Possible Half-Life Movie?

Started by Pawx, 08-10-2010

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With Valve talking about making the Half-Life movie themselves, you have to wonder whether they might be well advised to hire this chap for the process. His trailer for short film I'm The Freeman looks about as good as we could hope a Half-Life movie to be. Assuming it was to CG, in the spirit of the TF2 shorts, of course. Go take a look, if you've not seen it already. Hell, go watch it again. I can't wait for the full thing. (And the other movies on the guy's site are quite something, too.)


Bl★ck Star

Awesome, Do want now !!!


This needs to come out immediately... I demand it.


Forget Avatar, I want this!


I agree, This movie would be awesome


I'm the Freeman isn't by valve, it's by a talented fan. It's not coming as a movie.

Although that is sick