R.I.P. Pops

Started by Syndraell, 17-03-2014

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My grandfather passed away yesterday night from cancer... I'll be in visitation Wednesday, and the funeral itself is Thursday.

Any Inspirational/helpful/Comforting comments will be welcome. I could definitely use some right about now.

He was 72 years old, just celebrated his birthday a week ago. He was an honest, kind, and respectful Individual. Cared deeply for the country's well being, albeit not being a politician. He was a Pilot, Flight Instructor, Teacher, Husband, Father of Three and a Grandfather of One. He married well, when he had the chance to marry into wealth. Taught some semi famous people, and almost was the Teacher of President Bill Clinton. Gave Flying Lessons to one of the men who went on to Invent the GPS. Went on to be decently successful, and made a good gamble on a small plot of land, which sold for 1.5 Million.

Lost his wife in October 2012, in which his health and life greatly deteriorated afterwards. He fought to be Independent, and Attempted to be Independent up until his final breath. I hope that I can use what he taught me in the 24 years I've known him, and be able to put it all to good use. May you find peace in your passing, and leave no regrets upon this earth.

Edit: He was laid unto the earth about 30 minutes ago.
I have never seen a man who was so Alive in death, commanding respect in his passing.
Thank those who were able to leave some kind words to help soften this blow.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.

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Rest in peace.

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Stay strong man

I don't really know any of my grandfathers so at least you got that.
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I'm sorry.