damn tarp. Don't rightly know what it means, but you folks know the tales. Piss off Gary! Even as a ghost story it's scares me. Good men lost their lives to shite like this. Look, I know it's a bit crazy, but hell boys...I think he's comin', I think it's the Khan."

(End shitty IC explanation, begin OOC details)
Next Friday (August 7th) at 7:15 PM CST there will be an event. We hope to see you there, and hope you can join us for an interesting, challenging, and hopefully fun event.

Character Sheet

Name: Khagren

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Shaman

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N
Goblin Literacy: Y or N

Weapons: Dark Magical Weapons, and spears
Armor: Cloths and leathers
Items: Primal charms and trinkets

Weapons: Blades, and most blunt objects
Armor: Chain, and holy vestments
Items: Most technology and holy items

Special Equipment
Shadowflame Bolt (Amethyst Staff): A basic offensive spell
Unholy Trident/Dark Lance: Able to manifest and throw tridents made of dark energy
Shadowflame Hex Doll: Produces long spindly Shadowflame tendrils, that are too sporadic to control or predict
Siphon: Drains the life force from the subject, and harnesses it for himself
Tome of Tombs: Sends shrieking dead spirits toward the target, primarily to incite fear.

Hatred of Civilization: Khagren despises city folk, and works toward their undoing.
Afflicted: As he uses his magical ability, he is drained of his health.
Hidden in Plain Sight: He must keep up appearances, even in the face of those he resents.
Cursed: Khagren is haunted by visions of the dead, and is skilled in Dark Magics. As such, he is repelled by holy artifacts and averse to light magics.
Unnerving : Khagren is overly polite, so much so he gives off an creepy vibe.

Magically Talented: Khagren is a proficient mage.   
 Calm: Very rarely loses his temper and drops his composure.

Wall of Immortality / Vrach
« on: 10-07-2015 »
It's 2 am and I'm writing the general idea down so I remember in the morning. Major overhaul to come, punk.
Character Sheet

Name: Vrach

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 11? 220? I don't know yet man.
Gender: Male...? It's a rock.
Race: Golem (God this just makes me sound like a prick)
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Construct

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons: Large weapons that require little coordination.
Armor: Unarmored
Items: Defensive items large enough to be wielded by Vrach.

Weapons: Ranged weapons and conventionally sized weapons.
Armor: All
Items: Any items that increase magical talent and any movement speed related items. 

Special Equipment
Anchor- Vrach swings around a reclaimed Anchor from a sunken ship.
Control Rose(Placeholder name, because it's awful) A small, golden flower with the following inscription, "Whomever holds this flower, holds the will of the Golem in their hands". This artful artifact seems to wander, and never stays with the same master forever. It could be in one's possession for years, and leave unexpectedly. OOC: The Rose can be stolen from any player, so long as it is properly RPed and either consensual or the thief wins an opposed roll. Should a dispute arise, I will determine who keeps the Control Rose. (Even though I'm basically a lamp)
 Vrach stands incredibly tall, and weights a considerable amount. Most doorways are inaccessible, and many weapons and tools built for human hands are inoperable for Vrach. As a result, it is almost impossible to hide or move at any speed that could be considered "quick".
Lack of Motivation
 Without direction, Vrach is merely a large rock, and a directive is required for him to do even the most mundane of tasks.
 Vrach is subject to the whims of whomever holds his control artifact at the present moment, he will either work with specific instructions, or work in the way he judges best to accomplish a broad goal.
Intellectually Inept
Vrach has no cultural understanding, any sort of education, or any ability to gel into society as a whole.
Horrifying Visage
 Vrach was carved in such a way as to appear scary or frightening, and this can serve as a hindrance. 
Being carved of hard rock, he is subject to the pitfalls of actual rocks, and while he might fare well against a blade, the far more common mining instruments might prove fatal. Conventional healing would not be effective for Vrach.
Mana Deficient
Vrach lacks the ability to utilize or conduct raw mana flow.

Great Strength
Being of such size, he is able to accomplish feats of strength unthinkable by man.
Vrach is resistant to the dangers of the mortal man. Disease, confusion, and blindness are a some of the many physical ailments that Vrach unaffected by.
Living Sculpture
A skilled Mason might be able to alter the make up and appearance of Vrach.

Scrapyard / Character Roster
« on: 30-06-2015 »
Jedgi Poston and Brasht are all I'm playing at the start.
Crom might make an appearance soon, and Gray is the least likely to still be alive.

Introductions / Back again!
« on: 30-06-2015 »
Good to have you back, Max! You're a welcome addition to this motley and moldy crew.

Scrapyard / Administrative Roster
« on: 28-06-2015 »
Ah, what the hell.
Play it again, Sam.
Real Name: Jake Knudsen
Age: 17
Past Experience: Caphori, Iseyu, LOTRO RP, ESO RP, Table Top Campaigning, etc.
Why Should We Pick You: I've played a lot, seen what works and doesn't and think I can help provide the voodoo to turn this corpse into a shambling zombie once more.
How long have I played: Oh god. Last time I played, Fred Flinstone was my neighbor, so I hope that helps provide a time line. What I mean is a long time.
What do you intend to do with my powers: Help to make some cool plot lines, encourage an environment for random RP, and plunge Skyrim in to chaos.
Can you be active every day: For the most part, yeah. There are a couple days coming up, and I have work, but yeah.
Position Applying for (Fourm/Ingame/Both) Both
People that referred you to this position: Dick Cheney, James. Check my previous apps for confirmation if you really want to dig up graves.


