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(Not entirely sure if I'm doing this right but whatever)

Name: Galen Calume
Race: Avian
Class: Warrior

Basic Description: Gale has just sailed into Ventiera from overseas to help fight the blood mage menace. Although she's quite snobby, rude, and very annoying, she's not a terrible person.

Name: Galen Calume (Of the Calume Family)
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Avian
Racial Trait: Aerial Grace, and the ability to fire off her feathers as weapons
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Warrior

Common: Yes
Arcane: No
Other Languages (Specify): Fluent in quite a few languages, such as elvish, due to her fantastic education


Weapons: She uses her talons and feathers as weapons mainly, but is also good with a sword.
Armor: A blend of light and heavy armor.
Items/Accessories:  Sometimes she'll wear a cloak if the weather gets too windy [it might mess up her feathers!]. She also wears a hood, as most avians do.

Weapons: Ranged weapons, raw arcane magic, and daggers
Armor: Anything too heavy or too light
Items/Accessories: Anything too large for her to carry while flying

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT / IC FEATURES: She owns an enchanted ring, a generations-old family heirloom, that causes her talons to glow and become as quick and sharp as blades. It is her most prized possession.

TRAITS: Gale is very beautiful, and she knows it. She is very flirty and self-centered because of this. She's also quick on her feet, and quick to react to danger. 

FLAWS: Gale is quite the snob, and will almost always turn her beak up to anything that doesn't meet her standards. She's rude, self-centered, and bratty. As well as being egotistical, she also doesn't have great common sense. Generally, most people don't like her.


Pugilism: No penalties for fighting bare-handed
Focus: +10 to hit for next attack. +20 if used twice in a row. Doesn't stack higher than +20
Improved Critical: Rolling +40 above a losing roll grants a crit rather than +50
Rage: +5 to hit, -5 to defense. Wears off after battle
Blood Blade: Deal damage to self to deal more damage to the enemy



BACKSTORY (Optional): Coming from an aristocratic family, Gale is used to being treated like a princess.  She studied the art of the blade (as well as several fist-fighting techniques) before gracing Ventiera with her presence to aid them in fighting the blood mages. She will have a rude awakening, however, when she realizes that most people will not appreciate her egotistical personality.

Basic Description: Crys can be considered a bit of a mysterious character. While he has a few friends, they don't really know him very well.
He often seeks comfort with his summon, an imp he calls Blaise. Although, he doesn't really talk about his imp or summoning skills very often with people.
In a short, heated battle, it was revealed to many that Crys is a Fiend, an identity that he was desperate to conceal. He does little to hide his identity anymore, but isn't very open about it either, and can in fact be quite bitter about it.

Name: Crys Henbane
Age: 237
Gender: Male
Race: Fiend
Racial Trait: Resistance to dark attacks, weakness to light attacks
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Warlock [Summoner/Mage] (As well as having a hell of a shot with a gun)

Common: Yes
Arcane: Yes
Other Languages: He's almost fluent in Demonspeak, but speaks extremely bad Elvish


Weapons: Can cast the "demon scythe" spell, as well as having a gun and an imp companion
Armor: (ingame he wears bee armor for the sake of being a summoner, but he doesn't wear any story-wise)
Items/Accessories: A cracked mask and a cloak

Weapons: Heavy weapons such as broadswords
Armor: Heavy armor
Items/Accessories: Anything containing, enchanted with, or having to do with light magic.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT / IC FEATURES: He has large horns adorning him, but that's all that's truly outstanding

TRAITS He's physically attractive and cunning, as well as being quite humorous. His strange sense of humor can be found charming by some.  He can be very over-protective, but his fierce loyalty towards those he cares about makes up for it. Although he often only feigns his bravery,  he truly cares about his friends and the people around him.

FLAWS: Crys is a hothead by definition. He often lets his feelings take control of his actions. Due to his lack of emotional independence, he's prone to loneliness and can be very clingy. He can also be very cocky, but fortunately it's usually only jokingly.

Drain: Drains the enemy's lifeforce
Summon: Summons a familiar to fight
Bond: Heals a minion
Weapon Finesse--Gunner: Grants the ability to use a gun alongside regular class weapons


Gale Rush: Crys flies into the air and beats his large wings, creating currents of wind that disorient all enemy players. All enemy rolls get a -10 for three turns, or until Crys is hit by two successful attacks.


Wild Element: [Drake Aerbane] Imbues the summoner's familiar with an element specific to what it relates to.

Moonlight: [Pale Beauty] Combining light and darkness, damage all enemies in a radius while healing nearby allies.

BACKSTORY:  It is known by few that Crys was actually fooled out of his powers by a strange avian. Little is known about the context of why or how this happened. It is also known that Crys comes from a broken family background and that he's lost many friends due to them being afraid of him and his once spectacular powers.

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