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(Originally by Psykotico/Sheogorath)

A book fragment from a 'History of Aceonic Races, by Thimble Bagsworth, Gnome merchant and traveller.'

"The history of the S'ogreth is a turbulent one. Being one of the first races to appear on Aceon, the S'ogreth have never really had a powerful, influential, or large society. They much preferred to live in seclusion or in small tribes, living off the land. At first there were woodlands, swamp, tundra, and mountain S'ogreth tribes, but as other races started to appear on Aceon, they grew fearful of the S'ogreth due to their appearance, and started a campaign of elimination. The S'ogreth were removed from their homes in the woodlands and tundra, and forced to seek shelter on remote mountain chains, or deep in the swamps, where they wouldn't be hunted. There they have stayed for many, many years, over many cataclysms, only now starting to venture from their homes and back into Aceonic society. Those natives who still live hidden away hold a deep resentment towards the other races for their cruel treatment, and see those S'ogreth who leave to explore or join civilization as traitors."

"The S'ogreth are large humanoids, with two arms and legs, rough leathery skin, and a fierce appearance. With elongated snouts, sharp teeth, and cold blood. Their skin is usually the colour of the environment their parents lived in, muted earth colours such as green, yellow, or brown, but it is not unusual to have S'ogreth of strange colours, like grey, red, and sometimes even blue, though usually this is due to them being affected by some sort of magic. (A S'ogreth mage that uses fire magic can be red, etc)  S'ogreth are usually pacifistic creatures, who used their time spent in the swamps and mountains to study interesting herbs and healing techniques, as well as different methods with which to grow food in their isolated habitats.  S'ogreth are honourable creatures, and if you slight their honour their pacifistic demeanour can easily change towards you. If a S'ogreth invites you into its house, you can expect it to be the most polite and gracious host you have ever met, but if you break into its house, beware..."

"There are two different types of S'ogreth, the mountain tribes, and the swamp tribes. The swamp tribes have gained an ability to breathe underwater for a vast amount of time, whereas their cousins in the mountains seem to have lost this ability, but are now able to breathe oxygen deprived air. However, the S'ogreth of the mountain tribes also now seem to live longer than those in the swamps, growing to an older age. Both swamp and mountain variants share many of the same traits though, their tough skin makes them slightly more resistant to light weaponry, and both tribes eat their meat raw, not cooked, out of respect for the prey they hunt. Many from both tribes remain pacifists, and act as doctors or medics, but this is not always the case. It is believed that the C'tis could possibly be a third tribe of the S'ogreth, adapting heavily to the desert, but both the C'tis and the S'ogreth deny this claim vehemently."
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