General Discussion / FOnline roleplay.
« on: 30-10-2014 »
I hopped on the group, and got another member from HGN to join as well. Good idea, I'm hoping it happens.

Archived / All Good Things...
« on: 07-10-2014 »

Scrapyard / Well, alright.
« on: 26-09-2014 »
yo folks.
I'd be on if I had a computer that functioned as more than a type writter. I like the place a whole hell of a lot, but we have been getting worse for a while, and if you need to shut it down, I feel that.

Scrapyard / Joining/Leaving/Away Thread
« on: 14-09-2014 »
Yo I'm still down, comp is in the shop, and they are taking an age. I may be on with my secondary, but it's not really mine so we'll see how it goes. Till then, continue being swell.

Scrapyard / Joining/Leaving/Away Thread
« on: 04-09-2014 »
I'm going to have to be less active now that summer has ended and real life has thoroughly beat the shit out of me in the never ending quest to obtain all of my lunch money. I'll get on when I can, which should be a kinda actively, just not all day everyday. See you folks around.

Scrapyard / Fist of The East
« on: 09-08-2014 »
(This information is available IC)
     Fist of the East is no ancient order or large scale organization, it's merely a network of trained individuals willing to handle business of a unpleasant nature for coin. With such a wide variety of skills to choose from, our Mercenaries will be able to handle whatever bushiness is thrown our way. 
          Little real hierarchy exists within the organization, but it's founders assume most of the leadership roles. Should you be seeking work or to hire us, seek out Either Brasht or Arthur the Paladin. Any mercenary that wishes to apply should be prepared to be evaluated in a number of ways.

         Our Mercs are quality tested, with most of them either having a longstanding history of mercenary work, or a background in combat of some sort. When you contract with Fist of The East, you know you're getting the best of the best.

(End of IC information)

 -All interested parties need to apply IC to be accepted.
 -We have a facility for you to store goods, sleep, eat, train and generally do what ever you need. Living in this facility is recommended, but not required.
Founders: Brasht, Arthur Petremol.
Members: Von Khyr, Remilia, Lynnethe

Since all the cool kids are updating, so am I.

Cromwell and Brasht- Alive
Grayzar- MIA

Wall of Immortality / Brasht, Hunter for Hire
« on: 03-08-2014 »
Character Sheet

Name: Brasht.

Character Details (Optional)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human, 1/4th Orc.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Merc

Basic Literacy: Y or N
Magic Literacy: Y or N

Weapons: Most rifles and Crossbows.
Armor: He often favors a lighter studded leather armors, but has been know to use some light metal.
Items: Items that increase his ranged prowess.

Weapons: Most heavy items, specifically swords.
Armor: Heavy armors.
Items: Anything that makes him too loud.

Special Equipment

Alice-His prized possession, given to him by his father. The crossbow, old as it is, is still a reliable and dependable partner.

Rabbit-His less preferred weapon, but one he is quite skilled with. Quicker than most rifles of it's kind, rabbit hops along well.

Trusting- He often relies on the kindness of those he does not know.

Lack of Killer Instinct- He often hesitates when his job requires him to end a life. Is capable of killing, just dislikes it.

Large- With his father being a Half Orc, he is larger than most humans. This works against him during jobs that require a stealthy touch.   

Lust for wealth- He is attempting to build up a meager fortune, and might pursue fool hardy plans to gain it.

Inexperienced- While he is skilled with his weapons, he's not been in the mercenary work for long.
Dead eye- Through years of training, he has gained quite the aim.

Likable- He seems to have a way with people.

Professionalism- He has quite the penchant for getting the job done.

(Made this on the way out the door, so expect nothing.)

Scrapyard / Re: Server Downtime
« on: 01-08-2014 »
It'll be back before you know it, folks, and better than before. It's like the server was Alex Murphy, and soon we'll be Robo-Cop. 

Scrapyard / Re: Joining/Leaving/Away Thread
« on: 29-07-2014 »
I'm back, and I've reviewed the map.

Holy shit guys, thanks for staying alive.

Nice to have ya back, Von.

Okay, re-writing this bland ass back story. WIP.

Scrapyard / Re: Temporary Mods Needed
« on: 24-07-2014 »
Real Name: Jake
 Age: 16
 Gamer Alias: Gray
 Servers You Play On?: Isyeu and used to be on Caphori
 Past Experience: Tons of role play now, was a mod on Caphori, play DnD frequently and about a year of lotro rp.
 Why Should We Pick You?: Was a mod on caphori, was previously accepted as a mod here, but it was never official.
How long have you played on the server?: 3+ years
What do you intend to do with your powers?: Try to help the community flourish by working with the mod team to get activity back up. 
Can you be active every day?: I pretty much already am.
Position Applying for (Forum/Ingame/Both): Both.
People that referred you for this position(optional, screenshots only): Nobody I have screencaps of at least.


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