Greetings to all!

Started by Justin, 10-01-2012

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Hello! My name is Justin. I go by the name of OdinX95.
I am a fun, chill dude who enjoys all things in life. I am a serious RPer, and a deadly PVPer. I am a pro builder, as I have constructed kingdoms and fortresses and towers and cities all down to the last detail. I am a perfectionist, you see. I see everyone as a friend until proven otherwise- however, does not mean I am weak and unaware. I appreciate fellow mature people, and I absolutely love having a good time playing with them. If you want to know anything personal about me, just hit me up!

I thought this intro was for a Minecraft RP server I was joining. However, their link led here and I did not pay heed to the fact that this is not the server's forum.


Welcome to HGN.

Bl★ck Star

Welcome to HGN !



Welcome to the community :)
Ladies, please.


Welcome to HGN.


Nvm. Thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone!