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Stalker Dump / Re: Confirm activeness.
« on: 02-09-2010 »

Entertainment Forums / Re: Best Corset Ever
« on: 02-07-2010 »
Screw you, Akira. That shit is awesome.

So's the Tactikilt. Yes, really.

Entertainment Forums / Re: Best Corset Ever
« on: 01-07-2010 »
Seen it ages ago, someone who wants one showed me it.

Listen, you straight-up minge. It's not because we like Rook, it's because you're a senseless moron who has no regard for others' RP, feelings, beliefs, etcetera. I don't care if he's 14, he's fully entitled to roleplay here without some random '20-odd year old lesbian German tank driver who can also program and CLAIMS to be a Nazi' wants him gone because she roleplays having sex and engaging in combat.

No, I'm not standing for your -crap-.

Get this thread removed.


Complete and utter ageism/personal bias. Continue down this path and I will ensure that you receive punishment. And it won't be light.

Quoting myself for double-effect.


Complete and utter ageism. Continue down this path and I will ensure that you receive punishment. And it won't be light.

Scrapyard / Re: Last Guard
« on: 21-06-2010 »

Allow me to expand:
Too many similar stories, groups and other cliche points.
- Does not count, as said.
= It counts, because you're adding to the horrible pile of soon to be/dead groups, and there's no point in having a clone of those.

No promising leadership.
- You don't like me, so what?
=This is nothing to do with liking you, you haven't shown many indications of leadership material what-so-ever, nor can I trust you as a player with power.

No prospective RP coming out of making this group in particular.
- The camp is open for every loner. they could sit arround the campfire ,tell stories etc.
= They can do that without a group, easily.

Do not like an incredibly short backstory which actually details only a founder for what you wish to be a minor faction.
- It's 5am ,jesus christ. Also the story of that faction is the story of the leader
= So, extremely limited, and gives no deep insight into things the faction would and would not do. And time does not matter. If you post it, it better be good.

Scrapyard / Re: Last Guard
« on: 21-06-2010 »

Allow me to expand:
Too many similar stories, groups and other cliche points.
No promising leadership.
No prospective RP coming out of making this group in particular.
Do not like an incredibly short backstory which actually details only a founder for what you wish to be a minor faction.

tl;dr: Pointless in my opinion unless you expand upon what is already written.

Scrapyard / Re: Suggestion Thread
« on: 19-06-2010 »
"Please post your ideas on how the ecologist SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be."

Should be:
Barely noticeable

Should not:

Stalker Dump / Re: Activity Check.
« on: 19-06-2010 »
And then suddenly, it demanded an activity check, which REALLY isn't needed.

She dead.
Good story though, nice job.

I suggest you get out of here if you plan on using HGN to demonstrate to the boffins over at Microsoft that  you belong there, y'know, rolling out patches that actually make known situations worse and create whole new problems. ;3

Ummm this is kind of invconveint for you guys seeing as i had Icly and have auth for this, Rigged the sewers with Explosives.... Yea.... So you also kind of amputated Schelk's foot that is not going to good for you guy's just a head's up

Yeah - Sewers are destined to be KABOOM'd with full auth'd explosive devices.
Won't be a permanent block of that sector - Pretty much just an NLR of an area.

Yes, areas can be NLR'd ;v

Recently ive been notified of discontent about both Commisar and Crimzon being an admin by various players and i would like to see what the playerbase thinks and should be done about both of these people. This is a serious thread so no flaming or going off topic.

Please leave a comment here on this agender and vote in the poll above.


Stop fighting.
This thread is meant to state your opinion.

You sir have won. He actually read the first post.
Yarp, but some 'opinions' seem to be going askew, and people are pointing fingers without any argument or reasoning.

Nitro > Crimzon

You've stated this opinion enough. Unless you have something else to contribute, please just stop posting in this thread.

I've stated it twice. So stop trying to kick me out of the thread, yeah?

Once was more than enough.

Nitro > Crimzon

You've stated this opinion enough. Unless you have something else to contribute, please just stop posting in this thread.

Ok ,short version: Commissar kind of took my arguments with these big-metaton-ass texts.
It hasn't changed my opinion because I'm not sure if it's true or not. You can't base it by how much he says. It was only a few points that rambled.
I haven't seen Nitro admining because I've taken a break from SRP, so I don't think Nitro should be demoted, but I don't support him either.
As for Crimzon the last time I was playing, he power-gamed and he's was a bad role model for new players. I'm unsure if he has improved.

Same deal - Got proof?
Because I sure as hell don't make a habit of power-gaming, although some would see it as such because they don't 'win'.

Is it really necessary to let something like the status of two admins be decided by a bunch of people, many of which would probably so incredibly quick to say "Demote them both, for god's sake!"? Silver, there were things that should've been decided by the playerbase that you've denied them the chance to, but for something like this? I have to say that you've just lost it.

This is a false democracy. It seems you don't understand how things work. This thread is just for our opinions. It doesn't matter the outcome, nothing will change unless whoever is running this decides to fix it.

It really is a false democracy... It may turn into a flame war soon.

Who votes shutting down the polls and throwing this all behind us?
Like what Kisftw just said, our votes only count if SilverKnight acts on them, and I suspect he'll act on the current poll before acting to delete it.

