The Jester's Caravan

Started by CoolFeerman, 08-01-2013

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Official Faction Name: The Jester's Caravan

Abbreviation/Tag: The Caravan

Leader (Format - OOC : IC ): JamesAlmasy : Sven Galdea

Guild Rank: CARAVAN

Associated colors/Heraldry: Dark Grey/Red

JamesAlmasy : Treasure Hunter/Lead (temp/indefinite)

Short Description:  A budding caravan just on it's feet, it's mission is to provide royal trinkets and common goods to the populace, no matter what orientation.

Background (Optional): Started by Tintar after he saw a travelling caravan pass through his small village, and after he saw a jester preform neat tricks. During these points in his life he realized he loved money, and that he was destined to be a jester. So he combined them. Today he's the leader of his own Caravan, AND he wears a jester suit.