Locke's New PC! ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

Started by Locke, 30-12-2009

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Need a new PC, this one is going to shit.

MoBo Possibilities

AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 4MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Processor - Retail


Fluffy, you made a PC.

Help me out here



AMD makes legit procs for cheap.

.ASUS makes good motherboards, believe you need socket AM2

ATI'S 5 series of graphics cards are supposed to be awesome, even the cheapest one of that series is faster in every way over some of Nvidia's older high end cards.


AMD is pretty good for processors, it depends on your price range. I use AMD.

Pentium makes a really good high-end processor.

ASUS makes cool motherboards, it's what I use.

I can't say anything for ATI, but my nVidia 8800 GTS is great. I can run most games on the highest settings with a slight amount of lag.


2.6 GHz is dissapoint, mine is 4.2 (give or takeā‚¬



If I upgraded to a 4.(something) then I'd do that :V

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For a new rig you want:

Duo Core or higher
At least 2 gig of RAM
Nvida 8800 or higher Graphics card
Sata 640 gig HD or higher

Find something around those lines and you will be fine.

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I've got all of those in Locke's new computer setup since he asked me to find him a new computer for under $500, I've even got an Nvidia 8800 GTS I can mail to him if he wants.

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Nvidia 8800 Graphics cards are cheap as chips these days, you can pick one up for next to nothing, and run any game at high spec without any hitch, it's a good bit of kit and on a budget, you don't need a better graphics card than that, no games are up to a higher standard than it can reach.

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For motherboard I highly suggest a Classified. I have one with my i7 Intel Extreme processor. Multi-threading ftw.

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500 watt will probably be fine with just an 8800 gts or ATI 5 series (again, look at the 57..50 I think it is. $160 and faster than an 8800gtx in every way plus uses less power) but if you ever want to SLI that will be lacking. You might want to bump up to an 800 watt or so just to be future proofed.

That RAM looks iffy. I've always used Corsair and had no problems. Just from the user reviews it seems those OCZ sticks aren't the best.


Corsair has been better, I will agree to that.


Also don't get 1X2GB of ram (Which means 1 stick as 2 GB of ram) There max speed is 800 Mhz... This happened to me the box said 1066Mhz and now I am stuck with 800


Locke if you haven't already ordered all your parts left I am selling the working stuff out of my machine that went down. I got 4 GB of Corsair RAM, an 8800 GTX video card, and an Intel E6750 dual if you're interested.


Wtf! An 8800GTX. WHY. There are so many newer gfx cards out there that are better.

Because the 9800's drivers are buggy, get the 9600GT,

I have a PaLit 9800GT 512 Overclocked.

It has drivers that LET you overclock it to the point where it IS unstable.
The ONLY problem I have ever had with it is overclocking it to a 1.5gig, and it killing my computer cause it couldnt do it >_>                 and the fact you dont need one that high.

Everything (I find) comes down to the motherboard.

Shitty motherboard means shitty transfer.

Shitty transfer means shitty speed; ect.

Although Intel has many many many better features, they cost ALOT more.

I have an AM2, AMD Althlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4200 (2CPUs clocked at 2.2GHz each)
It does the job.
My brother has a 300$ dollar Intel Core 2 duo and there is a great difference between MY cpu and HIS cpu.
Then my buddy has a Quad Core. He loads L4d2 in about 10 seconds (tops)

Anyway, its all based on your budget. w/e im gunna go eat breakfast.


I personally have a GTS 250 right now and it works really great. I used to have a 9800GT, but yeah. I have to agree with Tunddruff... get something a bit more modern, they aren't that much more expensive then the 8800, probably 40-50 dollars more tops. It will last a lot longer down the line and of course, handles games better. But if you are on a strict budget the 8800 isn't that bad. Just don't expect it to do very well in the next year or so.


I would suggest something newer too but I was trying to be helpful in saying I have an 8800 GTX that needs a new home now that I have my laptop.


He was aiming for affordability also, So I got him a decent one.


yeah, im just saving enough money to buy it now.

any idea how long the quad core's sale is for?


You tell me....


    Original Price: $289.99
    You Save: $10.00
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Oh well fuck me, so much for buying that piece.