A Sincere Thank You to HGN

Started by 2power, 22-09-2018

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Thank you HGN for being the accepting community that I had spent a considerable amount of my younger life with.
If HGN had not existed back in the day, I probably would not have the writing skills I possess today which have carried me through high school, undergraduate education and now presently through law school.
From my younger age of 10/11 I had joined this community and was allowed to shit up the place with my poor grammar, autistic humor and mindless pursuit of scripts (to be honest, I still crave for scripts, but I digress). It was with HGN where I started to play serious Garrys Mod RP and also where I started to build upon my then underdeveloped literary skills.  If it weren't for HGN, I most likely would not have gained anything from spending the ungodly amounts of hours playing Gmod that I had. For these aforementioned reasons, my gratitude is immeasurable, if not given out of mere speculation of the question of "what if I hadn't started to serious RP in Garrys Mod?" The likely answer to that question is: I'd probably be some shithead still playing Garrys Mod in 2018.

Thanks for the memories guys,

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