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Started by Darder, 05-01-2011

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Hello every fellow Stalkers , rpers and players , ladies and gentlemans.  8)

Some may know me , some may not. Some may recognize me , some may not.

In any case , I am back. I had left before after completely messing up my character and now I want to get a fresh , new start.

I joined the community back in the begining of June 2010 , where are I was rping as the 2 Characters "Alina 'Viper' Starin" and "Maksim Demidov".

Ive been told that the server changed alot , and I wanted to roleplay in this awesome Stalker universe once again.

So yeah , thats just to say hello. As you maybe noticed , this is a brand new account , as I didnt even tryed to log on my other account (It was buggy and I think it got deleted due to inactivity.)

Yup. Just another Roleplayer. See you in-game , and have a wonderfull day everybody.



Did I toggle an influx of people to rejoin the community or something? Jesus.

Welcome back, I think I remember seeing you on the server a while ago.


Bl★ck Star

Hi, don't know you, but Welcome back ^^


Yo. I don't remember you, but hi.
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hai,i dont remember you either but welcome back.


Quote from: Turkey on 05-01-2011
hai darder

Almost misread that as "die harder."


lol true PistolKid,also hello darder.


Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes.


What was your previous forum name?
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Commissar Nitro

Ah rember you! Welcome back, An fucking behave yersel!
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You can mistake my name for "Harder" , indeed. But please , call me Darder.

My old forum name was , I beleive , Either Darder or Darder006.


I think it was a pun saying that "Hi Darder" sounds like "Die Harder" if you say it fast
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Oh boy.
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