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Started by Ragolution, 29-04-2014

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How to Apply for Skills, Abilities and Talents

Applying for skills, abilities, talents, magic or whatever you want to call it is surprisingly easy on Reveris. It is summarized in the 5 6 2 step process below.

The Five Six Two-step Process

Step 1 - Do you want to be a (Warrior/Rogue/Genius/Priest/Strongman/Wizard)?

First you must determine if you truly need your character to become a Wizard, a Genius or whatever specialization you prefer.

Step 1a - Read the information thread thoroughly, or at least until you have a grasp of the system in Reveris.
Step 2 - Apply for it!


Application format:

[b]Account Name[/b]:
[b]Character Name[/b]:[i]<NAME GOES HERE>[/i]


[b]Please explain your character concept[/b]:



[i]I agree that HGN can do whatever they want with this, also that I will abide by the rules set forth by the Administrators.[/i]


Quote from: CPftw on 16-05-2014
Account Name:CPftw
Character Name:Laern Balden

Please explain your character concept: A master blacksmith of a prominent Hru-tul clan, displeased with the new leadership of the clan he left to begin a village of creation, sending word that any craftsmen of repute were welcome he began building. Using his brain and creativity Laern adapted his forge to include a kiln for brick making and glass production. His size and strength from being Hru-tul has become tempered in his years of training in smithing to give him the finesse needed to make fine tools and weapons. Along with his strength comes his wisdom and talent in creation of most things metal. It was not until he became a master smith that he discovered his talent in making brickwork and pottery, even longer before he found his skill in glass production.
*OOC* Basically my character has the ability to produce things that require heat or fire easily. If there is anything wrong feel free to make changes.

Strength:30 (+50)


I agree that HGN can do whatever they want with this, also that I will abide by the rules set forth by the Administrators.