A New Journey Begins - Last Leg Inn

Started by meldin, 09-08-2016

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You have traveled far from your homeland in your search. To explore the unseen? To find great treasure? To settle new lands? It matters not; your legs are tired and you need a good rest and some food and drink in your belly. In the distance, you see what looks like a tavern. You walk the last stretch find yourself at the entrance of the Last Leg Inn. you open the door to be greeted by a young elfen boy working behind the counter.

"Good Evening to ya, sir. The name's Alex. You look like you're in need of a nice supper and a warm bed."

The Last Leg Inn is a starting point in your journey. I have built it as a place for people to rally while things start to be built and the faction is formed. Although in no way do any more building need to be built, it gives us a place to start us off and figure out where we go from here.