Gordon Brown gets pissed at Barack Obama, says cunt a few times

Started by Silver Knight, 19-02-2010

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Silver Knight

QuoteUK Prime Minister Gordon Brown allegedly abused two aides using the C-word while half-dressed in a hotel bedroom during a trip to the US.

The Sun reported that Mr Brown was furious the media had discovered US President Obama repeatedly snubbed his attempts to have a one-on-one meeting and took his anger out on two aides - while wearing just his pants in a hotel bedroom.

He hurled abuse at senior foreign affairs adviser, Stewart Wood, saying: "You're a c..t."

Mr Brown then allegedly turned on another aide, branding him "an even bigger c..t".

The episode is believed to be contained in a bombshell new book on the Government by commentator Andrew Rawnsley.

Downing St has spent weeks bracing itself for the exposé, which is also expected to claim that Mr Brown hit another adviser, dragged a secretary out of her seat and hurled abuse at aides.

Labour Party chiefs were Thursday hastily organising an election rally in the West Midlands today in a bid to deflect attention away from the book's serialisation on Sunday.


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Oh my god, and gordon is the head of my country...