Extended Leave of Absence/Parents Divorcing/Death in the family+funeral.

Started by Syndraell, 26-02-2015

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My aunt passed away this morning. Had some sort of aneurism due to Tamaflu.

She was probably the most talented person in the past 4 generations of the family. She was an Artist, Painter, and a Novelist to boot. She lived with my "Uncle" (we kinda adopted him after his family left without him) Who is 93. She was always fearing that he would pass away and she would be alone; I don't think any of us in the family could have seen this coming. For the longest time I thought she didn't like me, and I was afraid to talk to her because I did some stupid things when I was younger. Most of last year we Ended up getting to know each other and we both learned a lot about the other. I would like to say she actually saw me in a different light when trying to clean out my grandfather's house (which is still going to take a long time to finish).

She will be missed by a lot of people. Not sure when the funeral is... yet.

On a different note: My Mother and Stepfather are getting a divorce... about 10 years after they should have done it already. Nothing quite says "I love you" on Valentine's Day quite like Chocolates, Jewelry, and Drunken Shouting and Beating your Significant Other. Although the Divorce's prelude was a terrible thing, my mother finally re-lit that fire she once possessed, and decided she would be better off without him.

So, in retrospect; I'm going to be taking an extended leave of absence...
However, if anyone needs anything; like authorization on a server, or need to ask a question, I will be on Steam and Skype whenever possible.

Really hope everyone is having a better year. 2014 was a shit year for a lot of people, myself included.
Let's make sure that 2015 knows its place as a good year.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.