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Stalker Dump / Re: Being Kicked By Console...
« on: 02-01-2010 »
You guys were exactly right! it WAS dismemberment mod! Im playing SRP right now! Thanks alot!

Stalker Dump / Re: Being Kicked By Console...
« on: 02-01-2010 »
Okay can someone tell me how to fix this and stop talking about AIDS? Way to get off topic... I dont know why Script enfrocer wouldn't let me join the server for a balloon file.

Stalker Dump / Being Kicked By Console...
« on: 02-01-2010 »
Okay just yesterday I found I couldn't join SRP.
What happens is..
1:Does the normal load sends client info...
2:Takes me to the spawn and shows me the screen to select my char.
3:Boom! i'm kicked and this shows up!
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : "Mismatch: effects\balloon_pop\init.lua".

Can someone lend me a hand here?

Megaupload isn't working and this "" crap is rediculous. Put it on filefront and make this simpler.
EDIT 1: Nevermind...

Stalker Dump / Re: The Reavers.(REV VIRAL)
« on: 17-10-2009 »
Very good idea for a new mutant. These things are gonna be really tough to fight off.

Scrapyard / Re: Stalker - Brutal execution
« on: 10-10-2009 »
Nice job...You gave me some ideas in this video  :D

I think we should add a weapon Upgrade System to enlarge clip sizes and damage. Traders could charge people for weapon upgrades!And turn our weapons into awesome killing machines  ;D

You REALLY should really suggest to the Dev Team to make this part of the gameplay for STALKER RP. This would be amazing.

Simply amazing writing done here I'd love to take this and make it a machinama. If I had time for another one.  :P

Stalker Dump / I want to be a Merc.
« on: 06-10-2009 »
Theres no thread of any sort explaining how I can become one and I have no idea who the leader is. So im posting here. Someone help me out?

Scrapyard / Re: Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Content
« on: 06-10-2009 »
I just extract this to Garrysmod/garrysmod right? :P

Scrapyard / Re: The Punisher
« on: 06-10-2009 »
At 2:48 DId you just decide to give 'em a hug?  :D

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