WorldGuard - A Bukkit Plugin

Started by Akira, 26-02-2011

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World Guard

QuoteWorldGuard protects your server. Turn off fire, control item usage, block TNT and flint and steel, protect select areas. WorldGuard is developed by several people and we're usually quick to update WorldGuard.

Protect area (chests included, optionally) set flags on the region (such as PvP toggle, etc.) -- areas support a parent-child relationship (i.e. protected plot in a protected city)
Ban or control the use of certain items with the blacklist
Modify and disable creeper explosion behaviors
Control fire spread with exceptional detail (including per-block fire spread)
Control lava spread
Enforce a single session per user
/god command to make you invincible
/heal command to heal
/slay command to kill
/stack to stack unstackable items
/locate to point your compass towards friends
/stopfire to halt all fire spread temporarily (before it's too late!)
Blanket disable TNT and lighter usage
Prevent tools from wearing out

This plugin might stop the griefing with fire and TNT.. I don't think they're an essential part of RP.


Bl★ck Star

The Illusion is back D:

Also, Good Idea to put that on the Server.


its really easy to run and have permission and everything
it would be great for the RP server so you could set what each class could and couldnt do