Silver already acted before the polling was anywhere near done.
Hypothetically speaking, let put the freedom incident aside. How about the powergaming monolithian raid?

And what raid would that be?

I will try to keep this as unbiased as possible, though it will be quite difficult. My personal opinion is that they both should be removed from the admin team. I don't hate them personally, I hate their actions. I never had a problem with Nitro until he tried to PK me for not saluting to him. (Dead serious.) And up until before Crimzon got admin, I loved him. But now you state your opinion and it's "you're flaming this", or "you're flaming that", and they both immediately whip out the banhammers. Nitro is built of rage, kind of like a 24/7 hulk. I don't know why he decides taking it out on ever living creature is worth his while, but that is what he does. I've only dealt with him in RP twice. Once was the DUTY incident, and the second time... Well, there's really no way to say 'asspulling stalker' nicely. Crimzon on the other hand let the power get to his head, and is on a massive ego trip. He can 'pwn'  5 monolithians in their own base, alone. And drag an injured teammate out of a place that is supposed to be a dead end. Which means, he flew while dragging a body of a full grown man into a vent shaft too high to actually be able to get back up into once coming down. And he also planted a 'lol' explosive on the Mono door, that actually exploded and killed two monolithians, AFTER Crimzon and the teammate had flew through the vent and left. Crimzon also was able to successfully attack and kill a freedomer while in freedom base whith a bunch of freedomers online, and magically have no one know it was him. And once you confront him with any of this in OOC or whatever, he claims you are flaming and pulls out the banhammer (following Nitro's footsteps). I don't RP events with these people anymore, because what results is normally powergame or something of the like, and I prefer not getting into that. If that means I have to let down my faction, it's something I've got to do then. These are just a few of the multiple examples I've witnessed, there are more, but I think what I've listed has justified my reason for having them both demoted out of HGN staff. At least not on SRP.

I will not kick people for stating opinions in ways that are not insulting to any member of the community. And my admin status does not influence any of my actions that are taken ICly, they never have, nor will they ever.

As for the Freedom incident, did you see me do it? - No?
Surprise, you'd prefer to metagame that I'd done it than step back and mind your own business.

When Commisar says "Fuck off" he means- "Hi there, what's going on?"


Agreed, We should remove all the Bull shit characters and other things that cause problems to Crimzon and Nitro.

Please, just please. Give me a really good account of when my characters have done something to unspeakably impossible that it causes enough to warrant this reaction.

And no, they haven't shot one Stalker, and done an instant 180 with duck to kill the other.
^ Should ring a bell.

Uhm, no, if they are not good people in general, you can take into the account any wrong things they do during roleplay. That's what  suggests that they SHOULDN'T have this benefit since being admin is FOR the players.

Remind me why you're still here and commenting about what's best for the players? - Last I remember you were making a nice and healthy rant on Facepunch telling the members of the community there that they shouldn't go to HGN due to issues regarding the admin team, and roleplay - Which really wouldn't help our members against future discrimination, and issues regarding HGN's reputation spreading.

Because i did start to get my self a bit annoyed when typing that sorry for that.

And I've already defended myself from the tides of bawwww resulting from people not completely winning and being satisfied with a victory.

Basicaly the members of HGN that want my admin removed have a personal grudge against me, either due to my personality or losing a fight to one of my chars, or they simply like the prospect of toppling the bastard called Nitro.

This actually does pretty much sum it up - Because not one person can supply a good reason for either of us to be punished for administrative abuse.

Scrapyard / Re: SRP Administration Discussion
« on: 29-05-2010 »
Crimzon, show some respect to the players.

I'll show as much as I receive, because I'm not going to go out of my way to sugar-coat my posts in reply to people have shown me way more than just a bit of disrespect, despite me confronting them about it.

However, if it makes everyone feel better, I'll soften up the text a little.

The problem is though, when they do something some hates, the hater announces it for everyone to hear about. When one of them do good, no one takes notice.

Besides, all players, regardless of rank or character, abuse/powergame/metagame and other shit. It's just that when they do, people over exaggerate it.

Commisar I dont have a problem with hes been quite nice to me and seems fit to stay at his current rank, on the other hand I feel Crimzon tends to...overreact, I dont know if thats the right word or not but I can note serveral occasions where he threatend to fill out PK appeals when someone for example, shot at them when only their buddy said that they shot at him, I dont know if that really makes sense but also its getting quite annoying when he goes Rambo and pulls out his dual Kites and blasts you all away within a matter of seconds and theres nothing you can do about it because hes an admin and you dont want to be punished, but thats just my opinion.

To be honest, admin status has nothing to do with my roleplay. So long as you actually have real reason to complain to me, or another admin, you won't be punished for stating an opinion.

As for the PK part, noooooooooot quite sure I remember anything about that.

Scrapyard / Re: SRP Administration Discussion
« on: 28-05-2010 »
That CSV was welshy leader of your faction. Yes Yes I'll SHUT UP! about it. Anyway it was volded sure sure.

"Please use what little common sense you can piece together to realize that before you even open your mouth, you should have both sides of, and the complete story."

That CSV was Paintcheck. Please just stop talking.

Edit, after Flash removed his post:

Yeah, I thought so too, mate.

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