Andrian Hardy - House Music DJ - Local Philly DJ / Steve Aoki Bonus

Started by Andrew Weasley, 09-01-2012

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Andrew Weasley

Ok so I live in the states. Near Philly PA. Saw this guy live. Been following him since.
If you DON'T LIKE house music AT ALL, don't listen and don't bash.
If you DO LIKE house music, even a LITTLE, give this a chance.
This was at TLA and he was opening for Steve Aoki. Great show, sold out, small space to dance in = hella crazy.

Dj Adrian Hardy

This is a soundcloud link to his LIVE set he played before Aoki. Done completely live and this is the set, no edits. My favorite parts are around ------ (18:00 - 20:00)(25:00 - 31:50)(46:20 - 48:00) Its a set so its long. Thought I would give you parts to sample and then listen to the whole thing based off that.

Steve Aoki

Just such a stimulating song. I'm going to describe what happend while this played. So everyone knows its Turbulence because of the intro so everyone is wild. Clapping and shit. Aoki is all like "AWWWWW SHIT" and then gets out a fucking blow up boat. Says "Who wants to ride?". Some hot chick gets in, she sails the boat into the crowd. After "Ready for take off" Aoki gets on the table with a bunch of expensive shit on it with a champange bottle. And then "WE HIT TURBULENCE" jumps off the table, pops the bottle. Goes crazy. Jumps into the crowd. Best concert of my life.

Also at the concert was Steez Promo. A group of DJs who got together to play some crazy stuff. I enjoyed it. Some one famous in Steez Promo would be "FuntCase" who is from the UK and has quite a few stuff on UKF.

Hope you enjoy!
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