The Baptist church of Pheonix.

Started by Ravanger, 23-01-2010

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The Cross and Faith Baptist church.
Just a little stample of the group:This church is dedicated to help educate people and teach people about the lord. The HOLY,HOLY,HOLY lord. We are a church of people all are welcome we untight eachother in bonds togetha. We will stand by each other we will be saved togetha.

A odd and puzzleing and secret quote from the Head Preacher: When life is so short we find our selves trying to live it....With what greed....Crime....Lust.....The sins and cruelity of life will come back to haunt those who live there life unrightously....Our Lords son gave his life to pay for our crimes... So you people spit in his face and do your acts of sin..You will see one day...The time will come...It will.

This group is a pretty simple concept and a more passive rp. But will have a darker side to it aswell. It may turn a cult or have other issuses with other religons or groups. There is going to be some interesting rps with it. We will haveing meetings everyday.We also will host funerals here and other events. So pks will be interesting if the body gets found and we can take it here and do the funeral. We do more things aswell.
This is still a work in progress. I am still thinking of it wether to be baptist or just a open church in a way.Post your ideas.It will also tie into a kind of dark.They also have political ties and will particpate in a political order.There is even rumored to be a secret organization that is which is the church. It is known though that the head preacher is a very depresed man.It is said that the church may be even just a cover for what is really going on inside.The inside letting of another country or terror group. No one knows but there is something odd going on in the church.THe church is filled with many mysterys.But on the outside the church is like any other go lucky church.

Dark side of the church.
Stalker | Train section video soundtrack

Happy and lovely side of this lovely church.
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Head Preacher.
Father Patrick Tugtin | Ravanger
Brothers and other workers of the faith.


Oh lol'd Support Just because I wanna see how much you get fucked with in-game.


Just to say it will come back to haunt thoose who do..*EVIL LAUGH HAHAHHAA.*
But I mean it is a step from all the little crime organizations.


Now don't rape children after there bath now!



"Is it just me, or have peoples' hands been growing out of their asses lately?"


We need some priests who will run around with AK-74s.

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Strange but this churche has secret meaning!

"The Rapist Church"


Remember lessi we are not catholics so we dont touch children.




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Quote from: Ravanger on 24-01-2010
Remember lessi we are not catholics so we dont touch children.

Hey ! Yes you do! All the christians and the ones who belive in god are perverts! I know that! I've seen that! I've created that!

No wait i'm not going insane am i?

+Support for you to forget what i said!



+Support just because I want to see you end up like the Pope on Christmas Day