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A long-overdue Introduction

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  • I watch anime, and drive cars.
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It's about time anyways.

My name is James Almasy.
I listen to a fucklot of metal/rock,
and I'm obsessed with the 1980's.

My friends on this site are:
Ragolution, the_grub, feolthenos, Dungeon_lord, JRParadox, Asgatrave, bastidon, feerman, VonXeno, Leone_Secare, matter, Tanako, Edvyn, Kaz, Max0596, Knife_cz, Grayzar, CPftw, Tsukiofmoon, Picto Wolf, redbark, ThY, etc.
I watch Anime.
I watch Porn Artistic Nudity.
I honestly think I'm a pretty cool guy.
And I hope you do too.
Because if not I will Death-Cannon the fuck out of you.
Really Like the word Fuck too.

I might add more to this.
Feel left out of the bro-zone? Let me know and I'll add you.

Dunno why you're still here. But I've got a good guess...
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I may or may not be a furry.
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Found peace on asphalt,
one who drives in dead of night,
He never looked back.


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  • Its not that im lazy, I just don't care.
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Reply #1 on: 24-06-2014

"I'm a faggot, Tom."

Oh boy.
Strap yourselves in, it's time for the great 'obligatory' SRP resurrection of 2013/14/15/16

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Reply #2 on: 25-06-2014
Gamers Anonymous  group

breslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period


Reply #3 on: 25-06-2014

Blake.H: And im also working on whipping him into shape
Blake.H: He's nice
Blake.H: He doesn't moan
Blake.H: The sheer obedience is enough to fuel my erection anyway


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Reply #4 on: 25-06-2014
Welcome to HGN, the Hyper Gaming Network. I hope you find exactly what you're looking for here dude.

SRP Characters-
Andrick Nesterov - Outsider (No Trace, assumed dead)
Typhoon - Loner (No Trace, assumed dead)
Tolga Ostrovsky - Loner (With his brother)
Marko Drubich - Ecologist Elite (Whereabouts Unknown)


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