Pentium 4 Owners Can Get a $15 Settlement From Intel

Started by Silver Knight, 31-10-2014

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Silver Knight

QuoteThanks to a settlement in a long-running class-action lawsuit, Intel is now offering fifteen shiny dollars to anyone who bought a Pentium 4-powered PC almost fifteen years ago. One dollar per year of lying and misery that you've had to suffer.

The suit hinges on the fact that Intel 'misrepresented' the performance of the Pentium 4 processor, by inventing benchmarks that claimed to show its processor was superior to the rival AMD Athlon Thunderbird. This turned out to be a bunch of crap, and as such a group of lawyers have spent most of the last decade arguing that Intel needs to pay everyone back.

QuoteOne actually productive thing to come out of this whole affair, though, is the fact that Intel is also having to donate $4,000,000 to educational charities. Guess all those legal fees weren't in vain after all

I know i have a Pentium 4 processor around here somewhere..

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