Might as well..

Started by OccAZNion, 31-01-2010

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I've been playing this "Stalker," server of yours for about two weeks.

So far it has caused me to fail a test and has shaped me into a husk of procrastination from schoolwork and my friends. So basically..I fucking love this server..

Great active community, fun experiences, and fortunately..not that many minges..
So hence the title "Might as well," get to know this interesting network.

Well I'm out of shit to say, so hello again to you all and hope to see you guys on the server.

Stalker Information- Though maybe a few of you might know me.

Name: Vasily Ivanov
Affiliation: Loners
Rank: Rookie

RL Information-

Hobbies: Guitar, Airsoft, and Mountain Biking.
Music: Mute Math, Search The City, Justin King, Muse, Train, Arovane, Hypothesis, PlayRadioPlay!, Cartel, Don Ross, etc.
Shows: Heavy on Discovery and Travel Channel - Bizarre World, Man Vs Wild, No Reservations.
Occupation: Highschool Sophmore. (Heading for Culinary School after I graduate)
Misc: Building Custom Computers.

(Yes..this was intended to be a semi-serious introduction)

Vasily Ivanov - MIA


I find it interesting that you have the first name of my dead Freedomer and the last name of my alive former Freedomer.

Welcome to the server.


I saw you on the server,it didn't seem like you're a minge...So...
Blake.H: And im also working on whipping him into shape
Blake.H: He's nice
Blake.H: He doesn't moan
Blake.H: The sheer obedience is enough to fuel my erection anyway


Hey, hows it going? Nice to see someone who also plays Air Soft.