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Started by Untouchable, 16-01-2012

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Hey, HyperGaming.

I joined about a week ago after a friend showed me Crussaria. I've only just decided to make an introduction.

So, I'm 14. I'm Australian. I consider myself a serious and mature person, when I need to be. I'm enjoying Crussaria at the moment, I'm interested in your STALKER server as well. (Suggestion; Make the content an SVN download. Downloading 50 different files separately is hard work, and pushed me away from it for the moment.) Please forgive me at times, as I'm new to Crussaria roleplay, but not new to roleplay itself. I've been roleplaying on Garry's Mod for a year and a few months, I started in HL2RP, started some Fallout RP, then I tried a new OA Schema, which I enjoy, and then I found you guys. I've slowly faded away from HL2RP, but still join on the occasion.

Anyway, I look forward to roleplaying with you all.


Welcome to this wretched hive of scu- I mean welcome to HGN.


Welcome to the Zone

(°╭ ◡ ╮°)


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