HGN Play!: Unturned

Started by Syndraell, 16-08-2014

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You might Be thinking to yourself:Why would I play this game?
Because even though the graphics are very childish, it's actually very fun.

Wandering about a small post-apocalyptic setting, finding guns, vehicles, clothes, food and water; or just traveling about, killing those trying to survive, and looting their corpses... As well as trying to learn the currently very odd crafting system, to build your base.

Seems to get very good updates here and there (One of which is supposed to be happening this weekend), it is chugging along into becoming a rather fun game.

After spending a few hours playing this (and trying to find a server with not as many dickwads) I have considered trying to find some people here on HGN who would like to try this game out, and eventually see if we can get a server of this going. So, I'm pretty much suggesting a trial run.

If you're interested in this, please let me know; post in the thread, PM me, or just chat me up on steam.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.


it's an almost-ok video game
sometimes fun


When is an actual server browser going to be implemented.