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Started by Blake.H, 21-08-2014

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Director's Office
Network DirectorAide to The Network Director
@Silver Knight n/a

Management Team
CMT ManagerCMT SupervisorCMT Member
@Blake.H  n/a@Picto Wolf

Stalker Staff
Stalker ManagerStalker SupervisorStalker Admin

Minecraft Staff
MC ManagerMC SupervisorMC Moderator

Vintage Story Staff
VS ManagerVS SupervisorVS Admin

GMOD Developer
GMOD Developer
*indicates discord ID

NOTE: I will try and keep this up to date. Please inform me if your name is missing or any information is wrong.

(Basic Structure)
---- Aide To the Director
--Community Management Team Manager
---Community Management Team Supervisor
----Community Management Team Member
---Server 1 Manager
----Server 1 Supervisor
----Server 1 Admin/Staff/Member
---Server 2 Manager
----Server 2 Supervisor
----Server 2 Admin/Staff/Member

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Silver Knight

Added Mentions for links to profiles.

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Silver Knight

Updated to reflect @ and added King Arthur ( Who is HGN member 135 by the way )

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period