The Creation of a Modpack

Started by DarkThunder2, 24-10-2015

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  Hello there. As I have not actually created one of these topics previously, I shall just skip any strange introductions and just state what I need help with. As the title may have clued you in on, I am currently working on creating a custom modpack on the Technic Launcher for the use of the Minecraft server. Unfortunately, considering I do not know the desires of every single person who wants to play on this server, I am not quite certain what mods to add.
UPDATE: As of 10/28/2015, these are the mods I have decided on:

-Witchery and Botania
- Archimedes' Ships Plus
-Dynamic Lights
-Extra Biomes
-Tinker's Construct
- Weaponmod (The mod that adds muskets, battle axes, etc.)
- The Camping Mod
-The Statue Mod
-Immersive Engineering
-Ancient Warfare 2
-Moving World
NOTICE: NEI shall not exist in this pack, and all knowledge shall be gained via teachings or books in the game (If that happens, either way just knowing how to make certain items is not quite normal).

     Feel free to complain and explain why these choices so far are wrong, and they may be changed. Anyways, please post below any mods you would like to be added or disputes with the mods above, provided that the mods suggested comply with the results of the previous Poll topic [POLL DELETED(General Results to be found Below)]. Thank you, viewer, for reading (and hopefully helping) with this dilemma.

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Hero chat and world edit are good places to start
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 Also, it seems that the poll discussed previously has been removed. Considering the repercussions of adding mods the majority do not like, I shall list the general results from memory here:

- Minimal/Medium Magic and Fantasy (Amount is controlled in-game, or small mods added)

- Weapons, etc. from the 1700s

That seems to have been the general poll results as best created from memory. Please, go with these minuscule restraints and suggest mods within these limits. Thank you, and have a good day/night.

So, did anyone else see a floating cactus today? Just me?
I better stop wearing glasses with stickers on them, I guess.


How about a Alcohol/brewing mod?

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If only for flavour, that statue mod would be a nice addition, if at all possible.

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