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As an added note; please feel free to reach out to me on Discord or Steam

Discord: Ragolution#5009
I was reading your errors from the console and I suggest you Redownload the Additional mods file. You're missing two of the mods contained in that folder (and a file I added for you so you don't need to grab it separately.)

You must have downloaded it a few days ago, as we just updated it the other day and you're missing both of the modifications I made.

It also looks like you didn't select the Weather mod when creating the instance. Check over those lists one last time; you can adjust the install mods with the "EDIT MODS" button on the AT launcher, for the Weather one.
i've done everything stated in the instructions, but when I join the server I get this error:

Connection Lost
Mod rejections [FMLMod:cookingwithtfc{}, FMLMod:weather2{v2.6.1_tnfc}, FMLMod:farseek{1.0.11}, FMLMod:MerchantsTFC{1.1.2}]
Factions / Villam Provinciae
« Last post by Vykax on 17-08-2018 »
In the far south, near the equator is the sun kissed region of Villam Provinciae, a farming province in it's starting phase. The journey to the great north is a long one but crops grow year around in Villam, ensuring constant trade between the two regions.
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Project Supervisor
Ragolution - Ragolution#5009

K5 - k5#5555
TheHyborian - Val#9210
Vykax - Vykax#600

The Aetheros Essays

These statements to be changed at any time, with or without notice. Yeah the name is super pretentious.

Our Goal

The purpose of this server is to accommodate, at once, individuals interested in a lite RP environment dedicated to following the development of each independent civilization as it traverses the ups and downs of technological progress, political strife and border friction as resource scarcity becomes a frightening reality in the future. This is accomplished by using a Technodefirmacraft Modpack with our own personal modifications so that the overwhelming burden of the game system doesn't interfere too strongly with server's dedication to RP. Players are encouraged to put form before function and stretch the limits of the imagination.

It's called Aetheros: Crucible of Kingdoms, for this is where Kingdoms are forged. In the crux of convenience and fear. Man swears his blood to another man with the thought that it will benefit them for so long as they're in union.

To a lot of you that sounds like a kind of hilarious statement, but those who are willing to humor the idea are fully welcome to the server and its community, no matter how small it is. Those who join the server are encouraged to reach out to the Project Supervisor with suggestions, feedback and requests for assistance, if they're in need.

Server Rules

0. This server adheres to the rules and guidelines set forth by the greater HGN Community. Individuals punished in the greater community will have their punishment reflected if not duplicated in our systems. All punishment disputes will be handled through the greater Hypergamer Network's appeal system.

1. Individuals caught cheating, griefing, circumventing game systems, corrupting server data or disrupting services (intentionally or otherwise) may be subject to a permanent ban, depending on severity. Greater penalties will be delivered for intentional actions, as to be determined by the Project Supervisor.

2. Persons who are determined to be detrimental to the community or its development can, without warning, be removed from the community for a temporary period not to exceed 7 days. If those individuals are unable to amend the issue, the Moderator issuing the ban will forward their case to the Project Supervisors to be reviewed for a Permanent Ban.

3. Sexual and graphic content is not allowed on the game servers or related services under any circumstance.
08/07/18- Adjusted instructions to accommodate recent server changes in configs.

09/14/18-Added images and corrected an error. New mod.

09/18/18 -Added Farseek for essentials; can also be cirumvented by checking off Streams in instance creation
Factions / The Principalities of Runehaven
« Last post by Ragolution on 07-03-2018 »
The Principalities of Runehaven

Steam/Discord:cannonInspector (Ragolution#5009)
Projected Number of Members: 10
Current Number of Members: 4

Leadership Type: Oligarchic State


Runehaven worships The Sunlord, otherwise known as Big Shine in their culture, and holds the only church to such a diety. It is rumoured that all migrants to Runehaven are issued a identification card of some sort, to keep them documented.

Location/Coordinates are to be supplied on request, and not publicly administered.

*Jeethmas is a religious holiday celebrated on the first full moon of summer. It is associated with patience, a search and beauty. It is also associated with flowers, doves and redwood trees. Celebrations last sixteen days from dawn till dawn again. Traditions include public and private swearing of oaths and theatrical productions. Several groups celebrate it differently.
Factions / Faction Advert Format
« Last post by Ragolution on 23-02-2018 »
Code: [Select]
[b]Your SteamID/Profile Link/Discord[/b]:
[b]Faction Name[/b]:
[b]Projected Number of Members[/b]: (How many do you plan to have?)
[b]Current Number of Members[/b]: (How many do you actually have?)

[b]Leadership Type[/b]: (Democratic, communist, meritocratic, anarchist, etc.)

[b]Synopsis[/b]: (A brief overview, including in-character motivations and names of important members. Can be a laundry-list or a roster of officers.
How to connect to Aetheros - Crucible of Kingdoms
AtLauncher Client:
Additional Mods (Last Updated on 09/14/2018):!V0FWVapA!W6flVg6Mjce9ceSF2CKJL-p90ncn0aiuUuUDw5tNokI
(Special Thanks to Molma and Nomit)
Server IP:
1) Download ATLauncher (see above)
2) Add your Minecraft account in the ATLauncher (not required for pirates)
3) Go to 'packs' and type 'technode' in the top left search bar (right next to the [Clear] button)
4) Under 'Technodefirmacraft' pack, go ahead and click 'New Instance' then 'Install' with 'v3.6 (Minecraft 1.7.10)' as the version (default). It should be the most recent.

5) On the right-hand side, enable 360 Days, FastCraft, Dynamic Lights, Hardcore Darkness, Streams, Connected Glass, Better Foliage, SimpleAutoRun, Streams, and Localized Weather & Storms, (Also include your choice of: VoxelMap or JourneyMap). Optifine is allowed but causes some strange interactions with Pneumaticraft.

6) From there, go to your 'Instances' tab in the AT Launcher and click 'Open Folder' under your newly installed Technodefirmacraft instance.

7) Download the Additional Mods archive (see above link, about 40MB)
8) Open the 'Additional Mods' archive, then drag-n-drop the included .jar files into the 'mods' folder (in the area that the 'Open Folder' button opened in step 7. Overwrite if asked.

9) You should be done. Go to the 'Instances' tab and hit 'Play' under your TNFC instance. Add the server via the IP (see above) and join.

NOTE: If the game says you're missing required game files, you may need to go into your \config\udary\ folder, and open the file TFCUdaryMod.cfg

In that file, change

* Minecraft Shoutbox

Sorry, this shoutbox does not exist.
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