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Application/Training period *READ BEFORE AND AFTER APPLYING*

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Once you have made your application to the PPD, it will be reviewed by a high ranking Officer. Do not ask a Officer to check it for you as this will result in an instant DENIED.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will edit your post with one of the follow tags.

ACCEPTED - Your application was of decent quality and was accepted. Speak to a PPD Officer in the main lobby of the Downtown precient and inform him of your name, your application status etc. Once a High ranked Officer has seen you, your Cadet period will begin.

PENDING - Your application was good enough to pass however we will be monitoring your progress more closesly. Again, speak with an Officer in the PPD Lobby.

DENIED - Your application was not of good enough quality/effort. You must wait a week to reapply. If you contact an Officer to complain about the decision or you make an application before the week is up you will be blacklisted from the PPD and will not be allowed to join, ever.

The Cadet Period

Congratulations on making it this far. Once you have been accepted into the Phoenix Police Department as a Cadet you are on your trial period. The average lengh of this can range from a few days to a week, depending on how much you impress the Higher Ranks. Through out this period Officers (Both of a high and lower rank) will 'show you the ropes' such as how to deal with searches, arrests, firearms etc. Cadets are only equiped with a Nightstick and should you complain about this (We have had people do this) it will be assumed you are only joining for weapons and thus instantly removed from the PPD.

At the end of your Cadet Period, you will be given a written exam ((In-game)) covering all aspects of your training. If you fail the test you will be required to spend an extra week in your Cadet period. Should you pass then you will be promoted to a Officer of the Phoenix Police Department.


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